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Good Anti-Palin Column By Esther Eve Ensler
September 25, 2008

Nicely done post on Sarah Palin over at Nihilist Future at Blogspot.

Christians In Oregon Lynch Senator Obama. How Quaint! How American!
September 25, 2008

The AP had a piece in the Globe today about an effigy of Senator Obama being hung from a tree on the campus of a Christian university. The story follows:

Effigy of Obama found hanging from campus tree

NEWBERG, Ore. – Officials of a small Christian university say a life-size cardboard effigy of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was found hanging from a tree on the campus.

George Fox University’s president, Robin Baker, said a custodian discovered the effigy early Tuesday and removed it.

“We will not tolerate such displays and condemn it in the strongest terms,” he said.

Administrators at the university, founded by Quaker pioneers in 1891, said yesterday that they do not know who hung the effigy, and that few people saw it or were aware of it. Taped to the cardboard cutout of the senator from Illinois was a message targeting participants in Act Six, a scholarship program geared toward increasing the number of minority and low-income students at several Christian colleges, mostly in the Northwest.

The Christian community will of course say that this is an aberration, preferring not to recall that the thousands of lynchings of blacks carried out in the United States were also done by good ol’ Christians.

And The Lion supposes that the nooses on doors and trees and other places over the last year or so were put there by… who? Macaca Muslims? Wacky Wiccans? Heinous Hindus?

And let’s not forget that that great Christian organization, the Ku Klux Klan, is no more than a major financial crisis away. Or less. Or actually, any excuse will do for the gutless white wonders of Kristianity.


Sarah Palin At The United Nations: That Really Is Lipstick On A Pig
September 23, 2008

Little Sarah got to meet with the big boys today at the UN, meeting various heads of state. Apparently the McCain campaign’s scam is now to claim she has experience in foreign affairs because she sat down to tea and crumpets with the fellows.


Her ignorance is the pig and McCain’s handlers just smeared lipstick on it.

How stupid is anyone who falls for this bullshit? Aside from Republicans, that is. We already know how brain dead they are.

The Economic Plan Of Senator Bernie Sanders. Omigod, Somebody’s Making Sense.
September 21, 2008

Senator Bernie Sanders, not known for cozying up to the rich bastards and right-wingers and McCainites who have put the country at risk, has a plan. Take a quick look at it over at Common Dreams.

The Lion has a plan too. Instead of using a trillion dollars to bail out the fat cat’s fat asses, let’s take the same money and start rebuilding the country’s failing infrastructure, creating mass transit across the country, financing alternative energy companies, and improving our education system. That path creates millions of jobs, creates a strong economy that builds things instead of relying on shyster financiers who create nothing, who build nothing, who do nothing but move paper around and skim percentages for themselves.

As for the current crop of CEOs that George Bush and his rich friends want to bail out, fuck them. Let them rot on the vine. We’ve got better uses for our money than bailing them out of the consequences of their psychopathic greed.

So You Think Bush And His Rich Friends Aren’t Planning To Screw You With Their Insane Bailout Plan? Think Again, Gumby.
September 21, 2008

Hop on over to Talking Points Memo and start reading. The financial lobbyists, you know, the same kind as the crew that’s running Crazy John McCain’s (the “Regulating Deregulator”) campaign, are already pushing to screw the taxpayers and make themselves a pile of money.

That’s the Republican way, baby. They’ll take care of their fat asses by emptying your wallet for the next two generations.

Johnny Bomb Bomb McCain Uses Dead Soldier To Cadge Votes
September 20, 2008

McCain’s got no class, none at all.

There’s a YouTube video here of him walking on the bones of the dead to get to the White House. Watch it if you can stand the little hypocritical piece of sleaze.

He’s waving around a dead man’s dog tags to garner votes.

This is the guy who wants the United States to stay at war for a hundred years or so, and who couldn’t tell you what the war was about or who or why, or even where, and he’s waving a dead sergeant’s dog tags to make political points.

If he had any class he’d have thanked the soldier’s mother for them, put them in his pocket and never mentioned them in public.

A new low, even for McCain, who’s been sucking up sewer water for months and spitting it all over the electorate.

Obama All Talk And No Action? Not By A Long Shot…
September 20, 2008

Lookee here, or go do the research yourself at the Congressional Record site.

September 20, 2008

Opening up the health insurance market to more vigorous nationwide competition, as we have done over the last decade in banking, would provide more choices of innovative products less burdened by the worst excesses of state-based regulation.

John McCain, 2008

A Clawdie Award For Kelly
September 20, 2008

Today’s Clawdie Award goes to a letter in today’s Globe from a person in Lynn who has one of those unsexed names that make it hell to figure out pronouns, but who is spot on in hir prescription for the economic crisis.

RE “A plan to stop the bleeding” (Page A1, Sept. 19): I do understand that as part of the so-called big picture, the taxpayers must continue to bail out the failing financial institutions. But I think we should add a few stipulations to the bailout. When the federal government is asked to step in, the chief executive, chief financial officer, company president, and anyone making more than $5 million a year should see their compensation trimmed to, say, $60,000 a year. They should also surrender their mansions in the Hamptons and the 22-room apartment in Manhattan. The properties should be turned into shelters for families displaced as a result of the mortgage crisis.



Congratulations, Kelly, whatever you are! This award and a couple of bucks will get you your Clawdie Award Coffee at your local Starbucks.

(While The Lion agrees with Kelly’s idea, he’s not so kind. He would reduce the perpetrators and their families to complete destitution and impose a lifetime ban on any of them ever working in any aspect of the financial industry ever again. They should also have to wear silly hats whenever they go out in public.)

Joy Veaudry, ’70, Brown University
September 20, 2008

I just read in the Brown Alumni Monthly that my old friend Joy died. She had cancer. Back in the Sixties at Brown we were together for a while and we had some good times. When I sold my first freelance article, she was there. She was a sweetheart and she deserved better. She should have gotten old and should have had the chance to warm people’s lives for a lot longer. 

Bye Joy. At least you got the poems written.