Maliki: "More Kool-Aid, More Kool-Aid!"

In an AP story by Justin Bergman Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, who would appear to minister to absolutely nothing outside the Green Zone where he and the Parliament and United States civilian operatives cower daily, said that terrorism threatens to erase gains made in cutting sectarian killings and establishing democracy in Iraq.

The Lion would note that whatever reduction in sectarian killings there may be, are most likely due to a process of ethnic separation.

This ethnic bunch separates that ethnic bunch from from their homes, their neighborhoods, their lives, their heads.

Pretty much everybody that can get the hell out of the way has done so. Hence the reduction in sectarian killings. A couple of million have simply up and left what’s left of Iraq. Another couple of million have up and left their homes but still remain in what’s left of Iraq.

And the American military has a nifty solution to the problem – they build walls and fences between neighborhoods in what’s left of Iraq. Walls make good democracies, right? “Okay, we’re gonna wall these people in and we’re gonna wall those people out. What are you laughing at soldier?”

And from the bowels of the Pentagon comes the voice of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates asking Congress to drop another $190 billion (that’s $190,000,000,000) dollars into this misbegotten misadventure of destruction and slaughter created by his deranged boss, George Bush.

And who is it that keeps saying you can’t solve problems by throwing money at them?


Of course they don’t want to put money into social good, like education and job training and health care. They want to throw money at senseless wars. War is the Republican’s Viagra.

Maliki lies. Bush lies. Generals fudge numbers.Republicans lie. Democrats hedge and hem and haw. The press equivocates.

So on and on we go. No end in sight. No sane person in charge who has any clue. A bottomless pit of money and blood, swirling like a cyclone circling the drain, ripping apart America, shattering the Middle East, and shaking the underpinnings of peace everywhere.

The Bush legacy. A testament to Republican arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, and bloodlust. The insane leading the deranged to the blood-stained wall.


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  1. You are right. Baghdad decline in sectarian violence is because majority of Sunnies left the country living in camps in Jordan and Syria.

    $190 million will be approved by the Congress with the same old BS “We support our troops”, “We can’t abandoned our troops”, “The safety of troops is important”, on the other hand Bush is threatening to veto Children Health Care bill for $20 billion dollar lecturing Democrats on fiscal responsibility.


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