Not The Pretty Barbie-Doll American Version Of The War In Afghanistan

What you see in American media about the war in Afghanistan is a lie. It’s prettified and cleaned so you won’t be offended by reality.

It’s John Wayned.

It’s obscene.

The rest of the world gets a look at the real thing, or as real as it can get for not being part of it. Consider these videos at Guardian UK.

These videos won’t say it outright, but the subtext is that all that the war hawkers in Washington, including Obama and the Democrats as well as virtually every Republican, all that they say is lies and bullshit and political ego and ignorance. The reality is that American soldiers are being killed and maimed for a lie; that the American society is being raped by fool politicians and robbed by war profiteers who have bought the fool politicians.

Anybody that tells you that war is noble and heroic, that this war is noble and heroic and necessary, is full of shit and should be beaten into the ground and sent away bloody.


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2 Responses

  1. The part that amazes me about all of this is that anybody is surprised……

    Pakistan working against us? No – that can’t true – they are our allies! They even said so! We send them money! How could anybody think they are working against us?



  2. Thanks for the link, Ric.


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