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Republican Ayatollah (Senator Mitch McConnell) Sabotages Fair Elections In America
June 30, 2009

The High Poobahs of the Republican Party, continuing their unceasing efforts to undermine and destroy democracy in America, have deliberately and effectively crippled the Federal Elections Commission as part of their ongoing plan to sabotage effective government.

Chief Penis Waver Senator Mitch McConnell is the sleazebag behind this particular effort. TPM has the details.

These guys have no moral authority to complain about elections in Iran when they are so determined to undermine and cripple free and fair elections in this country.

Michael Jackson And The News: Put A Sock In It!
June 28, 2009

How much longer must the country be subjected to the crocodile tears and endless repetitions of trivia and nonsense from Jackson’s life by news entertainers?

Subjecting the nation to endless hours of Jacksonian drivel, day after day, is nothing more than pandering to ratings and sucking up to the one percent of people who worship him.

This sort of thing is why news ‘personalities’ should be laughed at and mocked in public, this is why the ‘news’ can no longer be trusted to deliver timely and accurate information on anything that matters. Their priorities are their hair and their ratings.

Televised news has all the authenticity of a television reality show. Both are a case of idiots speaking to idiots. Jackson is just the latest case of the media betraying the real needs of the real world.

The little freak is dead. His music lives on. Stick him in the ground and move on.

Maybe It’s Time To Do Unto Iran…
June 28, 2009

Now that the mullah leadership of Iran has revealed its psychotic soul to the world and reveled in the blood of innocents, perhaps it’s time for the United States to rethink its options.

The Lion sees a couple of possibilities.

Given that the mullahship is now likely to feel even more paranoid about the Satans of the West, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that they might actually change their tune and go full-bore after nuclear weapons. And for the same reason they might well consider using them, albeit covertly through hidden channels.

So maybe it might not be a bad idea now to bomb their nuclear facilities. And maybe nail a few top mullahs at the same time.

That said, The Lion notes that it would be a bad idea to include Israel in any such action. They should be clearly kept out of it. Using one rabid dog to attack another rabid dog is not a good idea in any case. Pretty soon all the dogs in the neighborhood would be infected.

Another possibility for turning out the mullahs would be to covertly arm the populace. Smuggle in small arms. Put them in the hands of people who are willing to go into the streets and fight the Islamothug basij and police and military.

If they want freedom they’re going to have to fight for it. They say they’re willing. They’re also outgunned. The United States, of course, is in no position to make changes in Iran. Leading people to freedom at the point of a gun doesn’t work well: the costs are huge in lives and money, the results are wildly uncertain at best, and the wounds take generations to heal, if ever. The only liberty that lasts and that works is the liberty a people gain for themselves.

All that said, neither course of action suggested here is likely to be wise (The Lion is not noted for wisdom). The results of the first action would likely be another World Trade Center action in due time, followed by another act of revenge by the United States, followed by…

The second course, arming the dissidents, can have no foreseeable outcome. It might turn out well, it might simply lead to chaos and the birth of an even more psychotic theocracy. The quandary is elemental though. Removing the theological nutcases that run the country would be a plus, locally and globally, but the only people who can do it, absent popping a cruise missile into a meeting of the chief mullahs, are the Iranians, and it is ludicrous to think they can do it with their bare hands against the highly organized, armed, and vicious thugs employed by the government.

The Lion has come to think that talking to the current Iranian leadership is like talking to a Christian fundogelical about evolution: there is no point to it, they are not competent reasoners, no fact will sway them from ignorance. Perhaps the best thing to do is to do nothing. The leadership are neither rational nor sane and we might be best off simply waiting for the government to collapse under the weight of its own psychosis. Of course, it might not hurt to give a little nudge here and there.

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Michael Jackson Dead. Farrah Fawcett Dead. News Media Self-Destruct Again.
June 26, 2009

Okay, nobody remembers that Farrah Fawcett died yesterday about an hour before Jackson kicked off. Apparently the news media have also forgotten she died, even though they were in the midst of trying to suck ratings from her death.

Now, of course, they’ll try to suck bigger ratings from Jackson’s death. They’ll treat us to days and days of 24/7 Jacksonia to be followed by extensive ongoing coverage of the vultures who will assuredly crawl out to feed on his corpse. It is possible, though, that since the guy who turned crotch-grabbing into high art owed $400,000,000, that we’ll be spared the Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome: the Jackson vultures might not want to put themselves at risk of having to assume some of that debt.

The psychotic Iranian mullahs are probably laughing their rag hats off in relief. They know the news media will be focusing on the death of the whiny, seriously neurotic entertainer instead of on their brutal, death-dealing attacks on their own people.

The Republicans in America are no doubt gleeful that the news shows won’t be paying attention to them as they sabotage any meaningful reform on health care, on energy use, on the financial crisis. And of course we won’t be hearing about Governor Sanford waving his penis in Argentina.

The Lion would venture a guess that there are two hundred ninety nine million people in the United States who don’t give a damn about Jackson, but who will be subjected to the suppression of legitimate news and information by the established news media as they seek ratings and as they polish their egos and careers on Jackson’s corpse.

No wonder the country’s in such a mess.

Another Godly Republican Cheats On His Wife, Weeps In Public, Begs Forgiveness, Models Hypocrisy For Children
June 24, 2009

Governor Mark Sanford of South California misled his staff, abandoned his post, ran off to Argentina to be with his lover, and then came back and held, just now, the obligatory God-quoting, weepy press conference claiming how sorry he was about all of it while spouting dime-store philosophy about life.

Is it obligatory for Republicans to cheat on their wives and subject the public to the pathetic spectacle of saying how sorry they are?

And why do they cling to their public office after demonstrating just how unfit for it they are? This guy not only cheated on his wife, he misled his staff as to his whereabouts, he left them no way to get in touch with him, he abandoned his duties as Governor of South Carolina.

And The Lion wishes they’d not bring God into it when they whine about their failings. God didn’t run off to Argentina to screw a broad. God didn’t push John Ensign between the legs of his employee. But it’s always God this, God that, with these guys.

They’re hypocrites and liars. And if they lie and cheat on their families you can bet that they can’t be trusted in public office.

Charles F. Bass, Deluded Republican Whiner, Indulges False Memories Of Republican Greatness
June 23, 2009

Charles F. Bass, identified in today’s Globe as a ‘former US representative from New Hampshire’, writes a long, pathetic whine, crawling with lies and distortions, about the greatness of the Republican Party and its need to recover its former glory.

Here’s some of it, with snarls provided by The Lion:

Why has the Republican Party let the Democrats cast us as the party that caters to the rich and the elite? Wasn’t it a Republican president who freed millions of Americans from the bondage of slavery?

First, note the plaint of victimization. Note the whine of ‘The Democrats did this to us. It’s all their fault.’ That’s typical Republicanism. No matter what they do, no matter who they hurt, no matter the destruction their policies wreak in the country and the world, it’s not their fault.

And isn’t it about time this bunch of hypocrites, this crew of immoral and unethical loudmouths stopped pretending they had anything to do with what Lincoln did a hundred and fifty years ago. Convenient of Mr. Bass to forget the horrors visited on Blacks for the next hundred years by racist, segregationist Americans. It wasn’t a Republican who brought about the Civil Rights legislation of the Sixties, but it was Republicans who fought desperately against it. And convenient also for Mr. Bass to forget Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy, which was nothing but blatant racism, served up with regard only for the votes it could garner from white bigots. Perhaps Mr. Bass conveniently forgot Ronald Reagan opening his 1980 campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, with a coded speech on ‘states rights’ to the people who just loved their Klan so much when their Klan murdered three civil rights workers named Schwerner, Chaney, and Goodman and buried them in an earth dam.

Lincoln would spit in the faces of modern Republicans, including Mr. Bass.

Why has the Republican Party let the Democrats cast us as the party that opposes a clean environment? Wasn’t it a Republican president who created the first national park in America, the National Park Service, and the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire? Wasn’t it a Republican president who created the Environmental Protection Agency, authored the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Hazardous Waste Act?

To answer Mr. Bass’s first question, Republicans spent the last eight years doing everything they could to increase the amount of filth corporations friendly to the Republican Party were allowed to pour into the environment. Mr. Bass prefers to look to the distant past rather than to the present, in which his party has done everything it could to foul the earth, the air, the rivers, and the seas.

Mr. Bass and others will no doubt say that the policies of the Bush administration were an aberration. Mr. Bass will no doubt forget that the Republicans lined up in perfect solidarity with Bush’s destructive policies of greed and destruction. In that, Mr. Bass is a true Republican.

Why has the Republican Party let the Democrats cast us as the party of big oil, gas, and coal? Wasn’t it a Republican president who broke up the huge oil trusts in America? Wasn’t it a Republican president who first called for energy independence through the development of alternative energy resources?

The Republicans are the party of fossil fuels because the fossil fuel corporations owned the Republican party. And as for ‘alternative energy resources’, that is nothing more than Republican-speak for tearing up every available inch of American soil for more oil and more gas instead of buying it overseas. To sane people ‘alternative energy resources’ means wind, solar, geothermal, and so on, sources that will, one hopes, avert a catastrophic climate change that will wipe civilization from the face of the planet. Republicans never met an oilman’s dollar they didn’t want to pocket.

And let’s not forget that it was a Republican president who rejected the only significant climate plan, the Kyoto Protocol, that had a chance of at least starting international cooperation on the matter. The same President, cheered and enabled by the Republican Party and Congressional Republicans, fought tooth and nail against every climate initiative for eight lost years.

Why has the Republican Party allowed Democrats to portray us as the party of war? Have we forgotten that Republican presidents ended the Vietnam War, broke the back of communism without firing a single shot, and successfully liberated Kuwait from Iraq in only 19 days?

Republicans are the party of war, the party of chaos, the party of destruction and death. They’ve earned the title ‘Party of War’.

A Republican president invaded Cambodia and turned that country into a genocidal slaughterhouse. A Republican president dragged the Vietnam war on in order to keep his party in power. It wasn’t a Republican president that ended the war: it was a Republican president who was in office when the Vietnamese ran the United States out of their country.

As for Kuwait, let’s not forget it was a Republican president who used a false story about babies being dumped from incubators to gin up support for that war. It was a Republican president who told the Shi’ites in Southern Iraq to revolt against Saddam Hussein and then stood by while Hussein slaughtered them by the tens of thousands.

And as for the great myth of Ronald Reagan bringing down communism single-handedly, that is one of the greatest loads of crap ever foisted on the American public. In fact, Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest loads of crap ever foisted on the American citizenry. The claim that he ended communism, a claim that lives in the mind and mouth of every Republican, completely belies and demeans the efforts of Americans for the previous fifty years, and denigrates the real work that was done by Russians, fully at risk of life and liberty, to change their system of government from the inside.

Ronald Reagan was a virtually senile old man from Day One. He was driven by ideology at the expense of reason, fact, and evidence – an all too common Republican affliction, brought to its height, or depths, by George W. Bush. Anyone who criticizes school lunch programs by saying ketchup is a vegetable, as Reagan did, demonstrates a pathology all too common among Republicans, one that fervently believes dollars are far more important than people, and that seeks to enact that belief into law.

So yes, Mr. Bass, the Republicans are the party of war. It was Republicans who brought us Iraq, again, and again based on lies, on falsehoods of the basest sort, canards dealt to the public for the sole purpose of satisfying the bloodthirsty egos of Republicans in the White House and in Congress. Republicans are considered the party of war because they have earned the designation.

And they earned it by beating up on weak countries with weak armies. Republican presidents invaded Grenada, invaded Panama, invaded Iraq. Yeah, big bad macho Republican presidents invading pathetically weak little countries and crowing about it. Undoubtedly Mr. Bass is as proud of that as he would be if Republicans had actually fought and won a war with an enemy of equal power to ours. But Republicans don’t fight those kinds of wars.

In fact, they don’t really want to fight at all. Their last President and his Vice-President refused to fight in Vietnam. In fact their last President, after landing a cushy stateside berth in the Air Guard and noting on his enlistment form that he did not want to serve in the war zone, abandoned his post so he could do some politicking. And the other guy simply refused outright. He had ‘other priorities’.

And there’s the little matter of comparing Congressional Republicans to Democrats on the matter of military service. Republicans didn’t. Democrats did. And it’s Republicans who don’t give a damn about sending American children off to war to do the killing and dying that Republicans use to keep themselves in power.

You’ve earned the ‘Party of War’ label, Mr. Bass, you’ve earned it, and it’s a label written in the blood of innocents you sent to die, of innocents you and yours slaughtered from the comfort and safety of your plush Congressional and White House offices.

And why has the Republican Party become the defender of a healthcare system no one likes? Why can’t we be the party that responds to the Democrats’ determination to federalize healthcare by offering our own proposals that make healthcare more competitive, more affordable, and more efficient?

Because, as with the fossil fuels industry, the healthcare business owns you. It was a Republican president who pushed through a budget-busting Medicare drug program and who insisted that it not have the power to bargain for lower prices from the pharmaceutical industry, the same industry that wrote the bill.

Republicans can’t offer a better healthcare plan because they don’t want a rational plan that provides good healthcare for all Americans. Republicans can’t offer a better healthcare plan because Republicans are dedicated to seeing that the private insurance companies continue to reap obscene profits off the suffering, pain, and misery of sick Americans. Republicans can’t offer a better healthcare plan because they don’t want to, because their ideology insists that it is more dignified for a sick person to die in the street in front of a hospital than for the government to help that person: after all, helping him might weaken his moral fiber.

The column goes on and on with more drivel and lies and distortions. Mr. Bass isn’t interested in reality, and neither are his fellow Republicans. They have nothing to offer America, not anymore, and haven’t had for a long time. They said nothing but ‘Yes’ to George W. Bush’s destructive, sickening policies, and they say nothing but ‘No’ to Barack Obama as he tries to fix the horrific damage done by Bush and the Republicans who followed him in jackbooted lockstep.

Mr. Bass closes his column with the statement, “If we do all of this, we will return to our rightful place as the party that has earned the trust, admiration, and faith of the American people.”

Abraham Lincoln would spit in their faces, and Teddy Roosevelt would probably shoot the sleazy bastards.

Quickies… Iran, Healthcare, Bipartisanship
June 21, 2009


Iran is simple.

The government is a collection of corrupt thugs foisting the worst, medieval parts of a religion on the people as a governing principle. The Supreme Leader is violent, brutal, corrupt. He does not respect intellect, he does not respect liberty, he does not even respect his own religion and laws.

If the Iranian people really want to be free, to live under a rational and respectful government, they have to hit the streets by the hundreds of thousands, by the millions.

They have to fight the militias, they have to fight the government troops, they have to die in as many numbers as it takes to rid themselves of the priests.

Putting a priest, of any religion, in charge of any governing system guarantees tyranny, brutality, and the triumph of oligarchic or dictatorial power over reason and liberty.

Iran is simple. Fight to the death or live on your knees for the rest of your life.


The Republicans in the United States have two things to say about health care run by the government.

They say it denies choice to consumers.

They say people don’t want a government bureaucrat between them and their doctors.

They are, as usual, badly misinformed and full of crap.

A single payer national system lets you go to any doctor in the country. The only choice people have now is to wade through a welter of confusing insurance plans which limit ‘consumers’ to doctors approved by an insurance company.

As for bureaucrats, as the current system stands, insurance bureaucrats whose primary mission is to generate profits for their company make the decisions about what care a ‘consumer’ gets. They say ‘No’ based on profit. The care you need to live is far less important to them than the money the company makes. Government bureaucrats don’t have that conflict.

And by calling people who need healthcare ‘consumers’ the Republicans give full voice to their pro-money, anti-people philosophy.


Bipartisanship is crap. The Republicans don’t want it, and they don’t have anything useful to offer anyway.

The sooner the Democrats and Obama realize the Republicans are as useful as an appendix and as smart as a garden slug (apologies to the slugs) the sooner they could get on with marginalizing the clowns more than the clowns have already marginalized themselves.

The Republicans are the ones who have declared war on the laws, on the Constitution, and on the people of the United States, not the Democrats. The Democrats should treat the Republicans like the scummy betrayers and criminals they are.

Obama may be a decent man and a smart man and a sincere man, but if he doesn’t kick the Republicans in the nuts hard and often, they’ll destroy any hope of bringing this country into a rational and decent place in this century.

He could make a good start by disavowing Bush policies of secrecy, and by opening government criminal investigations into the criminal behavior of Bush, Cheney and their cronies.

He could improve on that by slamming every Republican who opens his mouth to spit out a lie or distortion, and doing it immediately, openly, and loudly.

The Republicans are liars, backstabbers, and hypocrites. They are interested only in power for themselves. They are incompetent at governance. They are a blight on the country, on the people, on democracy itself. They should be treated accordingly.

North Korea Not So Crazy After All?
June 20, 2009

Michael Parenti has a different take on North Korea over at Common Dreams.

From the conclusion:

After years of encirclement and repeated rebuffs from Washington, years of threat, isolation, and demonization, the Pyongyang leaders are convinced that the best way to resist superpower attack and domination is by developing a nuclear arsenal. It does not really sound so crazy. As already mentioned, the United States does not invade countries that are armed with long-range nuclear missiles (at least not thus far).   

Having been pushed to the brink for so long, the North Koreans are now taking a gamble, upping the ante, pursuing an arguably "sane" deterrence policy in the otherwise insane world configured by an overweening and voracious empire.  

Worth reading.

Bush Breaks Silence, Proves He Is Still An Idiot
June 18, 2009

The scuzzball just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and fade away into history as the worst piece of mental trash ever to inhabit the Oval Office. After eight years of this arrogant fool, after all the damage he and his cronies and fellow criminals did, he just couldn’t go away gracefully.

No, not George W. Bush. He’s back, inflicting his damaged brain on the country once more. And telling the same damned lies and fairy tales. Can someone please send this clown away for electroschlock therapy?

He’s worse than a damned whack-a-mole. He’s more akin to slime mold; nothing kills slime mold. It’s frigging forever.

Grumpy Lion Takes Credit For Ortiz and Iranian Twitterness
June 18, 2009

The Lion can now claim credit for a couple of major positive changes in the world.

Recently The Lion viciously and vilely attacked David Ortiz of the Red Sox for taking a thirteen million dollar annual salary and utterly failing to do his job.

Almost immediately thereafter Mr. Ortiz started hitting the baseball again. In real games. Obviously The Lion’s penetrating and incisive remarks were responsible for Mr. Ortiz’s resurgence.

Also recently The Lion characterized 99.9 percent of Twitter matter as useless Twittershit. Almost immediately thereafter Iran erupted in protest and upheaval and the Iranian government clamped down on virtually all news and imagery. Twitter provided one of the few means of getting news out to the world. Bravo Twitter!

Obviously The Lion’s powerful criticism prompted a turnaround in Twitterdom, persuading it to demonstrate some semblance of usefulness in the world. The percentage of useless Twittermatter is now down to about 99.5 percent, but The Lion is certain it will rise back to its previous unchallenged height once the Iranians have settled their political business.

In view of these two stunning developments, The Lion awards himself the Ego of the Month Award, with Double Snarls and a Silver Claw.

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

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