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About Trump, Let’s Be Polite…
October 31, 2016

The politest thing that can be said of Donald Trump is that he is a flaming evil, a not-too-bright evil, a vile, ugly little man, who, if he were a dog, would be the object of the local constabulary’s order to shoot on sight.

That such a person is the subject of adoration of millions of Americans says a great deal about the United States, none of it positive, none of it good.

There are those in the commentariat who say that we should understand that those people are angry and ashamed, angry that they feel shame about their lives because, basically, they aren’t rich and have to work hard at making a living. We are supposed to think kindly of such people because all they want is for the government to make life easy for them by taking them back to the 18th and 19th centuries living standards.

No. The United States is not a perfect place, full of light and grace and plenty and money. It was devastated by rich people in the crash of 2008, rich people like Donald Trump who openly sought to profit from that economic devastation. Those events cost jobs and homes and lives, brought pain into people’s lives. And combined with the horror of a black man in the White House those events brought the right wing Republican haters and bigots and ignoramuses and psychopaths out from under their logs and out of their caves. And the American people who we are supposed to think kindly of listened and believed the vile spew of lies and hate and deceit that poured forth.

Rather than pick themselves up and act as civil people seeking to put their nation, which they profess to love more than anyone else, back on its feet, they whined and complained and bitched and moaned and blamed Latinos and Blacks and Muslims and anyone who wasn’t white and willfully ignorant for their troubles. They allowed themselves to be led by the nose by celebrity commentators and pundits like O’Reilly and Limbaugh and Hannity and the rest of that crew of braying hatred and stupidity and greed, because they were celebrities and everyone knows that in America celebrities of any sort are smarter and wiser and more knowledgeable than anyone else.

These people we are to think kindly of know virtually nothing of governance, of the history of the country they profess to love as they defecate on it every waking minute, of the functions of government, or the absolute need of governance in human affairs. But they will tell us, constantly, that of course they know better how to run things than do people who have devoted their lives to the study and practice of governance, of government, of running massive programs involving thousands of people and billions of dollars, of making life and death decisions affecting the entire world. Yes, these are Trump’s people. They were indeed Hitler’s people. And they were indeed P. T. Barnum’s customers. And they intend to bring down on the United States and the world the darkest of carnivals, the blackest of houses of horrors, the worst that humanity has to offer itself.

Think kindly of them? No. No indeed. Trump is an unalloyed evil who encourages and enables the worst thoughts and acts that humans are capable of, and such people, in their millions, are willing instruments of his vile, twisted, black greed and ambition.