Bush On Climate Change: My Lips Are Moving, So I Must Be Lying

First let’s address the moronic headline in today’s Globe about Bush’s private climate change meeting, which any fool knows had no purpose but to distract the news media from the grown-up climate change meeting at the United Nations.

But the Globe just buys into the whole Bush macho thing, headlining the story Bush vows US role in warming fight.

Oh yeah! There’s the cowboy image, codpiece and ten gallon hat and bowlegged walk that Bush likes to cultivate. But he’s all hat and the hat’s full of hot air. (The Lion would not want to speculate on what the codpiece is full of, but he would bet it’s just as full of fantasy as Bush’s head.)

Bush’s climate plan comes down to a simple statement: Some science geeks are whining about the temperature, so if you folks want to do something about that, y’all go ahead, but I don’t really care one way or the other and I’m not gonna do squat.

Obviously Bush is more concerned about continuing the slaughter in Iraq and pursuing a chimera of democracy there, no matter the cost to anyone but him and his wealthy friends and his thieving family, than he is about doing anything to mitigate the physical planetary processes that threaten a massive extinction of life.

Meanwhile the rest of world, much of which is pissed at the American attitude, wrings its hands and moans that they have to wait until the little psychotic is out of office, and hope someone with a sober brain gets into the White House.

And if that doesn’t happen?

The Lion suggests another plan. The issue is too crucial for the world to wait for a nutcase and his crew of crazies to suddenly get sane or get gone. So how about the world just stops dealing with the United States. Don’t buy US products. Don’t do deals with US companies. Kick the US out of your countries. And do the same with places like China and India.

Quick, everybody put their hands on their faces and wail “Oh no, we can’t do that! Oh no, our economies will suffer! Oh no!”


If you don’t bring the major polluters to heel, your economies will die, your people will die, your nations will die. Your economy isn’t going to be worth snail crap when it’s under 200 feet of seawater and the daily temperature is 130 degrees or more.

So there’s a choice. Suffer some now, or suffer complete destruction later.

The major polluters are committing murder on a mass scale. They behave like criminals. Treat them like criminals.

Or be their victims.


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  1. Agree even though boycott will hurt me financially.


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