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America’s New Jews. Republicans Want To Ride Hatred Into The Oval Office. Again.
November 30, 2007

The Republicans, as anyone with three brain cells can see, go out of their way to demonize minorities of color, publicly, to garner the votes of the ignorant, the skinheads, the klanners, the faux Nazis, and the rest of the pathetic haters bubbling beneath the surface of America. One might note that the skinhead et alia vote isn’t all that big. But if you scratch the vast majority of right-wing Republicans you’ll find your basic klan hood and gown. Don’t let the manicured lawns and gated communities fool you like it’s fooled them into thinking they’re decent people. The Republican base is peering out from behind the curtains, looking for unwhite, unchristian, unamericans who dare walk Republican streets.

The Republican Southern Strategy, playing on white race hatred that resented Lyndon Johnson’s civil rights initiatives, is no secret, and it worked well to grease them into office and keep them there while everyone pretended they weren’t engaging in foul racist politics. Every once in a while their cover would slip, as it did when Trent Lott spoke at that now infamous birthday party. Yes, he paid a minor price, but nothing changed.

Now the Republicans are beating the same drum of bigotry and hatred, though they’ll couch it in the usual terms of ‘securing our borders’ and ‘protecting our economy and workers’. But the beat is the same. Them versus us. They’re less than human. They’re a disease in America. Yada yada yada. Same old crap.

And their junkyard pundits on the radio, less constrained than Republican politicians like Romney and Tancredo and the others, take up the cry in full throat, baying at the moon of insane racism and hatred, encouraged by the words of the Republican leadership.

And the result? Here’s a list for your perusal.

How long before Republicans open the camps and bring further disgrace and shame on this country? Do you really want to know? Just vote them in next year. It won’t take all that long. They’ve already put us on the road. It used to be the Jews, but it’s too hard to attack them now. They learned how to defend themselves. Wanna bet the Jew baiters of today don’t know crap about the Jewish partisans in World War II? Now it’s the poor from anywhere, but mostly Latinos, who bear the brunt of race hatred.

As you read down the list of beatings and rapes and murders of Latinos, you might ask yourself how many of those who beat and raped and murdered those Latinos would or could do the hard work most Latinos in this country do, whether here illegally or legally. Go out in the fields where your vegetables are being picked in backbreaking labor and you won’t find any skinheads or klanners or Nazis or white Republican suburbanites or any of the other morons and dittoheads who are spreading the hatred. You won’t find them working twelve hours a day doing landscaping at Mitt Romney’s mansion, or anywhere else. You won’t find them on roofing crews, or building houses, or doing manual labor, day after day, month after month, year after year. Latinos do a goodly part of the work that keeps this country together economically.

And Republicans are doing the best they can to ride the sweat and blood of those people into power, no matter how many they have to get beaten and killed. It’s the way people like that have always done business. Find out who has no voice, no power, no recourse, and blame them for all the problems. Turn your supporters against them. Ride the wave of hate into power.

That was the way in Rwanda. That’s the way in Darfur. That’s the way it was in Nazi Germany and in Stalin’s Russia. It’s an old way, much revered in this world by those hungry for power, by those who care nothing for people, but instead care only for their arrogant egos, for domination over others, for pillage and rape and loot.

And now, pathetically, sadly, and all too predictably, it’s becoming the way in America.

Mitt Romney’s Secret Out. Devastating Blow To Political Aspirations. Campaign In Disarray.
November 30, 2007



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Giuliani Dodges And Weaves. Press Fails To Ask The Question.
November 30, 2007

The Lion rises from his sickbed in wonderment at the latest Giuliani flap and the clever way the press fails to ask Mr. G the pertinent question.

What we have so far is that while Mr. G was mayor, and while he was married to Donna Hanover and living with her, he had several extramarital trysts with Judith Nathan, whom he ultimately married after dumping Hanover. None of that is in question.

Lately, thanks to some digging by the people at Politico, we know that the money that paid for the NYPD security details and the drivers and whatever other expenses Mr. G’s tryst trips to the Hamptons incurred were fobbed off on obscure city agencies few people ever heard of. Details are in the Globe today.

Mr. G claims such fobbing was common practice and perfectly normal and legal, despite the fact that it apparently wasn’t done before and hasn’t been done since and apparently was only done to cover his sweaty liaisons with Ms. Nathan.

The press, in its infinite wisdom has focused on the fobbing of funds, but in its usual failure to get to the core of the matter in its usual attempt to avoid offending the politically powerful, has failed to ask the key question.

The Lion asks why no one has stood up in one of Mr. G’s press conferences, or debates and asked “Mr. Giuliani, while you were engaged in adultery with Ms. Nathan, did you ever consider it unethical, or even possibly illegal, to be charging taxpayers for the costs of your trips to tryst with her? Did you ever consider repaying the taxpayers of New York? And why not? And did you actually consider it a prerogative of the Office of the Mayor of New York City that the taxpayers should pay for the mayor’s adulterous affair? “

That’s the real matter. The Mayor got his rocks off in an adulterous affair, which is not abnormal for the clowns in politics. But he did it at taxpayer expense. To The Lion that sounds like adultery compounded by theft and corruption, and considerably more than a little arrogance, something with which Mr. G is intimately familiar.

Lack Of Sex And The Single Flu – The Lion Is Done In
November 28, 2007

The Lion, after many years of freedom from colds and flu, though not from other infirmities, including, according to some less-than-perceptive denizens of the cyberworld, mental difficulties, has at long last discovered why the single life is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Alone, dismal, and dripping in his rooms, no relief in sight, no kind hand cooling his fevered (101 degrees) brow, The Lion suffers the torments of the flued. Apparently a brilliant brain and a forgiving heart… okay, that last bit is pushing into unknown territory… are not proof against the virus.

So, in lieu of a friendly hand and comforting body, The Lion seeks solace in a chorus of ‘Awww, poor baby,’ or some similar comforting phrase that will give The Lion pause as he contemplates swallowing a lethal dose of Nyquil.

All together now…

Well, maybe one of those ladies of easy virtue from the strip joint down Cape… Chicken soup and a warm stripper – what more could a degrowled Lion ask for? (One supposes that one will hear from the feminist bunch or the strippers’ union. Consider that The Lion is actually quite respectful of the young women in that trade, but, enfeebled and undone by a virus, he seeks to inject some humor into his situation. And if you don’t like it, tough.) (Now that’s the old Lion!)

Omigod where’s the frigging Nyquil?

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Robert Gates, Secretary Of Defense, Wants To Expand Government, Kill Civilians, Expand Empire, Kill More People. You Go, Bobby!
November 27, 2007

Well, well, well, aren’t those heady claims. But The Lion intends to back them up, using a story in today’s Globe by Robert Burns of the Associated Press. Gates, George Bush’s latest military suckup, gave a speech yesterday at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

Expand government:

Gates called for the creation of new government organizations, including a permanent group of civilians with a wide range of expertise who could be sent abroad on short notice as a supplement to US military efforts. And he urged more involvement by universities and other private organizations.

Of course by sending the civilians abroad, rather obviously into military conflicts, he guarantees that some number of them will be killed, probably a goodly number if they actually do their job instead of hiding out in a Green Zone like the useless party loyalists and ideologues are doing in Baghdad.

Expand the American empire and kill more people:

“We must also focus our energies on the other elements of national power that will be so crucial in the coming years.”

He said the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as US military involvement in the 1990s in the Balkans and in Somalia, have shown that long-term success requires more than military power.

The coming years? Long-term success? Sure doesn’t sound like he plans on the United States pulling back anytime soon from its Bush-appointed role as the world’s oppressor and crusher of small nations with crappy military organizations.  And obviously if we’re out there forcing people to do things Bush’s way at the point of guns (and tanks and fighters and bombers and all the other murderous weapons the country has drained its taxpayers for) then we’re going to be killing a lot more people.

But wait, there’s some bonus bits in the article. Like this one:

Many have argued that the Bush administration missed opportunities early in the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns to head off insurgents by failing to focus on economic development, promotion of internal reconciliation, training of police forces, and communication of US goals.

Well, no, the only ones arguing about so-called missed opportunities are the Republicans and Conservatives who are still under the impression that George Bush and his military establishment are knowledgeable and competent. Bush and his toadies, both military and civilian, didn’t know what the hell they were doing, they didn’t really care, and they acted deliberately to destroy Iraqi civilization. Jerry Bremer’s decisions were nothing short of insanely incompetent. The military didn’t have a clue as to what was important to do and not to do other than making short shrift of the fourth rate military establishment of Iraq.

And note that nice little bit at the end about the ‘communication of US goals’. Now if I were an Iraqi I think I would understand very well what are the US goals. Destroy my country, imprison and kill my neighbors and relatives, steal my country’s oil for the benefit of US oil companies, occupy and oppress my country for decades to come, and continue the brutality of an illegal occupation for all that time until Iraq is utterly crushed. That’s pretty much how it’s gone for almost five years now and it no longer matters what the vicious bastards in America say – I have seen what they have done to us.

So Bush and his Immortal Incompetents didn’t miss opportunities. They simply didn’t know what in hell they were doing.

And here’s Gates making a deliciously ironic slip, probably demonstrating his own cold-blooded cluelessness.

“Success will be less a matter of imposing one’s will and more a function of shaping behavior – of friends, adversaries and, most importantly, the people in between,” Gates told his audience of students, faculty, and local residents.

The Lion loves the phrase ‘the people in between’. That means innocent people caught in the crossfire as America continues to carry out the insane and incompetent and counterproductive policies of a President who belongs in a small holding cell just off the gallows room. Or a padded cell whose boredom is interrupted only by daily doses of thorazine.

And to finish off Gates’ foray into semantics, we have this:

Among shortcomings in the nonmilitary area, Gates said the US government is “miserable” at communicating its goals and policies to foreign audiences.

The Lion suggests that the United States under George Bush has communicated its goals and policies pretty well. So well in fact that the United States is the most hated country on the face of the earth right now.

Good job, guys!


Intelligent Design Taken Down By The Funny Papers
November 25, 2007

Excellent comic strip over at An Apostate’s Chapel on creationism and ID. Take a look.

Again With The Quickies…
November 25, 2007

Fred Thompson visits Paradise, but doesn’t get a virgin…

Fred Thompson, reputed to be contending for the Republican nomination for President, and pretending to be a Conservative to suck in the braindead vote, visited a gun show in South Carolina.

He walked along aisles filled with displays of rifles, shotguns, and pistols, according to the Associated Press.

Then he called it ‘a day in paradise’.

The Lion supposes that Freddie would consider it a day in hell spending time in a society that didn’t glorify violence and shoot to death 30,000 or so of its citizens every year.

Good ol’ phony Southern boy thinking. Violence is peace. Murder is love. Gunshot wounds are orgasmic. In a society that worships violence, little Freddie Thompson won’t be happy until everyone has a gun in hand.

The upside of universal gun ownership might be that politicians like Freddie would be a lot easier to remove from office. Election campaigns and voting days would look a lot more like the OK Corral than a civilized and mature society choosing leaders democratically.

But hey, if that’s what the Republicans want, let’s give it to them. Guns for all, Freddie.

Better duck, dude! The crossfire’s nasty.

Australia Dumps Bush In Democratic Election…

The people of Australia sent a message to Washington yesterday. They tossed Bush suckup John Howard and his conservatives and installed Kevin Rudd and Labor with a majority in Parliament.

Rudd has said he would pull Australian troops out of Iraq and sign the Kyoto Protocol.

Unfortunately there are still a number of conservatives in the Senate who will, as conservatives are wont to do, block Rudd’s attempts to bring Australia into the realities of the twenty-first century. (Look look. See the drought. See the drought suck the life out of Australia. Look look. See the climate change.)

America could do a lot worse than to follow Australia’s example. Given the American record and the gutlessness of the electorate (“Ewww, an Arab! It’s going to eat our children. Kill it over there before it buys barbecue sauce!”) one might be forgiven for thinking the United States will continue happily down the road towards oligarchic, theocratic fascism.

Finally The Romanovs Rest…


After ninety years the remains of the last two Romanovs murdered by the Bolsheviks have been found.

The bones of Aleksi, 13, and one of his sisters were found about seventy yards away from where the rest of the family was mutilated and buried in July of 1918. The others had been found in 1991.

World War I and the murder of the Romanovs seem a fitting opening to the bloodiest century in human history.

And just when you thought it was over, along come the Bushoviks.

Full story here in the Globe.

You can invade Iraq and kill thousands, but you can’t make them like you…

American warmongers may finally be getting a clue that they have royally screwed up. Too bad it’s too late for all the dead Iraqis.

In the Globe today Stephen Lee Myers of the New York Times reports that the Bushites are scaling back their expectations in Iraq because of the political situation.

While Bush administration officials once said they aimed to secure “reconciliation” among Iraq’s deeply divided religious, ethnic, and sectarian groups, some administration officials and military officials now refer to their goal as “accommodation.”

“We can’t pass their legislation,” a senior American official in Baghdad said. “We can’t make them like each other. We can’t even make them talk to each other. Well, sometimes we can. But we can help them execute their budget.”

And of course create the conditions that have allowed and encouraged them to execute each other en masse.

But in fact Bush and friends haven’t really learned anything. They claim they want to see provincial elections before the American Psychopath in Chief leaves office in fourteen months.

The prospect of such elections has been politically delicate because of the fear that some regions, like Shi’ite-dominated southern Iraq, are most likely to vote for leaders opposed to a powerful central government that could unite Iraq’s regions, ethnic groups, and religious sects.

Oh me oh my, do you mean they might actually have a free and democratic election in which the people say no to the addlebrained dreams of Bush and Company? Can’t have that, now can we? That wouldn’t be Bush bringing democracy to Iraq, now would it? Might mess up his legacy (which should be a trial and a gallows).

Odd how a free election can point out that all Bush and his toy soldiers have brought to Iraq is destruction, terror, fear, and mass slaughter.

If Conservatism Is The Ideology Of Freedom, He’s The Queen Of England
November 23, 2007

Lefties and Centrists, read this over at Common Dreams, by David Michael Green, a professor of political science at Hofstra. It’s long, but oh so good.

Did You See The News Today, Oh Boy…
November 23, 2007

Did ya? Did ya see what the television news channels are leading with today?

Herds of humans thundering into shopping zones.

All that’s missing are the moos and baaaas.

And meanwhile the corporatocracy is making sure the Feds know exactly where you are and what you’re doing, and the judges are allowing it. No warrants, no probable cause required. All that’s required is a cellphone. You own one, they’ve got you.

Welcome to the fascist slaughterhouse that used to be America.

Brought to you by the Sociopath Twins, Bush and Cheney, and sponsored by the Congress of the Pathetic. 

Listen, do you hear that, just around the corner, that wailing sound?

That’s the Constitution and the Bill of Rights dying under the trampling feet of the shopping hordes who haven’t got a fucking clue.

The Lion Gets 10,000 Views! Ooooh!
November 21, 2007

Well, The Lion just passed the ten thousand mark in blog views. Not sure how many actually read anything. Shouldn’t a prize be forthcoming?

When The Lion was twelve he was certain he wouldn’t live to see twenty-one. At twenty-one he was sure he wouldn’t reach thirty. Now here he is sinking into middle-decrepitude. He wonders if the same delusional thinking applies to blogging.

Could there be 20,000 in Grumpy Lion’s future? Do the prizes get better then? (A black hooded robe, full length, with a red A on it would be a nice gesture… or a girlfriend perhaps, twentyish, thirtyish, fortyish… maybe the full-size OED… or a motorcycle from The Lion’s glory days… so many choices, so little time before the economy crashes… )

Heavy sigh… followed by evil snicker in dark room lit only by the unearthly glow of a computer monitor… 

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