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Mitt Romney: Hypocrite Then Or Hypocrite Now?
September 29, 2007

Okay, that’s not an intelligent question, since hypocrisy is Romney’s fundamental operating mode.

But just to refresh people’s memory as The Mitten parades around Iowa and New Hampshire boasting about his role in the Massachusetts health care plan, let’s not forget that he vetoed a key element of the plan, a fee on employers who refused to offer health care.

Not that the plan amounts to much more than a giveaway of citizen’s money to the insurance companies, whose main role in health care is to deny as many claims as possible in order to protect their profits and make it possible for them to buy as many politicians as possible.

Bush On Climate Change: My Lips Are Moving, So I Must Be Lying
September 29, 2007

First let’s address the moronic headline in today’s Globe about Bush’s private climate change meeting, which any fool knows had no purpose but to distract the news media from the grown-up climate change meeting at the United Nations.

But the Globe just buys into the whole Bush macho thing, headlining the story Bush vows US role in warming fight.

Oh yeah! There’s the cowboy image, codpiece and ten gallon hat and bowlegged walk that Bush likes to cultivate. But he’s all hat and the hat’s full of hot air. (The Lion would not want to speculate on what the codpiece is full of, but he would bet it’s just as full of fantasy as Bush’s head.)

Bush’s climate plan comes down to a simple statement: Some science geeks are whining about the temperature, so if you folks want to do something about that, y’all go ahead, but I don’t really care one way or the other and I’m not gonna do squat.

Obviously Bush is more concerned about continuing the slaughter in Iraq and pursuing a chimera of democracy there, no matter the cost to anyone but him and his wealthy friends and his thieving family, than he is about doing anything to mitigate the physical planetary processes that threaten a massive extinction of life.

Meanwhile the rest of world, much of which is pissed at the American attitude, wrings its hands and moans that they have to wait until the little psychotic is out of office, and hope someone with a sober brain gets into the White House.

And if that doesn’t happen?

The Lion suggests another plan. The issue is too crucial for the world to wait for a nutcase and his crew of crazies to suddenly get sane or get gone. So how about the world just stops dealing with the United States. Don’t buy US products. Don’t do deals with US companies. Kick the US out of your countries. And do the same with places like China and India.

Quick, everybody put their hands on their faces and wail “Oh no, we can’t do that! Oh no, our economies will suffer! Oh no!”


If you don’t bring the major polluters to heel, your economies will die, your people will die, your nations will die. Your economy isn’t going to be worth snail crap when it’s under 200 feet of seawater and the daily temperature is 130 degrees or more.

So there’s a choice. Suffer some now, or suffer complete destruction later.

The major polluters are committing murder on a mass scale. They behave like criminals. Treat them like criminals.

Or be their victims.

Republicans Just Can’t Help It
September 27, 2007

Jim Ogonowski is running on the Republican side for the House seat in the Fifth Congressional District in Massachusetts.

His brother was John Ogonowski, pilot of the plane that first hit the World Trade Center. He says, in Joan Vennochi’s column in the Globe today that 9/11 “was a huge part of my decision to run.”

Fair enough. The Lion would hope he doesn’t bring that up too often, lest he become like Rudy Giuliani, trampling on the bones of the dead in an unseemly rush to gain political office.

Ogonowski is trying to present himself as a regular guy.

“I want to be endorsed by regular people. I don’t want my picture in the newspaper with a bunch of politicians, because I’m not a Washington insider,” he said.

Yeah, but apparently he’s desperate to become one, which is usually the case with people who say such things. And similarly for the regular guy remark – can’t wait to stop being regular and get his hands on all those Congressional pay raises and perks?

So what are the regular guys buying into these days?

On immigrants:

“I don’t see any reason…to reward criminal activity,” he said. Illegal immigration is no different than drug trafficking or stealing car [sic], in his view.

Actually, Jimbo, it is different. Most of the people who sneak into the country come here to work, to work hard and to do honest work. They’re not stealing cars, they’re not trafficking drugs. In fact most American crime is done by American citizens.

Addendum: From a story in Friday’s Globe on the debate in Andover Thursday night:

In the campaign, Ogonowski has railed against illegal immigration, calling it the number one issue for voters and stressing it as a matter of national security, economics, and fairness. He wants to deport undocumented immigrants and has warned that politicians are trying to ‘sneak benefits’ to them, instead of spending the money on veterans’ care or other programs.

Sure, Jimbo, and what’s your plan for deporting twelve million people? Lock ’em up in concentration camps while you do paperwork on them for a few years? Herd them en masse across the Mexican border? And you’ll do what about the economic dislocations your policy will cause in the United States?

And dude, nobody is trying to sneak benefits to anyone. Unless of course you’re talking about the Republicans in Congress who sneak provisions into bills in the middle of the night when no one’s looking, and after the bills have already been passed in final form. But otherwise what’s done with bills is out there in the open, published on the web, discussed in the blogosphere and the press.

Jimbo comes off as just another ignorant, dumbass paranoid Republican when he says stuff like this. We already have quite enough of those in Washington already, thank you.

On Bush and Iraq:

On Iraq, Ogonowski said, “The president made a big mistake going into Iraq. . . . Now I define victory in Iraq as when they can provide for their own safety and security. We need to leave that region stable.”

At least he claims to believe Iraq was a mistake. Now maybe he’ll get to the truth and announce that Bush lied the country into Iraq and that it wasn’t a mistake, but a deliberate crime. Baby steps, baby steps. Dude’s a Republican, after all. And of course he’s still parroting the ‘we’ll stand down when they stand up’ crap. And stability? Bush and the Republicans have made sure that generations will pass before the Middle East and Southwest Asia have a shot at stability. A lot of bodies are going to stack up like cordwood before that happens. Ogonowski would apparently like to help build the stack by going along with his deranged President and delusional Republican Party.

Near the end of Vennochi’s column there’s this bit:

During the farm tour, the candidate took care to drive his pick-up truck near Viskoth Kim, a Cambodian who has been farming on the Ogonowski land through a program he said his brother John started with Tufts University. The program reaches out to legal immigrants, Ogonowski said.

The farm, in Dracut, belonged to his brother.

So has anyone asked Viskoth Kim what kind of deal he has? How much does he make? How much does he pay? The deal might very well be honorable and honest, but we won’t know if nobody asks the question. So, Joannie, did you ask?

This Ogonowski puts The Lion in mind of another fellow who drove around the countryside seeking political office in a pickup truck. Fred Thompson traded in his Lincoln and his fancy lobbyist suits for a pickup and a pair of bluejeans and a flannel shirt to sell himself to the people of Tennessee, who bought into his charade and put him in the Senate. His big claim to fame has become that he was a spy for Nixon during the Watergate hearings.

We could do worse than to beware of Republicans driving pickups and claiming to be regular guys.

The Four-Hour Erection: A Modern Marketing Miracle
September 27, 2007

If you watch TV you’ve undoubtedly noticed those ads for drugs that give men erections. They’ve got all kinds of romantic music, smiling come-hither dames, and men with big smiles on their dumb faces.

And then there’s the announcement that says if your erection lasts longer than four hours you should see a doctor. Or possibly a skilled hooker.

Does anyone in their right mind (that would be men currently walking around without the dumb smiles and the bulgy pants) think that line is anything more than a sales pitch for an overpriced pill?

See the marketing guys at their mahogany table.

“Hey, this medical report says the drug can give a guy an erection for four hours,” says Larry.

“Yeah, but then it says the guy should see a doctor,” says Harry.

“But guys, men will love it. A four hour erection. The dumb bastards will think it’s great. They’ll be lining up and demanding the stuff,”  says Barry.

Never mind the music and the smiles. How many women want four hours of banging? And how many men who might actually need the stuff wouldn’t have a heart attack after about fifteen minutes of humping?

Save your money, guys. Go down to the health food store and pick up a bottle of DHEA. And get some exercise and lay off the donuts and Danish. And most of you could probably do worse than to get a good book on making love – and it’s not all about your erection.

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Maliki: "More Kool-Aid, More Kool-Aid!"
September 27, 2007

In an AP story by Justin Bergman Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, who would appear to minister to absolutely nothing outside the Green Zone where he and the Parliament and United States civilian operatives cower daily, said that terrorism threatens to erase gains made in cutting sectarian killings and establishing democracy in Iraq.

The Lion would note that whatever reduction in sectarian killings there may be, are most likely due to a process of ethnic separation.

This ethnic bunch separates that ethnic bunch from from their homes, their neighborhoods, their lives, their heads.

Pretty much everybody that can get the hell out of the way has done so. Hence the reduction in sectarian killings. A couple of million have simply up and left what’s left of Iraq. Another couple of million have up and left their homes but still remain in what’s left of Iraq.

And the American military has a nifty solution to the problem – they build walls and fences between neighborhoods in what’s left of Iraq. Walls make good democracies, right? “Okay, we’re gonna wall these people in and we’re gonna wall those people out. What are you laughing at soldier?”

And from the bowels of the Pentagon comes the voice of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates asking Congress to drop another $190 billion (that’s $190,000,000,000) dollars into this misbegotten misadventure of destruction and slaughter created by his deranged boss, George Bush.

And who is it that keeps saying you can’t solve problems by throwing money at them?


Of course they don’t want to put money into social good, like education and job training and health care. They want to throw money at senseless wars. War is the Republican’s Viagra.

Maliki lies. Bush lies. Generals fudge numbers.Republicans lie. Democrats hedge and hem and haw. The press equivocates.

So on and on we go. No end in sight. No sane person in charge who has any clue. A bottomless pit of money and blood, swirling like a cyclone circling the drain, ripping apart America, shattering the Middle East, and shaking the underpinnings of peace everywhere.

The Bush legacy. A testament to Republican arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, and bloodlust. The insane leading the deranged to the blood-stained wall.

Army’s Top General Fires Shot Across Bush’s Brow
September 27, 2007

General George Casey, biggest cheese in the Army, went public yesterday with his belief that the Army ‘has been stretched so thin by the war in Iraq that it can not adequately respond to another conflict…’, according to Bryan Bender’s story in the Globe today.

In his first appearance as Army chief of staff, Casey told the House Armed Services Committee that the Army is “out of balance” and “the current demand for our forces exceeds the sustainable supply. We are consumed with meeting the demands of the current fight and are unable to provide ready forces as rapidly as necessary for other potential contingencies.”

Perhaps the downward spiral of the Army, and the military in general, is not a surprise to anyone outside the Republican party. General Casey is not bringing new news to the fore. But the manner of his announcement speaks to just how serious he is.

He could have spoken in a closed hearing.

He requested a public hearing, and got it.

Deliberately saying what he said in public is a shot across Bush’s furrowed little brow, a direct challenge to his leadership. And Bush’s leadership is such that he couldn’t lead a starving dog to a plate of food across the room. Not an intelligent dog anyway.

So, Bush will fire Casey when?

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Repeat Post: Call for General Strike November 6, 2007
September 26, 2007

In the October Harper’s magazine Garret Keizer, in the Notebook pages, calls for a general strike on November 6, 2007 across the country.

Keizer’s article is online at Harper’s now.

He calls for the people to retake the government. To strike until Bush and Cheney are removed.

Send a message to the so-called people’s representatives that the people want to be represented.

If you can’t not work, then don’t buy. Don’t go to the mall. Don’t spend except for the absolute necessities. And maintain the strike until the government is ours once again and the rule of law is in place once again.

Can it happen? I don’t know. Other countries do it and get results. We certainly have sufficient reason to do it. More than sufficient.

While saying “It won’t do any good” comes easily to our lips, we can’t know that. If a genuine general strike could be made to happen, can we say it will fail? We can’t know. We can do and follow through and let the chips fall where they may.

The cost of doing nothing, which is the only alternative, given the failure of Congress and the arrogance of Bush and company, is to watch our soldiers die for Bush’s arrogance and stupidity, to watch Iraqis die in the slaughterhouse Bush has created and Congress enabled, to watch our country sink deeper into debt, and continue our criminal behavior that would earn any other country open contempt and condemnation.

If you blog, ask for a strike. Spread the word. Maybe the idea will take hold and come to fruition. Strike for regime change in America. Strike to remove Bush and Cheney. Strike back at their takeover and degradation of our country, our Constitution, our honor and our future.

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White House Plays Sleazy Race Card Against Obama
September 25, 2007

From an story, we have this from the White House:

As for Obama, a senior White House official said the freshman senator from Illinois was “capable” of the intellectual rigor needed to win the presidency but instead relies too heavily on his easy charm.

“It’s sort of like, ‘that’s all I need to get by,’ which bespeaks sort of a condescending attitude towards the voters,” said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity. “And a laziness, an intellectual laziness.”

Over at TPM, Josh Marshall notes the Republican National Committee’s involvement:

The RNC just shot off an email building on the slur. With the headline “Razzle Dazzle”, the email continues the theme that Obama is just another black fancy-pants with a slick smile and nice turn of phrase but either without the candle-power or stick-to-it-iveness to actually get things done.

Never mind that Obama’s written two books and George Bush can barely read a children’s book and has the intellectual competence of a four-year-old deranged evangelist.

Getting down to the nitty gritty, the White House and the RNC are using some barely clothed language to call Obama a lazy nigger.

Why? Because it appeals to the sensibilities of their political base. “Oh, look,” they say, “a nigger’s running for President.” Guaranteed to pull in the Republican votes.

They pulled this crap against Harold Ford of Tennessee and got away with it. They did it against McCain in 2000 in South Carolina and got away with it. And they’re doing it again. And they’ll keep doing it until the people of this country shut them down.

Lest dissenters point to Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell as counter-examples, let’s note that the Bushites turned Powell into a shuffling liar before the world, and that Rice has demonstrated utter incompetence while acting the slave for Bush. And let’s not forget that Bush has gutted the Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice, which undoubtedly makes Republicans just salivate in glee.

This isn’t what America is about.

Bigotry is what the Republicans are all about.

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The Lion Away For A Few Days…
September 23, 2007

Got to do some writing to make some coins. Blog don’t pay for cat food or human stuff.

Globe Headline Writers Promote A Lie, Fail To Read Own Story
September 22, 2007

On page A12 of today’s Globe a banner headline reads ‘Senate Democrats fail to pass troop withdrawal legislation‘.

Not true, as the third paragraph clearly states:

Republicans blocked the measure, contending it would have dire consequences for the region and usurp control of the war from seasoned generals.

So why doesn’t the headline read ‘Senate Republicans block troop withdrawal legislation‘?

And naturally the Republicans went on to say stupid things to justify their actions. It’s just too tiresome to repeat.

So how about it, Globe? Wanna poll your headline writers for raw, unmitigated Conservative Republican bias?

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