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How You’ll Know The Government Is Serious About Global Warming
November 28, 2009

The United States government is obviously not serious about dealing with climate change. At best it can be said to be making a token bow toward the problem.

The field is being left to the deniers from the idiot right wing of politics, deniers like the wholly owned subsidiary of any oil company with a buck to spare, Senator James Inhofe and his ilk, and the money grubbing madwoman from Alaska, Sarah Palin, whose solution to environmental problems is to shoot any animal that breathes and to drill for more oil to burn.

Be that as it may, there are certain things to watch for that will tell you that the government is finally getting serious about global warming and the environmental catastrophe barreling towards the human race and all the other species we’re intent on wiping out.

In no particular order, you’ll know the politicians are serious when:

…outdoor advertising lighting is banned and Las Vegas goes dark.

…nighttime sporting events in outdoor stadiums are banned.

…Friday night football for high schools is banned.

…the government tells NASCAR it can no longer hold races, and uses the National Guard to close the speedways and back down the rabid racing rednecks who think it’s their god-given right to pollute.

…the speed limit is dropped to no more than 40 miles per hour, maximum, on all roads.

…the government stops supporting the automobile industry and starts getting serious about true mass transit.

…the government stops subsidizing the fossil fuel industry with tax breaks and other perks.

…food plants are used for food instead of car fuel.

…coal mines are shut down and provisions are made to deal with the miners, said provisions ranging from retraining them to produce non-polluting renewable energy to simply shooting them because they’re just as dumb as the fishermen who are emptying and destroying the fish stocks in the ocean.

…air conditioning is banned except in hospitals and nursing homes.

…air conditioning is banned everywhere.

…families are restricted to having no more than one child.

…James Inhofe shuts up and starts to sweat.

The other side of this coin is that when these things start to happen, it will be too late, way too late. The pessimistic half of The Lion believes it is already too late. But the optimistic half is certain that it is too late.

Optimism aside, it should be of interest to philosophers in distant times, philosophers no doubt covered in body fur and possessing retractable claws, it should be of interest to them that the ostensibly most intelligent species on the planet was too stupid to save itself. But by the time the next philosophers evolve, all traces of the dumbest ape in the known universe will have disappeared. Inhofe, Hitler, Christ, Shakespeare; Paris, Rome, London, Moscow, New York; polar bears, pandas, elephants, cows; all dust, all ashes. To steal a quote, no one will even know they was ever there.

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Pope Jonny Ratz, The King Of Hunger And Dead Children, Vomits Forth His Insanity
November 17, 2009

Pope Benedict the Umpteenth showed the true color of his insane beliefs today in an AP story in the Globe.

Jonny Ratz “decried the rise in hunger in what he called a world often ruled by profit in an address to a food summit yesterday shortly after it rebuffed a UN appeal to commit billions of dollars annually to helping farmers in poor countries.”

“Hunger is the most cruel and concrete sign of poverty,’’ the pope said. “Opulence and waste are no longer acceptable when the tragedy of hunger is assuming ever greater proportions.’’

Let’s be clear about the depths of hypocrisy Pope Ratz is hoping no one will notice. And it’s not about the opulence and waste of a treasure-laden Vatican filled with gold and staffed by self-satisfied, sated priests.

This is the same Pope, the same priest, the same irrational old fool who insists that people must not practice birth control, must not use contraceptives, must not practice abortion. His message is particularly prevalent in poor countries, particularly powerful among the uneducated, the downtrodden, the impoverished, those who are the usual victims of religion.

Pope Ratz’s message to those people is that they must have children so that those children can starve to death before they are five years old because that’s what the Pope’s god wants. And now he expects the rest of the world to send money to support these hordes of the starving children of Jonny Ratz’s ego.

The rest of the world should tell Jonny Ratz and his minions in Rome to piss off.

When the land won’t support the population, the population must come down, one way or another. Jonny Ratz wants more people living on land that won’t support them, wants more children to starve to death on land that won’t support them. Apparently God whispered in Jonny Ratz’s ear and told him what a great Pope he is and that irrationality and insanity and useless mass deaths are good for the people of Earth.

Human life is so sacred to Christians that they are willing to starve to death millions of children, and the Pied Piper of the Vatican, Jonny Ratz, is piping the tune of mass killings as he skips through the valley of the shadow of religious madness.

Out here in reality the Pope looks just like any other arrogant, power-mad nutcase who ought to be locked in a padded cell for the rest of his life. Or even better, brought to trial in an international court for crimes against humanity and crimes against intelligence. He’s no better than any other mass murderer on the scale of Stalin or Mao or Hitler. But the scale of his hypocrisy is vastly greater than those killers ever dreamed possible.

Christianity is a disease and Pope Jonny Ratz is its Typhoid Mary.


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Is Senator Mitch McConnell Really A Frightened Old Woman, Or Is He A Fearmongering Lying Hypocrite?
November 14, 2009

imageLet’s get the ad hominems out of the way first for Republican Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky.  He, if the Senator is actually a ‘he’, looks like an old woman. A scary old woman, if you choose to believe the scary things he says. A dumb and frightened old woman if you are considerably saner and more rational than he appears to be.

And what about the facelifts? How many has he had? If his face were stretched any tighter over his skull the skin would probably split, like one of those horror movies where some alien has infested the character and is ready to burst forth. Of course an explosion of Mitch McConnell’s face would be considerably duller. The only thing that would burst forth would be a torrent of hot air feeding a chorus of ‘No, no, no!’

McConnell is the Senate Minority Leader, which is to say he leads the choir of braying fools that the Republican Senators have formed. He tries to push people around, just like the bully he apparently is. It is a truism that bullies and their ilk are usually frightened, immature, pathetic creatures. McConnell is no different.

He’s got a thing for fear. Why else does he try to terrify Americans every time he opens his mouth? His latest fright fest involves the recent decision of Attorney General Eric Holder to try five terrorists in Federal court in New York City. If we listen to McConnell we might begin to think that these five men are superaliens from another planet, with vast supernatural powers that will overcome the United States and reduce Americans to  perpetual servitude. Perhaps he says such things to distract Americans from his and his party’s apparent desire to reduce American minorities and the poor and the workers to perpetual servitude to the mucky-mucks of the Republican Party. Be that as it may, here is McConnell’s latest bit of frighted paranoia, from today’s Globe (hard copy only, unfortunately):

McConnell…said bringing the terrorism suspects into the United States “is a step backwards for the security of our country and puts Americans unnecessarily at risk.”

Right. The United States government can’t handle five men who have spent years locked up, abused, tortured, and otherwise mistreated. The United States is so weak and pathetic that five fanatic ideologues, reduced to bag-headed servitude, can bring the country down.

As for putting Americans ‘unnecessarily at risk’, that’s exactly what McConnell and his boy master, George Bush, and the entire right wing political structure of the Republican Party did when they invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. They did more damage to the United States than the entire complement of al-Qaeda operatives could hope to do in a lifetime.

Republicans like to talk about American values when they blither image in public, but their true colors come blaring forth when people like McConnell and his parallel number in the House, Representative John Boehner of Ohio, open their mouths and spew the corruption festering in their hearts and minds. Boehner had this to say about the decision to try the terrorists in New York:

“The Obama Administration’s irresponsible decision to prosecute the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks in New York City puts the interests of liberal special interest groups before the safety and security of the American people,’’ House minority leader John Boehner, Republican of Ohio, said in a statement. “The possibility that Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his coconspirators could be found ‘not guilty’ due to some legal technicality just blocks from Ground Zero should give every American pause.’’

Boehner has already decided that these guys are guilty. So far all we know for sure is that the central figure was waterboarded 183 times and confessed under torture to multiple activities. He probably confessed that he and his friends nailed Jesus to the cross and stole his wallet too. During a more whimsical torture session he may well have admitted to having threesome sex with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. In fact, he may well have been driven into serious mental illness (physiologically, in addition to the ideological illness burdening him and his friends).

But for Boehner and McConnell and their friends, the American justice system is incapable, incompetent, and is probably a ‘liberal special interest group’. No way could it handle five broken creatures in a trial.

And the ‘legal technicality’ that Boehner is afraid of? Torture, no doubt, since information gained under torture is not admissible in American courts. But Boehner and his friends would also tell you that the United States does not torture people. The United States did torture people under the Bush administration, killing several, possibly a hundred. It would be foolish to believe that the United States does not still torture human beings just because the President says so.

Boehner and McConnell and their friends apparently consider ‘American values’ to include torture, lying, disparaging the American legal system, insulting the intelligence of Americans, insulting the local and Federal security organizations responsible for handling criminals like these five men, and insisting on the right of every Republican politician to lie about everything and cheat on their wives. That’s the Republican way, as Republicans have proven time and again for the last couple of decades at least.

McConnell and Boehner want all Americans to be frightened, else why the constant fearmongering. They don’t spit fear because there is anything to be afraid of, but because frightened Americans vote for Republicans. And Republicans think Americans are stupid enough to continue falling for the blithering spew of fear that McConnell and friends vomit forth every chance they get.

The sad part is that too many Americans are that stupid. And a stupid electorate is the one thing that Republicans hope for, deep in their heart of hearts, which hearts are in sum about as big as a virus.

Imagine this crowd taking over the Congress next year. Now there’s something that should frighten the toughest, meanest old woman in the country.


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Angelo, M.I.A. 11.07.09
November 11, 2009


Angelo was a stray who wandered into my yard over two years ago, decided he liked the accommodations and the food and the health care plan, and installed himself as Lord of the Yard, from where he seldom ventured.

He was a friendly cat who liked being petted and skritched. He may have been someone’s pet long ago, but had become most definitely an outdoor cat. He wouldn’t even consider coming inside.

He disappeared last Friday night, without a trace, without a clue, without a goodbye note. He was a tough little guy, a cat’s cat, a Lion’s pal, and The Lion sorely misses the little bugger.

[It’s February now and there’s been no sign of him. I still miss him.]

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Stupid News Writing By Professionals
November 11, 2009

In today’s Globe two Washington Post reporters write about last night’s execution of John Allen Muhammad, the D.C. sniper who, with an accomplice, murdered ten people in October 2002.

The story contains this paragraph, by reporters Josh White and Maria Glod:

The killings began with no explanation. Then the snipers left cryptic notes and phone messages demanding $10 million, just as millions of Washington area residents were distracted by white vans and other delusions that authorities were mistakenly chasing.


The authorities were chasing delusions?

Perhaps the huge financial hits that the newspaper business has taken lately have forced the Post to pawn its dictionaries.

The police pursued the leads they had. That the leads were false or bad or misleading does not make them delusions. Nor were the police ‘mistakenly chasing’ anything. They followed the leads they had at the time. The mistake would have been to do nothing.

White and Glod make the police out to be the sort of nutcases who believe in ghosts, vampires, and gods, who use Ouija boards to solve crimes, who believe Elvis Presley lives in a suburb of Detroit.

The Lion is certain that if pressed on the issue, White and Glod would claim the deadline defense. “We were under tremendous deadline pressure. Mistakes happen.”

Well, yes, mistakes do happen. And deadlines are real, not delusions.

But this is just sloppy writing enabled by poor thinking and a complete lack of editorial judgment. It’s what one might expect from a high school sophomore just starting out on the school newspaper.

On the other hand, it is not beyond the capacity of some of The Lion’s darker personality elements to consider that the phrasing the reporters used was intentional, meant to slur the police. It is certainly not unknown for reporters to inject their personal biases and agendas into news stories.

Did that happen in this story? There’s no way to know, unless the writers want to make a claim of deadlinitis and subject themselves to competent cross-examination. But that the question needs to be asked at all tells much about the times we live in and the delusions therein.


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Joe Lieberman & His Republican Friends Despise The Middle Class, The Working Poor, And America
November 2, 2009

Senator Joe Lieberman, a narcissistic egotist from Connecticut, says he’ll filibuster the public option in health insurance reform.

Let’s understand something here. The Senators are haggling about health insurance. What the country needs is health care.

The argument is not about the public option. The real fight is whether the government will rein in the abuses of the health insurance companies.

The Republicans want to avoid disturbing the insurance companies lucrative piracy. The Republicans want to protect the insurance companies. If they openly side with the industry their supporters would say ‘Whassa matta you? The insurance companies are robbing us blind.’  The Republicans’ only option is to attack the public option as a way of killing any reform that threatens the insurance pig trough the Republicans feed at. (Right next to the Democratic feeders, let us not forget.)

So they cry ‘Socialism’ and ‘Government control of health care’ and ‘death panels’ and any other buzzword that their non-thinking supporters will bite on.

No matter what happens, whether reform is killed outright by the knuckle dragging Republicans or whether a watered-down version of reform passes, the middle class and the workers will get screwed.

The insurance companies will continue to act like bandits and make out like bandits. That’s what they are. That’s what they do. They get tens of millions of new customers forced into insurance servitude by the federal government, or they get off scot free, with no reforms. That’s the Republican way. And make no mistake about it, Joe Lieberman is a Republican through and through.

And the Democrats? Well, do you remember the ads about the 95-pound weakling getting sand kicked in his face on the beach by the muscle guy? Same thing, except that they’re getting kicked around not by an honest muscle guy, but by the idiot sociopaths of the Republican Party. Gutless, spineless, weak, fearful – that pretty much sums up the Democrats.

There’s hardly any point in even paying attention any more.

Yeats had it right.