Oh Yeah! Bring On The Rack And The Waterboard!

Maybe, finally there might be some accountability for the United States government’s policy of torture and brutality and trashing of international law.

Maybe there’s a chance that some of the American sociopaths will have to stand before legitimate justice and answer for their diseased beliefs.

One can hope, even though the current government has done and will do everything in its power to avoid bringing any American to justice. Obama has made that perfectly clear, and in that has become legally culpable of complicity.


7 Responses

  1. Yes, there are, for now, some traitors within America’s borders. They won’t amount to much though since true Americans would not stand for it and would take the necessarily lethal steps to silence them.

    You are with us or against us. If you choose the latter, you and your kin are valid targets for extermination.


  2. With or against who? With a little more effort you could be really really vague. Might even win a prize for vagueness and ambiguity.


    • I think jonolan is trolling.


    • That would be America and American interests. Siding with our enemies is not acceptable and anything that limits our ability to defend ourselves against those enemies is de facto siding with them since they have no limits themselves.

      Those who aid America’s enemies are themselves America’s enemies and should be dealt with in exactly the same manner, with the caveat that those that were born within US borders and who still side against us should be treated far more harshly..


      • It all rather depends on who’s defining who are the enemies of the United States, and whether those doing the defining are credible and trustworthy.

        Troll away, J, troll away. You appear to be a true believer in whatever it is you’re believing in and your thinking is just as shallow as the powers-that-be (whoever they may be in your universe at the moment) would like it to be.


        • You seem to have an “interesting” definition of troll. It seems to include anyone who disagrees with your position and the underlying basis of that position.

          Given the anti-American nature of both, I’ll wear the label proudly, Insults from America’s enemies being, in fact, compliments.


          • Perhaps I was too generic. I’d suggest you belong in the class of commenters who put forth specious arguments, or no arguments, and hope to draw a reaction allowing you to continue. You are, in contrast to many trolls, reasonably well-spoken and well-spelled. But then again being well-spoken and so on doesn’t make what you say any more sensible. I can, on occasion, rattle on in a Grumpy Lion post in good, rumbling and raging prose, and yet not make sense. But it’s my blog. The least you could do is to be specific, and eschew ambiguity and cliches of the political variety.

            As for me being anti-American, I would suggest that I am anti- the Americans who are out to destroy the country while spewing specious arguments about how dedicated they are to saving the country (as is my wont I have in mind the Republicans and the Tea Party crowd). As for my position, I’d suggest that I have many positions, or at least many opinions on politics and the like, and the underlying basis is pretty much as stated in the previous sentence.

            Since you apparently regard me as an enemy of America, and seem to lack the necessary mental wherewithal to understand some degree of complexity – perhaps the bit about honest dissent being necessary to the proper functioning and survival of a democracy – there doesn’t seem any necessity for you to comment here.

            You can if you want, of course, but so far you’ve been boring and lacking in substance. Hardly any point in paying attention to you, other than that you might somehow stumble onto saying something intelligent or interesting. It is a measure of my general boredom and weariness today that I have bothered to waste this many words on you.

            I will admit that you do have an interesting avatar, though you seem unable to live up to the promise of its appearance.

            Enjoy your label.


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