The Four-Hour Erection: A Modern Marketing Miracle

If you watch TV you’ve undoubtedly noticed those ads for drugs that give men erections. They’ve got all kinds of romantic music, smiling come-hither dames, and men with big smiles on their dumb faces.

And then there’s the announcement that says if your erection lasts longer than four hours you should see a doctor. Or possibly a skilled hooker.

Does anyone in their right mind (that would be men currently walking around without the dumb smiles and the bulgy pants) think that line is anything more than a sales pitch for an overpriced pill?

See the marketing guys at their mahogany table.

“Hey, this medical report says the drug can give a guy an erection for four hours,” says Larry.

“Yeah, but then it says the guy should see a doctor,” says Harry.

“But guys, men will love it. A four hour erection. The dumb bastards will think it’s great. They’ll be lining up and demanding the stuff,”  says Barry.

Never mind the music and the smiles. How many women want four hours of banging? And how many men who might actually need the stuff wouldn’t have a heart attack after about fifteen minutes of humping?

Save your money, guys. Go down to the health food store and pick up a bottle of DHEA. And get some exercise and lay off the donuts and Danish. And most of you could probably do worse than to get a good book on making love – and it’s not all about your erection.

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One Response

  1. LOL.

    The ad also mention the side effects which does not worth getting four hours erection.


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