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Why Michele Bachmann Is Batshit Crazy (She Lives In A Cave)
July 12, 2011

Michele Bachmann is absolutely batshit crazy, the sort of crazy only a delusional religionist can be. Her view of the world is that of someone who has lived in a religious cave all her life, staring at walls, mumbling incantations, and drooling all over herself, and she can’t wait to impose her insanity on the rest of us.

You want to see real terror committed against the American people? Then put this sick fundo witch into the White House.

Read the history of Bachmann that the talking heads on the television teat haven’t got around to and likely won’t because it reveals the sickness of Christianity in America. The media is afraid of them, which is deeper evidence of just how sick this country has become as these Christian nutcases have crept up from the slime that breeds their beliefs.

And lest you think it’s just a couple of weirdoes, worth a laugh or two on The Daily Show, try this for a sample:

Titus drafted the Constitution Restoration Act, which would have deprived federal courts of jurisdiction in cases challenging a government entity’s or official’s “acknowledgment of God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government.” The bill, which did not pass, nonetheless had 9 senate co-sponsors and 50 House co-sponsors, including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Bobby Jindal, now the governor of Louisiana, Nathan Deal, now the governor of Georgia, and Mike Pence, a conservative hero who’s now running for governor of Indiana

And let’s not forget Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a bloody-minded Christian who takes his marching orders from his insane god of the Christians as he tries to send Wisconsin back into the 19th century, or maybe it was the twelfth century he had in mind. There’s a bunch of these sick creeps in public office now, including the Congressional contingent of the Tea Party, and who knows how many are scattered throughout the bureaucracy thanks that sociopath George W. Bush and his bunch of Christian spooks and loonies.

You think the Taliban are bad people? Wait ‘til you get a load of what these Christian lizard brains have in store for you and yours. Read the piece by Sarah Posner for a lesson in history and a taste of what the crazies have in store for you and your kids.


Army of God? Defenders of The Faith? Yup, The American Military On Crusade (Against Its Own)
September 8, 2010

There’s a good piece over at the Truthout website about U.S. Army soldiers forced to attend a Christian rock concert. Several who refused were locked down and punished.

Christian fundogelicalism is now part of the United States military in a major way, and non-Christian soldiers are suffering under the lash, if you will, of fundogelical military commanders who constantly and consistently violate their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution.

And they are enabled and abetted and encouraged by fundo fools in the Congress:

"General, you have thanked a lot of people today, and I just want to thank you," [Congressman J. Randy Forbes (R-Virginia)]said according to the Fort Lee Traveler. "I want to thank you because in a world where it is so easy to back away from one’s faith you have shown not only the courage to train and equip our Army to fight and defend freedom but to stand for faith across America."

Forbes was speaking to Maj Gen James E. Chambers, a born-again Christian, commander of Fort Eustis, where the incident took place and who was responsible for the incident.

These people seem to have forgotten that the military in this country does not ‘stand for faith’, that religious faith has no business as part of the military structure and is purely a private matter, and that coercing soldiers, or anyone for that matter, to attend religious services is completely anti-American, violating the very basic foundations of American Constitutional and legal structure.

Apparently the practice is relatively common in the service as a growing element of the command structure views it as their duty to enforce Christian beliefs and force those beliefs on the soldiers.

Read the article at the Truthout site and take a look at a primary fighter against this travesty of law at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

If this continues, then we can count on the day coming when a Jeebus Warrior in an Army uniform will pound on your door demanding to know what religious faith you practice. And he’ll be armed.

And remember that your taxes, in this instance $23,000, paid for the concert and for this disgusting practice of fundogelicals forcing their superstitions on soldiers.

Corrective Rape: The Best People Do It
April 8, 2010

The United States Department of State reports in today’s Globe, in an AP article, that gays in the broken and destitute nation of Zimbabwe ‘face widespread harassment’.  Homosexual acts are illegal in Zimbabwe.

Not only has Zimbabwe stepped back into medieval ignorance and brutality on just about every front imaginable, it has sunk to new depths of stupidity too.

Gay men were forced into heterosexual acts and lesbian women were raped, sometimes by male relatives, to teach them to change their ways, said Amanda Porter, political officer at the US Embassy in Harare and compiler of the report.

“Some families reportedly subjected men and women to corrective rape and forced marriages to encourage heterosexual conduct,’’ she [State Department political officer Amanda Porter in Harare] said Tuesday.

Corrective rape. Think about that for a minute. Let it work around your consciousness for a while. Corrective rape.

If someone doesn’t agree with your rules, your style of living, well, rape them. Brutalize them, and that will turn them into good little conformists, that will bring them around to your way of thinking.

Corrective rape.

But what can you expect from a country driven back into primitive times by a psychotic dictator who is no better than a common thug informed by witch doctors?


One could argue that the best people, the best governments, do the same thing. The United States did it in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Iraq didn’t fit into George W. Bush and his bunch of neocon witch doctors’ world view, so that country had to be correctively raped. Of course, the gays in Zimbabwe are real gays, and the stuff Bush used to justify raping Iraq had to be made up, but rape is rape. Iraq now stands corrected. If we listen hard we can hear explosions of joy almost every day now in Iraq.

And Afghanistan continues to receive its therapy of corrective rape, begun under Bush and continuing under Obama, who is apparently under the spell of Democratic witch doctors. The Taliban, who never attacked the United States, and who are out of power, or would be if the United States wasn’t supporting a corrupt and apparently addled fellow who may or may not be in control of Kabul, the Taliban are the current recipients of corrective rape as applied by Obama and the United States government and the United States military.

The Taliban are not, of course, the nicest people, and they disagree with the United States and do not want to follow the dictates of the United States. So they should be raped. Correctively. By bombs. By rockets fired from anonymous drones. By American soldiers eager to prove their own ignorance and brutality by killing as many women and children as possible, knowing that the military brass will brush off such murder as ‘collateral damage’. The difference between ‘collateral damage’ and corrective rape? None if you’re the one taking the damage, the one getting raped.

So, the difference between the putatively most technologically advanced nation on earth and one of the most backward nations on earth? None, really.

And Obama and his political shamans brought that home with even more force with the recent revelation that he had ordered the killing of an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, a loudmouth jihadi born in New Mexico, operating overseas, linked to the Fort Hood killings and the Christmas airline bomb plot.  Like it or not, the man is an American citizen, entitled to the protections of the Constitution and laws. That means dragging him into court and proving the case against him and then sentencing him to death if warranted. Like it or not, the United States claims to be a nation of laws. There is no middle ground. You cannot be a nation of laws sometimes, and not at other times when it may be inconvenient or may not suit the particular neurosis of the crew in power.

If an American President can order the murder of this American citizen, then he, or the next one, or the one after that, can order the killing of any American who disagrees with the crew in power. There is no middle ground.

And given the actions of the United States government under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, it has become apparent that the United States is no longer a nation of laws, but has become a nation that justifies the application of corrective rape not only to nations that disagree with it, but to its own citizens.

The virulent right will cheer the application of corrective rape, whether in the United States or overseas. The left will cluck-cluck powerlessly. The middle will continue on in ignorance, letting it happen while they worry about bills and jobs and school bullying, not understanding the significance of the matter because for the most part they understand nothing about the republic in which they live. The ironic thing is that all of them, no matter their persuasion, can now be considered suitable, by some crew in power, for corrective rape.

Not quite what the Founders had in mind, though they were well aware of the difficulty. As Ben Franklin said, “[We’ve given you] a Republic, if you can keep it.” Apparently, the Republic has been correctively raped by its people and its government. Old Ben must be rolling about in his grave with both hands over his ass.

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Silencing The Bells of St. Phoenix
July 19, 2009

Aw, those poor Christians in Phoenix, Arizona. Once more they’re being persecuted and discriminated against by the bad, bad anti-religious left-wing commie evil antichristers.

All those poor Christians wanted to do in the quiet neighborhood in which they built their new church was ring their bells every half hour.

The complaints soon began, so church leaders cut back the tolling to once per hour. They put up Styrofoam to muffle the sound. But they didn’t see how they could stop tolling the bells. “We ring our bells as a part of our worship, just like singing, praying, and preaching the Word of God,’’ they wrote in a statement.

The city had to take them to court on criminal charges to get them to stop. Their ‘Bishop’ was convicted of disturbing the peace.  The Alliance Defense Fund, described as a ‘religious liberties legal group’ said this case was the first they knew of which used criminal law to shut up people who disturbed the peace.  Actually they said ‘to keep a church quiet’, conveniently ignoring the fact that those people were people disturbing the peace.

“It’s frankly a little bit astonishing,’’ said ADF attorney Gary S. McCaleb, contending the case violates the church’s First Amendment freedom to practice its religion. “It’s very clearly an expression and outworking of their faith.’’

But so was the Inquisition and the burning of witches, Gary. So were pogroms against Jews. So is the murderous nonsense of the little old farts in the Vatican. And the vicious blitherings of fundogelicals like Falwell and Robertson.

Very soon now America will no doubt hear from the foaming fundogelicals how this incident demonstrates how horribly Christians are treated, how seriously they are persecuted, how hateful and bigoted are their persecutors.

If the Christians need to feel like victims in order to validate their religion, then The Lion suggests that society, from the goodness of its heart, from its profound desire to support these poor disadvantaged souls, oblige them. Send in the lions. Lots of lions. Young, healthy, hungry lions. It’s the least we can do.

Are We Talking About The Embryonic American Schutzstaffel Or Sturmabteilung Or Stasi?
May 16, 2008


image image image


Remember that name. 

They’re your neighbors and business associates. They’re taking names.

When martial law is declared, which is how the FBI, which sponsors these budding fascisti, puts it – ‘when’, not ‘if’ – these people can get away with killing you. In the meantime they’re just spying on you, taking names, making notes, rebirthing Joe McCarthy, living the fantasy of being members of a privileged, secretive quasi paramilitary organization, with privileged access, that you don’t have, to government officials and data.

They are Americans spying on Americans for the government, working in the type of organization that can, and has, quickly morphed into the worst that people can have in the midst of society.

Read about them here in The Progressive.

Did You See The News Today, Oh Boy…
November 23, 2007

Did ya? Did ya see what the television news channels are leading with today?

Herds of humans thundering into shopping zones.

All that’s missing are the moos and baaaas.

And meanwhile the corporatocracy is making sure the Feds know exactly where you are and what you’re doing, and the judges are allowing it. No warrants, no probable cause required. All that’s required is a cellphone. You own one, they’ve got you.

Welcome to the fascist slaughterhouse that used to be America.

Brought to you by the Sociopath Twins, Bush and Cheney, and sponsored by the Congress of the Pathetic. 

Listen, do you hear that, just around the corner, that wailing sound?

That’s the Constitution and the Bill of Rights dying under the trampling feet of the shopping hordes who haven’t got a fucking clue.

Church Rebel Rears Head, Slays Potter, Strokes Self As Defender Of Children
October 25, 2007

St. Joseph’s School in Wakefield, Massachusetts, under the enlightened and brilliant leadership of Reverend Ron Barker, has, as an expression of its zeal to protect children from harmful influences, banned the Harry Potter novels from the school. The story appears in today’s Globe under the byline of Tania deLuzuriaga. (One could easily suspect that with a name like that, Ms. deLuzuriaga stepped right out of a Potter novel. On the side of good wizardry, of course.)

“He said that he thought most children were strong enough to resist the temptation,” said one mother who asked that her name not be used because she did not want her family to be singled out. “But he said it’s his job to protect the weak and the strong.”

Apparently the Potter novels were very popular among the St. Josephian students, who are, according to the school’s website, voracious readers.

“The sixth grade reads an average of 7.5 books each with many students in double digits,” says a note on the class page. “Of course, Harry Potter was a popular choice.”

But last month, students found that their favorite series had “disapparated” from the school library, after St. Joseph’s pastor, the Rev. Ron Barker, removed the books, declaring that the themes of witchcraft and sorcery were inappropriate for a Catholic school.

Apparently Rev. Barker’s education failed to inform him that a novel is a work of fiction, not of fact, and that magic, witchcraft, and sorcery are mere fantasies, aside from stage illusions a la Copperfield and the delusions of humans who believe curses and spells actually affect the real world. Apparently we must include Barker among the latter, since he seems terrified of even a fictional representation of such things.

He might also be shocked, shocked to learn that the theme of the Potter novels is not witchcraft and sorcery, which provide merely the settings, the ambience, the milieu in which themes about the struggles of adolescence and coming of age occur.

A theme of a fictional work would be more along the lines of “Celibacy warps the minds of young men, turning them into child molesters,” or “Catholic dogma creates more misery and suffering than any other single institution in the history of the world.” How about “Banning books leads to fascism” as a theme, Reverend? Now those are themes!

Apparently Barker refused an interview with the Globe, perhaps lacking the courage to submit to what he might well consider, given the history of the Church, an inquisitorial event. Can he perhaps hear the creaking of the rack, the breaking of bones, the screams of the innocent? Does he tell his charges at St. Joseph’s about the Catholic Inquisition’s use of magical thinking to justify the torture and slaughter of innocent people, real people? Doubtful, doubtful.

Of course Barker is not alone in his moronism.

Groups in at least 17 other states have tried to ban the books since the first one was published in 1998, prompting [the American Library Association] last year to name the Harry Potter collection “the most challenged books of the 21st century.”

One might hazard that not all challenges emanated from the Catholic empire of delusion, particularly in light of the fact that the Church has ‘no formal policy on the books’. (Does that make Barker a rebel without the church? A rebel with a silly cause?)

One might suspect that delusional Protestant fundamentalists are more prone to this sort of failure of reason and critical thought. They appear to be less in touch with reality than their Catholic brethren. After all, they believe everything in the Bible is quite literally true, and half the stuff in that book would scare the bejesus out of Harry Potter and his friends, while the other half would set them to uncontrollable giggling and loud belly-laughing.

And one might forgive The Lion for sensing that there is a theme in all this book banning and bashing. Something to do with religion and irrationality, perhaps. Or religion and tyranny, perhaps. Oh, well, given time, The Lion will figure it out. Without the use of supernatural help, of course.


Supreme Court: Cowards Shafting Citizens
June 26, 2007

The Bush-appointed Conservative Supreme Court demonstrated once again that it has no clue as to the meaning of the words “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Five of the Nine Lords of Wisdom and Intellect stopped a lawsuit, by taxpayers, against the Faith-Based Psychopath’s faith-based initiative that has funneled 1.7 billion dollars to 159 religious groups, who have virtually no accountability for how they use the money.

The reason given by the bright lights of the Conservative majority on the court: taxpayers have no standing to sue.

According to the Globe today:

Writing for the majority, Alito said the federal budget is so big “it is a complete fiction to argue that an unconstitutional federal expenditure causes an individual federal taxpayer any measurable economic harm. And if every federal taxpayer could sue to challenge any government expenditure, the federal courts would cease to function as courts of law and would be cast in the role of general complaint bureaus.

Let’s see now. The feds are giving money to religious groups. Taxpayer money. Your money. Your taxes. Despite the First Amendment. Despite the express separation of church and state. You have absolutely no recourse. And before the religious troglodytes get on their high horse about my comments, perhaps they should consider how it would look to them if the government was funding atheist groups and agnostic groups, and slighting religious organizations.

And there’s yet more weaseling from Alito:

Alito noted that the Supreme Court had previously made an exception under which taxpayers could sue if Congress appropriates funds in a way that violates the separation of church and state. But in this case, Alito wrote, the faith-based initiative funds were “paid for out of general Executive Branch appropriations” and therefore were not directly funded by Congress.

No, you bloody-minded twit, they were funded by taxpayers! Who now have no recourse in law or the courts because Alito et al think it’s a good thing to drag the country back into the Dark Ages when Conservatives ruled like the oligarchical barbarians they aspire to be.

I call these men cowards because rather than address the central issue of the separation of church and state, they simply gutted the taxpayer’s rights, allowing the Little Psychopath’s programs to continue unimpeded by reason, by law, by accountabilty, by sanity. Destroying the rights and liberties of the citizenry is exactly where the right-wing radicals and extremists of the Bush era intend to keep going.

The direction is fascism. Men like these are plunging us into it. And most Americans don’t care, or don’t see it because they don’t want to see it, or don’t see it because they want to be safe and secure in their little adult cribs.

There’s no security without freedom, and the Lords of the Court and their masters in the White House are determined that we shall have neither. They will take our freedom in the name of security and then they will invade our homes and arrest us in our beds for daring to speak against them.

Come home, America. The danger you fear lies in the very heart of the country.