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Glenn Beck, We Actually Are Coming To Get You
July 31, 2010

Glenn Beck, the television blitherer who looks a lot like a fat-cheeked chipmunk, thinks progressives are out to kill him. At least that’s what one would have to gather from his daily blitherings on radio and television.

Glenn, who calls himself a conservative so that the crazoids who believe him will consider him an authentic authority, is little more than a loudmouthed liar who says outrageous things in order to get ratings. Either that or he’s a certifiable nutcase who believes his own virulent incitements to violence.

Some of his stuff, from Media Matters:

  • Suggested Obama is pushing America toward civil war and deliberately "trying to destroy the country."
  • Capped two weeks of violent fear mongering about progressives by warning that when their attempts at a "soft revolution" fail, eventually progressives "just start shooting people."
  • Said the "people around the president" support "armed insurrection" and "bombing."
  • Repeatedly insinuated that the Obama administration will kill him.
  • Used a quote from Jefferson to launch into a warning about coming "rivers of blood."
  • Compared himself to "Israeli Nazi hunters" and announced that "to the day I die, I am going to be a progressive hunter."
  • Included in his advice to Liberty University grads that they should "shoot to kill," and that graduates "have a responsibility" to speak out, or "blood…will be on our hands."
  • Informed viewers that the "world is on edge" and said that "those who survive" will "stand in the truth" and "listen."
  • Said that some progressive groups don’t have "a problem with blood in the streets."

Well, The Lion has had enough of Mr. Glenn Beck’s attempted destruction of liberty, freedom, democracy, and people’s lives, and has decided to make Glenn’s wildest fantasies come true.

Right now, Glenn, this very moment, Progressive hit squads are watching you and planning their moves. Because you are a stain on democracy and freedom, a serial abuser of power, and because you incite violence with your lies and distortions and vile hatred and bigotry, our people are going to remove you from the public airwaves.

You won’t see it coming, Glenn, but you will feel it. Our squads have been instructed to inflict some serious pain on you before the final act, just so you know the reality of what’s happening to you – the same reality you think it’s okay to inflict on others. We’re thinking liposuction without anesthesia, for starters.

So be careful where you go, Glenn. We’re gonna get you. We’re gonna hurt you.

And because you have managed somehow to breed, Glenn, other squads have been pointed towards your home and whoever might be inside; towards your girlfriend’s apartment; and towards your boyfriend’s snug little cabin. Also, your dealer, the one with the half-blonde pony tail and the designer jeans, he’s been paid to add a little something extra to your purchases.

The jig is up, Glenn. We’re everywhere, and we look just like everyone else. We’ve even got a couple of people on your staff, Glenn, a couple of good undercover operatives. We know where you go, what you do, what you eat for breakfast, how you like your eggs, that disgusting thing you do to your girlfriend, where you keep your money. We own you, Glenn, we own you.

This paranoid fantasy has been brought to you by Glenn Beck’s mind, what little there is of it. Reap what you sow, Chipmunk.

Of course, Glenn, we really don’t condone violence: we’re not like you. This entire piece of writing is merely satire and parody, a sort of reverse Glenn Beck. We haven’t really told anyone to hurt you or your family or your confederates. Not that we wouldn’t be just all thrilled if someone did do you, but it’s more likely to be one of your dupes who sees the light, realizes what a sick, lying little sack of greed and insanity you are, and decides he’s going to get his money back or take it out of your chipmunk hide. That’s who you really have to fear, Glenn, the people around you, the people close to you, and the people you dupe. Look around, Glenn, look around.


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Newt Gingrich Is Off His Meds…
July 30, 2010

Actually that’s putting it politely. It would be more accurate to say Newt Gingrich is crazy. Not ‘crazy as a …’, just plain, flat out crazy. Insane. In dire need of being locked up and subjected to psychotherapy, or possibly electroconvulsive therapy, you know – shock and awe.

The United States is teetering on the edge of a free-fall economic crash, which is all but guaranteed if the Republicans, of whom Newt is a national leader, get back into power.

We fought an illegal war based on Republican lies in Iraq, and turned that country into an ongoing disaster politically and economically, and are pretty much driving it into the arms of Iran.

We’re fighting a useless war in Afghanistan, pouring in American blood by the tankerful and treasure to the tune of seven billion dollars a month, and getting absolutely nowhere, primarily because there’s nowhere to get.

But Newt has deeper concerns

Yesterday’s speech at the American Enterprise Institute, a hotbed of Gingrichian and other Republican insanity, Newt said…

that the United States should attack Iran and North Korea because George W. Bush called them the Axis of Evil and the Congress applauded that line in his State of the Union address;

that Muslims want to impose Sharia law on the United States and end America ‘as we know it’;

and has spoken vociferously against the proposed mosque in New York City, stating that it would be hypocritical to allow it there because there are no churches in Saudi Arabia, which argument must conclude that the United States should become a theocratic aristocracy under some Christian version of Sharia law.

Yes, folks, Newt Gingrich wants the United States to undertake two more wars, fight against the imagined imposition of Sharia law, and ban a mosque that poses no threat to anyone other than the right wing Tea Party crazies whose support Newt no doubt covets.

Newt is Republican leadership at its finest, right up there with Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative John Boehner who

…have fought valiantly to deny unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed, treating them as if they were lazy scum;

…have fought tooth and nail against providing healthcare benefits to the responders to the 9/11 disaster who are now suffering serious and deadly illnesses because of their work there;

…have plenty of room in their hearts for unfunded financial support for the wars they brought on us but won’t spend a dollar to help Americans whose lives have been wrecked by the Republican economic collapse;

…want to take back the Congress in November and kill the stimulus programs that have kept the country out of a killing depression and impose the sort of cutbacks and economic voodoo that has proven to deepen the financial disaster where it’s been tried (Ireland, with Britain following the Irish model and already beginning to crash).

These are the people the Democrats have simply refused to stand up to, to call out, to attack, and have thus brought us to a November election in which the crazies have a serious chance to take over at least one house of Congress, and drive the country not only down into economic insanity, but into profound hatred and bigotry that will feed violent discord in this country and into more insane wars abroad.

The leadership of the Republican Party today are not fit to run a five-cent lemonade stand. They are not fit financially. They are not fit mentally. They are not fit morally.

Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party in all its glory both rank and file and leadership, Boehner, McConnell, the whole crew belong in an asylum, along with their public enablers Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, the Fox News crew, and the rest of the right wing wrecking machine.


American Terror
July 30, 2010

July 30, 1998 South Carolina 

South Carolina militia member Paul T. Chastain is charged with weapons, explosives and drug violations after allegedly trying to trade drugs for a machine gun and enough C-4 plastic explosive to demolish a five room house. The next year, Chastain pleads guilty to an array of charges, including threatening to kill Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh. He is sentenced to 15 years in federal prison, with release scheduled in 2011.

The Second Wave: Return of the Militias
Southern Poverty Law Center Special Report

Not The Pretty Barbie-Doll American Version Of The War In Afghanistan
July 29, 2010

What you see in American media about the war in Afghanistan is a lie. It’s prettified and cleaned so you won’t be offended by reality.

It’s John Wayned.

It’s obscene.

The rest of the world gets a look at the real thing, or as real as it can get for not being part of it. Consider these videos at Guardian UK.

These videos won’t say it outright, but the subtext is that all that the war hawkers in Washington, including Obama and the Democrats as well as virtually every Republican, all that they say is lies and bullshit and political ego and ignorance. The reality is that American soldiers are being killed and maimed for a lie; that the American society is being raped by fool politicians and robbed by war profiteers who have bought the fool politicians.

Anybody that tells you that war is noble and heroic, that this war is noble and heroic and necessary, is full of shit and should be beaten into the ground and sent away bloody.


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American Terror
July 29, 2010

July 29, 1996 Washington State 

Washington State Militia leader John Pitner and seven others are arrested on weapons and explosives charges in connection with a plot to build pipe bombs to resist a feared invasion by the United Nations. Pitner and four others are convicted on weapons charges, while conspiracy charges against all eight end in a mistrial. Pitner is later retried on that charge, convicted and sentenced to four years in prison. He is released in 2001.

The Second Wave: Return of the Militias
Southern Poverty Law Center Special Report

American Terror
July 28, 2010

July 28, 1995 Austin, Texas 

Antigovernment extremist Charles Ray Polk is arrested after trying to purchase a machine gun from an undercover police officer, and is later indicted by federal grand jury for plotting to blow up the Internal Revenue Service building in Austin, Texas. At the time of his arrest, Polk is trying to purchase plastic explosives to add to the already huge arsenal he’s amassed. Polk is sentenced to almost 21 years in federal prison.

The Second Wave: Return of the Militias
Southern Poverty Law Center Special Report

American Terror
July 27, 2010

July 27, 1996 Atlanta, Georgia 

A nail-packed bomb goes off at the Atlanta Olympics, which are seen by many extremists as part of a Satanic “New World Order,” killing one person and injuring more than 100 others. Investigators will later conclude the attack is linked to 1997-1998 bombings of an Atlanta-area abortion clinic, an Atlanta gay bar and a Birmingham, Ala., abortion facility. Suspect Eric Robert Rudolph — a reclusive North Carolina man tied to the anti-Semitic Christian Identity theology — flees into the woods of his native state after he is identified in early 1998 as a suspect in the Birmingham attack, and is only captured five years later. Eventually, he pleads guilty to all of the attacks attributed to him in exchange for life without parole.

The Second Wave: Return of the Militias
Southern Poverty Law Center Special Report

Dawkins Maps The Ridiculous, And Does The Hokey-Pokey
July 27, 2010



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American Terror
July 18, 2010

July 19, 2002 North Carolina 

Acting on a tip, federal and local law enforcement agents arrest North Carolina Klan leader Charles Robert Barefoot Jr. for his role in an alleged plot to blow up the Johnson County Sheriff ’s Office, the sheriff himself and the county jail. Officers find more than two dozen weapons in Barefoot’s home. They also find bombs and bomb components in the home of Barefoot’s son, Daniel Barefoot, who is charged that same day with the arson of a school bus and an empty barn. The elder Barefoot — who broke away from the National Knights of the KKK several months earlier to form his own harder-line group, the Nation’s Knights of the KKK — is charged with weapons violations and later sentenced to more than two years. In 2003, Barefoot’s wife and three men, including Barefoot Sr., are charged with the murder of a former Klan member. In 2007, a judge rules Barefoot Sr. mentally incompetent to stand trial for murder and commits him indefinitely to a mental hospital. Sharon Barefoot was released from prison in July 2009.

The Second Wave: Return of the Militias
Southern Poverty Law Center Special Report


A Prophetic Voice From The Grave
July 17, 2010

A few years ago John Dean, of the Watergate Deans, wrote a book called Conservatives Without Conscience, in which he sought to understand and delineate the mores of the current crop of conservatives.

In the preface he writes of a conversation he had while developing the book:

I asked [him] for his thoughts on Christian conservatives like Colson, and their increasing presence in Republican politics, and he minced no words. “Goddamn it, John,” he began, with a combination of anger, frustration, and sorrow, “the Republicans are selling their soul to win elections.” He saw trouble coming. “Mark my word,” he said, “if and when these preachers get control of the party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. The government won’t work without it. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.” He had absolutely no doubt that these people had made Washington more divisive than it had ever been, he he was concerned that their divisiveness was speaking through the country.

— November 1994, during a phone conversation with Senator Barry Goldwater

And today we have as an exemplar…

Republican Sharron Angle says her campaign to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada is "a calling" from God and that her faith is helping her endure a fiercely competitive race in which Democrats have depicted her as a conservative extremist.

"When you have God in your life … he directs your path," Angle told the Christian Broadcasting Network in an interview posted on its website Wednesday.

Asked why she entered the race, Angle said "the reason is a calling."

"When God calls you he also equips you and He doesn’t just say, ‘Well today you’re going to run against Harry Reid,’" the tea party favorite said.

In the Bible "Moses has his preparatory time. Paul had his preparatory time. Even Jesus had his preparatory time," the former legislator said, citing her years in public office as her preparation for the race.

"God knew all of this in advance," Angle added. "I don’t know what’s coming up tomorrow but I do know that He is there. He saw it and that He has provided a way of escape and a way for me to endure."

Apparently Ms. Angle has a direct line from the mouth of the Christian God, but hasn’t given up her whining, arrogant ways, as elsewhere she explains that she won’t do interviews with the mainstream media, preferring Fox News, because the MSM won’t let her fundraise during interviews and they ask her hard questions about her views. One might suppose God tells her who she can and can’t interview with. Apparently God hasn’t given her the strength of intellect or the courage or the morals and ethics to give honest answers to tough questions.

Barry G. must be turning over in his grave.


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