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Oh Yeah! Bring On The Rack And The Waterboard!
July 12, 2011

Maybe, finally there might be some accountability for the United States government’s policy of torture and brutality and trashing of international law.

Maybe there’s a chance that some of the American sociopaths will have to stand before legitimate justice and answer for their diseased beliefs.

One can hope, even though the current government has done and will do everything in its power to avoid bringing any American to justice. Obama has made that perfectly clear, and in that has become legally culpable of complicity.


Why Michele Bachmann Is Batshit Crazy (She Lives In A Cave)
July 12, 2011

Michele Bachmann is absolutely batshit crazy, the sort of crazy only a delusional religionist can be. Her view of the world is that of someone who has lived in a religious cave all her life, staring at walls, mumbling incantations, and drooling all over herself, and she can’t wait to impose her insanity on the rest of us.

You want to see real terror committed against the American people? Then put this sick fundo witch into the White House.

Read the history of Bachmann that the talking heads on the television teat haven’t got around to and likely won’t because it reveals the sickness of Christianity in America. The media is afraid of them, which is deeper evidence of just how sick this country has become as these Christian nutcases have crept up from the slime that breeds their beliefs.

And lest you think it’s just a couple of weirdoes, worth a laugh or two on The Daily Show, try this for a sample:

Titus drafted the Constitution Restoration Act, which would have deprived federal courts of jurisdiction in cases challenging a government entity’s or official’s “acknowledgment of God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government.” The bill, which did not pass, nonetheless had 9 senate co-sponsors and 50 House co-sponsors, including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Bobby Jindal, now the governor of Louisiana, Nathan Deal, now the governor of Georgia, and Mike Pence, a conservative hero who’s now running for governor of Indiana

And let’s not forget Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a bloody-minded Christian who takes his marching orders from his insane god of the Christians as he tries to send Wisconsin back into the 19th century, or maybe it was the twelfth century he had in mind. There’s a bunch of these sick creeps in public office now, including the Congressional contingent of the Tea Party, and who knows how many are scattered throughout the bureaucracy thanks that sociopath George W. Bush and his bunch of Christian spooks and loonies.

You think the Taliban are bad people? Wait ‘til you get a load of what these Christian lizard brains have in store for you and yours. Read the piece by Sarah Posner for a lesson in history and a taste of what the crazies have in store for you and your kids.


Why Republicans Must Never Govern America Again
July 11, 2011



The Three Stooges

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, the Women’s Plastic Surgery Assface Award winner, gave a profound insight into the dark, foul heart of modern Republicans on Fox News Sunday.

He is quoted at TPM in the context of stating why he believes foreign terrorists should not be tried in civilian courts:

"These are not American citizens. We just found with the Caylee Anthony case how difficult is to get a conviction in a U.S. court," Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said on "Fox News Sunday."

Think about that for a second. Never mind the dumbasses playing at being terrorists. Think about the Anthony case and what old lady McConnell is saying.

“…how difficult it is to get a conviction in a U.S. court…”

Never mind what you think about Casey Anthony’s guilt or innocence or whether you think the jury was on drugs and the judge an agent of international communism.

Senator Mitch McConnell, a leader of the Republican party, decided that Casey Anthony should have been convicted of murder. His logic leads directly to the assertion that since she was charged she must be guilty.

Why bother with trials? The Senator believes she must be guilty, so just take the bitch out and hang her.

Never mind that she had a trial, that evidence was presented, and that evidence was challenged, and that a jury of her peers sat there for six weeks and heard everything both sides had to offer before retiring and finding her not guilty.

Nope. McConnell and his modern Republican pals don’t think we should do it that way. They think we should do justice another way: if you’re charged by the authorities, you are guilty. That’s very modern, no?

As modern as the Inquisition. As modern as feudalism. As modern as a lynch mob.

But the old whore Mitch might be right. It might be impossible to get civilian courts to convict a lot of the people locked up in Guantanamo and other hellholes the United States has established around the world for so-called terrorists. It might be impossible because in large numbers of these cases there is no evidence. No credible evidence.

There’s hearsay, when some guy wanted to get rid of his neighbor so he could get hold of the guy’s donkey or his wife.

There’re statements made under torture. Those are as reliable as confessions gained by the Inquisition’s torturers. And really, don’t kid yourself that Americans don’t torture people anymore. Bush and his fellow Christians started us down that road as a matter of policy, and we’ve learned that the current President’s word is pretty much worthless, so we’ve no credible grounds to believe we no longer torture people.

And there’s a host of other problems with the whole terrorist evidence situation. But perhaps the most fundamental one is that the United States considers a terrorist to be any person who fights against the invasion and destruction of his country by the Americans. And that pretty much makes the real terrorists to be the Americans.

A good civilian defense lawyer could very likely shred any case brought against these defendants – it’s more than likely most of them are innocent of any crime, and are more likely the victims of the vast war crime industry that we call the United States. That’s the real reason for the Republican call for the use of military kangaroo courts. Without that faux justice the real truth about what America has become might come out and people in Washington might actually have to pay a price for the innocent blood in which they are drenched.

No, the real problem is that McConnell and his friends can’t wait to completely corrupt the civilian system so that they can turn it against United States citizens, so that they can accuse their political enemies and have their accusations stand as proof of guilt, just like in the good old days the Republicans want to drag this country back to. The good old dark days of White rule, of oligarchic rule, of flat out simple firing squad governance.

After all, their stated objective, spoken by United States Senator Mitch McConnell, is to bring down the elected President of the United States, and the current situation in Washington demonstrates that they are more than willing, and able, to destroy the economy and anything else American, in order to do just that.

Their real progenitor, their real hero isn’t Abraham Lincoln. No. The real hero of Republicans, the man they look up to, the man they admire the most, the man they seek to emulate, that fellow’s name is John Wilkes Booth.

And the political system they most admire is one, any one, based on the practices and ideals of the medieval Inquisition.


Reason And Intelligence Boost Finland. The United States? Not So Much
July 9, 2011

Over at Common Dreams David Sirota takes on the nonsense that passes for education in the United States, noting in disgust that the Department of Education wants to “subject 4-year-olds to high-stakes testing”.

Though bobo evangelists like David Brooks insist — without data, of course — that reduced testing “leads to lethargy and perpetual mediocrity,” Hammond notes that “nations like Finland and Korea — top scorers on the Programme for International Student Assessment” have largely “eliminated the crowded testing schedules used decades ago when these nations were much lower-achieving.”

Sirota does fail to note that Brooks apparently ignores the success of American education in all those years before the bureaucrats decided to institute high-stakes testing in order to make the life of the bureaucrats easier. Yes, it’s true: high-stakes testing has much more to do with letting bureaucrats do budget math more easily because they don’t have to work with the messy numbers that individuality and creativity on the part of millions of students create.

And of course there is the general attitude about education nurtured by the general culture and by the right wing and the wealthy:

Where Finland rejects testing, nurtures teachers, and encourages its best and brightest to become educators, we fetishize testing, portray teachers as evil parasites and financially encourage top students to become Wall Streeters.

The ruling class in America sees education as a production line building factory drones and paper-pusher drones and obedience drones, while reserving the best jobs for their own warped progeny who, after a couple of generations of this behavior, have no clue what meaning, or what little meaning that remains, once lived in the idea of America.

Even if education were still a genuine American value, most people can’t get a good education here anymore. Too bad the poor and the middle class can’t outsource their kids to Finland, which is closer to being a real America than this bloated, ugly thing, this rotting toy of the upper class that this country has become.


The Mane Is Gone… Remember The Mane!
July 1, 2011


2011-07-01 07-51-45.727

After ten years of growing hair nonstop, The Lion finally gave it up. Two feet of hair hit the barbershop floor and The Lion was free of hair hassles, with nary a regret in sight.

Sorry, ladies. But I’m still a charmer, with vast intelligence, untold wealth, incredible wit, and stunning good looks. Right? Right??