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Can McCain Get Any Lower Or More Pathetic?
July 31, 2008

McCain has gone beyond being hysterically sad.

He hires the guy who made the blatantly racist ad that took down Harold Ford in Tennessee.

Four months later he puts out an ad that conflates images of a couple of blonde white women, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, with images of Barack Obama, calling Obama arrogant, and pushing the subtext of the uppity nigger getting the white women.

Senator Obama chides him for bringing race into the campaign.

And McCain and his people, and all their television pundits, start shouting that because Obama called them out on their racist campaigning Obama is playing the race card. 

If there’s anything more ridiculous than that, it’s got to be Pat Buchanan, that officious, pompous, loudmouth blowhard insisting on MSNBC that Obama is playing the race card.

The Lion suggests we haven’t seen the bottom yet from the McCain campaign.

We Know McCain Is A Liar. Is He A Racist Too?
July 31, 2008

That John McCain is a liar is beyond doubt. Here’s a just a sample from today’s Globe:

McCain ad statement about Obama: “[He] says he’ll raise taxes on electricity. Higher taxes, more foreign oil, that’s the real Obama.”
Fact-checker: The electricity tax apparently refers to Obama’s support for a cap-and-trade system to limit carbon emissions, but McCain also backs a similar proposal.


McCain ad statement about Obama: “He made time to go to the gym, but canceled a visit with wounded troops. Seems the Pentagon wouldn’t allow him to bring cameras. “
Fact-checker: Obama did go to a gym in Berlin and did cancel a visit to a US military medical center in Germany. The Obama campaign says the visit was nixed because he did not want to bring politics to the hospital.

[Lion note: He went to a gym and met the troops and played some basketball with them.]

July 21

McCain ad statement about Obama: “Who can you thank for rising prices at the pump? Obama! Obama!”
Fact-checker: McCain’s campaign cites Obama’s support for a ban on offshore oil drilling, but that ban has been in place since 1982, and Obama has only been in the US Senate since 2005.

July 18

McCain ad statement about Obama: “He voted against funding our troops.”
Fact-checker: Obama did vote in May 2007 against an Iraq war funding bill, after failing to attach a timetable for withdrawal. But Obama has voted for several other troop funding bills.

SOURCES: Globe staff, news reports,

But is this pathetic old man also a racist? Is he willing to play the race card, the same one played against Harold Ford, a black Senatorial candidate, in 2006 in Tennessee?

The Republicans in the Ford race put out a commercial with jungle drums in the background and a blonde white woman giving Ford a come-on.

John McCain hired the guy, Terry Nelson, who produced the infamous Ford/Bimbo ad, back in March.

And now here comes an ad associating Senator Obama with two good-looking blonde white women while accusing him of arrogance. The subtext – this uppity nigger is after your women. And yes, that message plays, especially to Southern white trash who call the Republican Party home. (Lest anyone accuse The Lion of dumping on poor Southerners, The Lion would point out that ‘Southern white trash’ includes rich people  and middle class people, anyone who looks at Obama and thinks ‘nigger’ and buys into McCain’s racism.)

McCain will point to his adopted daughter, a non-white, as proof that he isn’t a racist. But run a racist ad, you’re a racist. McCain is dumping on his own family, his own daughter, to score points in a political race. A man can’t get too much lower than that.

John McCain has earned himself a place among the scum of the earth. Liar, hypocrite, racist, ignorant, stupid, pretentious. And old. Old shouldn’t be an epithet, but he’s made it one. And this is the best the Republicans can offer the country after eight years of inflicting the worst government in American history on the United States.

A New Award: The Lion’s Butt Award
July 30, 2008

Today The Lion introduces a new award and retires the once-used Anti-Clawdie Award. The ACA has certain logical problems, as pointed out by … crap, I forget who … either The Exterminator or Evo or maybe Philly… anyway, its brief but glorious history is now history.

In its place, the Lion’s Butt Award will be given to egregious commentary by either civilians or bloggers. Figuratively speaking, the award involves The Lion pointing his butt at the offender and emitting a rude noise.

Today’s first Lion’s Butt Award goes to a letter writer in today’s Globe. The letter is short and follows herewith in full:

ENOUGH ALREADY with the Globe’s gay agenda. How many front-page stories do we have to see to know that your agenda is to promote the gay/lesbian lifestyle? The July 21 article “Bloom’s off the brick row house: Buyers picking modern high-rise over classic style” could and should have been written from the heterosexual perspective. What you’re writing about is not a gay issue, it’s a human issue, and casting the story in a manner to feature gays is inappropriate. It’s time to straighten out, and I mean that in all senses of the word.

The story the writer refers to covered the housing search of a male gay couple in Boston.

The key phrase – “…is not a gay issue, it’s a human issue”.

Yup. Gays aren’t human. Couldn’t be clearer.

The writer most likely gets queasy at the thought of two men having sex. Fair enough. The Lion’s not comfortable with the idea either, but so what? Two men, or two women, they’re happy together, not a problem. Romance is romance, love is love. We can’t always help what we feel about people’s behavior. And out there in Nature where the animals and plants live, homosexuality is relatively rampant. People like our awardee would likely like to deny that humans are part of nature, justifying the behavior of  humans destroying the natural world in leaps and bounds.

But our letter writer decided those two guys weren’t human and apparently shouldn’t be treated like everybody else. The Lion suspects the fellow is probably quite comfortable living Levitically. You know, that part of the Bible that crows ‘Kill the witches, kill the heretics, kill the fags, kill everybody who is different’.

Seventy years ago our awardee, had he lived in Germany, would have been calling the Jews rats and vermin, just like the Jews today call the Palestinians rats and vermin. Same thing, different target. Once you dehumanize a group of people, once you make them lesser than you, you can justify doing anything to them. Beat them. Deny them civil and human rights. Round them up and put them in camps. Kill them.

Fags aren’t human. It’s okay to kill them, beat them, spit on them, laugh at them. They’re just things that look human and wear clothes and go to jobs and support families and pay taxes and eat in restaurants and…. oh, yeah, ooops, they do the same things us so-called straight people do. They just love differently. But they love.

Today’s awardee doesn’t understand any of that, and for promoting the view that gay people aren’t human, The Lion awards him a great big Lion’s Butt award, suitable for smelling up his entire house.

Congratulations, pal. A bottle of Lion’s Butt smell and noise will be delivered to your home by two large, heavily muscled gay men real soon now. Enjoy! (Oh, stop worrying, pal. They won’t bother you. They’re just deliverymen.)

Your Tax Dollars, Your Troops, And Your Government’s Morality At Work
July 26, 2008

Tal Afar, Iraq, January 18, 2005.


American troops just killed this little girl’s parents at a checkpoint.

Photo by Chris Hondros.

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John McCain Can’t Help It. He’s Senile And Sleazy.
July 26, 2008

Big news! Senator Barack Obama didn’t visit the soldiers at Landstuhl and Ramstein in Germany.

Why, he must be just the most thoughtless, coldest man on the face of the planet. Can’t have him as president.

Johnny Bomb-Bomb said ‘it’s never wrong to visit American troops’.

According to the Defense Department, it is wrong to visit their bases as part of a political campaign, and they informed Senator Obama of this the day before he was to visit – after his Congressional staff had already flown home. He couldn’t visit if he brought campaign workers, only Congressional staffers. How convenient, eh? Twenty-four hours notice. The Lion wonders which Bush White House staffer made that phone call.

But Jonny Bomb castigated Obama anyway.

Actually it was a win-win for The Mad Bomber. If Obama had visited, McCain would have crucified him for using the troops for political reasons and called it an insult to their ‘bravery and sacrifice’.

But if Jonny the Bomber is so smart and so knowledgeable about the military and about foreign affairs, how come he didn’t know about that Defense Department rule? It’s not like it was just made up yesterday.

McCain’s a liar and a sleazebag. He’ll say anything, anything at all, knowing that he’s lying, to demean Senator Obama. The only arrow he’s got in his ratty old quiver is the escalation, or surge, in Iraq, and he couldn’t get that right and spent two days trying to lie about his ignorance.

He doesn’t know Sunni from Shi’a. He doesn’t know Iraq doesn’t border Afghanistan. And you can bet your last dollar he hasn’t got a clue about the complex situation in Pakistan and its border territories with Afghanistan.

The Mad Bomber is a sad, pathetic old man. He’s not fit to serve in the White House. He’s hardly fit to serve in the Senate, given what he’s demonstrated on the campaign trail. He has, finally, no sense of decency, no sense of shame, and no integrity at all.

But we can rest assured that if he wins the November election, he will trample what’s left of the American Constitution and the rule of law into the dust, and the people of Southwest Asia are going to have their work cut out for them in getting rid of American invaders.

And Americans will have their work cut out for them trying to survive a catastrophic economy, constant attacks on their right to privacy and right to free speech and free thought, and the destruction of the rule of law. That sucking sound they hear will be two centuries of democracy and freedom going down the toilet under the weight of Republican and McCain shit.

Bit Of This, Bit Of That
July 24, 2008

Massachusetts Health Insurance Terrorism…

On NPR this morning an announcer intoned that Massachusetts is the only state to guarantee health coverage for everyone.

Not so.

Massachusetts, under the occasional governorship of Wilbur ‘The Mitten’ Romney, passed a law forcing everyone to run out and buy health insurance.

That’s not health coverage. That’s corporate tyranny. The sole purpose of health insurance is to make it difficult for people to get health care. When you’ve got a $2,000 deductible, like most of the plans seem to have, you don’t have health care.

You do have insurance company execs hauling away big salaries and driving expensive cars and spending y0ur premiums on high-priced vacations in resorts available to the rich, but not to the average guy back home struggling to pay his medical bills while desperately trying to figure out just what, if anything, his insurance company will pay for.

Lately the Massachusetts program has slid into financial trouble. Too many people needing subsidies – subsidies meaning money the state pays to the insurance companies for policies – and too little money available. Why? Bad planning, poor thinking, rosy assumptions instead of realistic evidence.

Now the business community and the medical community and the insurance pirates have banded together to screw the people again.

They don’t want to kick in any more money. Their solution is to kick the disabled and the really sick into so-called managed care plans.

Managed care means the victim… the patient gets no choice in who his doctor is or what treatment he gets. The bureaucrats who work for the corporations tell him who he can see and when and where. That’s what the free enterprise system comes up with – tyranny over the helpless – a plan to let them continue to line their pockets while offering the worst health care they can think of.

What’s managed care? It’s assembly line care. It’s a doctor getting a fixed fee per patient. The Lion can’t think of a better way to guarantee poor care.

And with all the money the business community has to spend on schmoozing with Massachusetts legislators, who are just as dumb and venal as any others (read anything about Sal DiMasi, Speaker of the House in Massachusetts), The Lion is pretty sure disabled people are going to get screwed. Again. And the insurance terrorists will get to buy new expensive cars and take more vacations to rich people’s resorts.

Johnny ‘Bomb Everything’ McCain adored by college twits…

The Globe ran a story on the front page today about Jonny Mac’s relationship with college kids. They quote one young Republican, who obviously hasn’t been paying attention, as saying “I can’t imagine somebody more qualified or more worthy of respect.”

Of course the kid is a Republican. He has no imagination and he supports a guy who would run over his wife and rape his mother if it would get him into the White House and let him get his hands on all those shiny bombs he’s just itching to turn loose in a part of the world he seems to know nothing about.

McCain is not only ignorant, he’s a liar who can’t keep his stories straight. Not even with the help of CBS news, which did the old guy a big favor by not running comments he made showing just how ignorant he was of his main selling point, the disaster in Iraq.

His worshippers seem to think that because he did prison time in Vietnam for murder by bomb that he should be rewarded with the American Presidency. They’re genuinely offended when anyone suggests otherwise.

In fact Bomb Bomb’s time in Vietnam neither qualifies nor disqualifies him. However, a case could be made that it should probably disqualify him.

After all, he came out of that experience thinking that the best way to solve problems with other countries is to threaten them with bombs and invasions. And in his case, as in his boyfriend Georgie’s case, he’s stupid enough and short-sighted enough and close enough to senility to actually do it. The dumb old bastard can’t even get the facts straight when the historical record is right out there for everyone to see. What the hell is he going to do when he’s the one making the record?

That just doesn’t speak well of the education our little Republican college boy is getting. Apparently he’s been painting McCain campaign signs when he should have been attending reality and thinking classes.

Main Core: Your Sleazy, Corrupt American Government Watching You Since Ronnie Raygun
July 23, 2008

Remember Big Brother? Ugly bastard that looks like George W. Bush?

He’s bigger than you thought and Ronnie Reagan gave birth to him, and George Bush sucks him off every day.

The thin veneer that has separated the United States from being a brutal tyranny, at least in the minds of its ignorant citizenry, is now pierced in this article at Salon.

And don’t count on the Democrats or Barack Obama to do too much about it. And eight years of John McCain, stupid and venal and power hungry, will simply be the coup de grace on the Republican coup d’etat that is a hair away from completely destroying democracy in the United States.

Gardasil Safe For Women. (Never Mind The Dead Bodies)
July 23, 2008

Reuters reports that the American Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control, two Bush Republican administration bureaus which have shown an amazing ability to kneel before the CEOs and Boards of Directors of the companies they regulate, have declared that the vaccine Merck sells to protect women from cervical cancer is safe and effective.

“Based on the review of available information by FDA and CDC, Gardasil continues to be safe and effective, and its benefits continue to outweigh its risks,” a statement said.

These stalwart protectors of the public health (salmonella anyone, or perhaps some mad cow disease to go along with your Vioxx) reviewed 9,700 health problems occurring after Gardasil injections. They said six percent (that’s 582) were serious. And twenty women had died as of June 30.

But the drug is safe. Yup. Now, with the imprimatur of the pharmaceutical industry’s wholly-owned FDA and CDC, so are Merck’s hefty profits on annual sales of between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars.

On July 8 Merck announced that it was confident of Gardasil’s safety. Of course they are. There’s plenty of money to pay off the nuisance suits of the dead women and still have a healthy profit.

On the other hand, if equal percentages of men had suffered serious health problems and had died following a male fixit drug, just imagine the uproar. Twenty dead men. The heavens will fall. Congress will investigate. Merck will be pilloried. (Let us now bow our heads in memory of the several hundred men killed by Viagra in their quest for penetrating orgasms. And let us pray for the end of those smarmy cock commercials on television for Viagra and Cialis and other such concoctions. You can’t get it up? The Lion doesn’t care. Go talk to your partner, you moronic sap.)

This is of a piece with John ‘Bomb Bomb’ McCain’s answer to a reporter’s question as to whether it was fair for insurance companies to pay for penis stiffening drugs for men while refusing to pay for birth control pills for women. His answer. A long moment of silence, followed by a big ‘I don’t know my position on that’.

One might assume that he later asked one of his many lobbyist advisors what his position was on the matter. He could have just looked at his record, since he voted to allow payments for the hardeners and to disallow birth control payments.

And this is the guy Hillary Clinton’s fans want to vote for? These are the policies they want to continue and to broaden and deepen?

Hell’s bells, the country’s going to need more cemeteries.

Pertinent Sarcasm Of The Week
July 19, 2008

In today’s Globe an author named Miles J. Unger has a good op-ed column on the history of democracy and American voting. He finishes with these two paragraphs.

While it is unrealistic in a nation of more than a quarter billion people to revive the direct street-corner democracy of ancient Athens or Renaissance Florence, we could learn valuable lessons from our predecessors. True democracy requires a level of engagement long missing from our political system. It demands that we be citizens, not merely voters.

Americans barely possess even the minimum requirements of citizenship, like keeping ourselves informed on the issues of the day. Recent surveys suggest our shocking ignorance of both history and geography. Those countries we hope to remake in our image might be more inclined to follow our lead if we could actually locate them on a map.

Miles J. Unger is author of Magnifico: The Brilliant Life and Violent Times of Lorenzo de’ Medici.

Bruisin’ News Cruisin’
July 17, 2008

Big Dig undermines Massachusetts…

Today the Boston Globe, in a story by Sean P. Murphy, revealed that the infamous Big Dig that put a big leaky hole under the city of Boston didn’t really cost the $15 billion that the State said it did.


It cost $22 billion when the accounting is done honestly.

And there are side effects.

The state is paying 80 percent of its highway workers with borrowed money. Before the Big Gouge the number was 14 percent.

The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority is on the verge of going under, crushed by debt from the Rampant Ripoff. Ironic justice, perhaps, since the MTA managed the project.

And the State pays a higher percentage of its highway budget on debt than any other state.

All this for a leaky, dangerous set of tunnels that set a remarkable benchmark for corruption, graft, and incompetence. And let’s not forget that the people who put this together have already killed one civilian who made the mistake of driving through it.

Massachusetts will be paying for this boondoggle for a long, long time, while the people responsible, up and down the line, will get off scot free.

And what have we got to show for it? Just another highway, badly made, that does nothing but invite more cars and trucks, thus creating its own excuse for failing to alleviate traffic problems in a few years.

Mass transit, anyone? Oh, well, just another side affect, there’s no money to improve that now either, and that system is crumbling.

Imagine if the morons who came up with the Deep Ditch had instead been replaced with rational, intelligent people who saw some value in mass transit; who with the tiniest bit of critical thought might have foreseen that cars are not the wave of the future.

But, nope. We were governed by idiots then. Now we’re governed by some of the same idiots and a new wave of idiots whose answer is to borrow and borrow and borrow to pay off and cover up the misdeeds of the previous wave of idiots, and put the whole mess off on the next generation.

By then of course it won’t matter, because it’s not improbable that the tunnels, indeed much of Boston, will be under water. But we’ll still be governed by egotistical idiots.

Iraq troop cuts due in early Fall…

Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the group responsible for carrying out President George Bush’s catastrophically stupid wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, announced yesterday that a bunch of soldiers might be able to leave Iraq early this Fall.

Said the big man, “I expect to be able early this fall to recommend to the secretary and the president further troop reductions.”

Of course this is about two things.

One is the so-called surge, known to the cognoscenti, which includes only people who are not Republicans and who have a brain capable of critical thinking, as an escalation of the war.

The escalation is over, say the JCS and others. We had 132,000 troops in Iraq when it started. Now that it’s over we have 150,000 troops in Iraq.

Oh. Wait, The Lion is slow with math…

The second thing at issue is the election this fall. Isn’t it just too precious that the commander in theater, General David Petraeus, will make the announcement before the election (‘early Fall’) that some soldiers will leave Iraq, ostensibly because the effort there has been so successful? Of course the marks of success include only that the Iraqi army and police have gotten bigger (sort of like Saddam Hussein’s), and that violence is for the time being down. (Just ignore the sounds of those car bombs going off in the middle of cities.)

The only problem with all this rosy wonderfulness is that the soldiers leaving Iraq aren’t really coming home.

They’re just going across the way to the other disaster Bush and the military have foisted on us, the one in Afghanistan, another country the Republicans are dedicated to destroying so they can save it and make their testosterone levels rise up so they will be more capable when molesting Congressional interns.

Senator John ‘Bomb Bomb’ McCain, the Republican candidate for screwing the country, of course likes this scenario. He’s dedicated himself and the country to keeping the wars going over there for another hundred years, whether the country wants to go or not.

Interestingly, Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate for screwing the country not quite so badly as McCain, also wants to keep fighting in Afghanistan in order to impose a government the Afghanis don’t want so that wussy Americans can feel safer from an Afghani invasion of the United States. The plan, apparently, is to continue bombing wedding parties in Afghanistan and Pakistan, thereby creating tons and tons of people who hate the United States more and more.

Somebody should tell him that when the military takes territory in places like Afghanistan all they succeed in doing is putting the enemy in their midst, kind of like an amoeba enveloping a bit of food that will kill it.

One thing all of these fools talk about is ‘winning’.

World War II was winnable.

There is nothing to win in these wars. Fanatic criminals killed 3,000 Americans and knocked down some buildings. In return we have killed over a million people who had nothing to do with that attack. We have destroyed two countries. We have bombed innumerable wedding parties. And the criminals behind the attacks in 2001 are still free, no closer to capture now than before.

Kill this one, kill that one. So what? It’s meaningless. American actions have created more of their kind. Using a sledge hammer to kill a gnat pretty much guarantees that you’ll miss the original gnat and piss off the rest of the gnats, and when you miss the gnat you probably hit the beehive or the wasp nest. Given the intellectual, ethical, and moral quality of Republican leadership since 1994, and before, we can’t really expect anything better.

It’s just sad that Senator Obama is buying into the stupidity.

[Interesting op-ed to this point by Howard Zinn.]