Why Michele Bachmann Is Batshit Crazy (She Lives In A Cave)

Michele Bachmann is absolutely batshit crazy, the sort of crazy only a delusional religionist can be. Her view of the world is that of someone who has lived in a religious cave all her life, staring at walls, mumbling incantations, and drooling all over herself, and she can’t wait to impose her insanity on the rest of us.

You want to see real terror committed against the American people? Then put this sick fundo witch into the White House.

Read the history of Bachmann that the talking heads on the television teat haven’t got around to and likely won’t because it reveals the sickness of Christianity in America. The media is afraid of them, which is deeper evidence of just how sick this country has become as these Christian nutcases have crept up from the slime that breeds their beliefs.

And lest you think it’s just a couple of weirdoes, worth a laugh or two on The Daily Show, try this for a sample:

Titus drafted the Constitution Restoration Act, which would have deprived federal courts of jurisdiction in cases challenging a government entity’s or official’s “acknowledgment of God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government.” The bill, which did not pass, nonetheless had 9 senate co-sponsors and 50 House co-sponsors, including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Bobby Jindal, now the governor of Louisiana, Nathan Deal, now the governor of Georgia, and Mike Pence, a conservative hero who’s now running for governor of Indiana

And let’s not forget Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a bloody-minded Christian who takes his marching orders from his insane god of the Christians as he tries to send Wisconsin back into the 19th century, or maybe it was the twelfth century he had in mind. There’s a bunch of these sick creeps in public office now, including the Congressional contingent of the Tea Party, and who knows how many are scattered throughout the bureaucracy thanks that sociopath George W. Bush and his bunch of Christian spooks and loonies.

You think the Taliban are bad people? Wait ‘til you get a load of what these Christian lizard brains have in store for you and yours. Read the piece by Sarah Posner for a lesson in history and a taste of what the crazies have in store for you and your kids.



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