Newt Gingrich Is Off His Meds…

Actually that’s putting it politely. It would be more accurate to say Newt Gingrich is crazy. Not ‘crazy as a …’, just plain, flat out crazy. Insane. In dire need of being locked up and subjected to psychotherapy, or possibly electroconvulsive therapy, you know – shock and awe.

The United States is teetering on the edge of a free-fall economic crash, which is all but guaranteed if the Republicans, of whom Newt is a national leader, get back into power.

We fought an illegal war based on Republican lies in Iraq, and turned that country into an ongoing disaster politically and economically, and are pretty much driving it into the arms of Iran.

We’re fighting a useless war in Afghanistan, pouring in American blood by the tankerful and treasure to the tune of seven billion dollars a month, and getting absolutely nowhere, primarily because there’s nowhere to get.

But Newt has deeper concerns

Yesterday’s speech at the American Enterprise Institute, a hotbed of Gingrichian and other Republican insanity, Newt said…

that the United States should attack Iran and North Korea because George W. Bush called them the Axis of Evil and the Congress applauded that line in his State of the Union address;

that Muslims want to impose Sharia law on the United States and end America ‘as we know it’;

and has spoken vociferously against the proposed mosque in New York City, stating that it would be hypocritical to allow it there because there are no churches in Saudi Arabia, which argument must conclude that the United States should become a theocratic aristocracy under some Christian version of Sharia law.

Yes, folks, Newt Gingrich wants the United States to undertake two more wars, fight against the imagined imposition of Sharia law, and ban a mosque that poses no threat to anyone other than the right wing Tea Party crazies whose support Newt no doubt covets.

Newt is Republican leadership at its finest, right up there with Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative John Boehner who

…have fought valiantly to deny unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed, treating them as if they were lazy scum;

…have fought tooth and nail against providing healthcare benefits to the responders to the 9/11 disaster who are now suffering serious and deadly illnesses because of their work there;

…have plenty of room in their hearts for unfunded financial support for the wars they brought on us but won’t spend a dollar to help Americans whose lives have been wrecked by the Republican economic collapse;

…want to take back the Congress in November and kill the stimulus programs that have kept the country out of a killing depression and impose the sort of cutbacks and economic voodoo that has proven to deepen the financial disaster where it’s been tried (Ireland, with Britain following the Irish model and already beginning to crash).

These are the people the Democrats have simply refused to stand up to, to call out, to attack, and have thus brought us to a November election in which the crazies have a serious chance to take over at least one house of Congress, and drive the country not only down into economic insanity, but into profound hatred and bigotry that will feed violent discord in this country and into more insane wars abroad.

The leadership of the Republican Party today are not fit to run a five-cent lemonade stand. They are not fit financially. They are not fit mentally. They are not fit morally.

Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party in all its glory both rank and file and leadership, Boehner, McConnell, the whole crew belong in an asylum, along with their public enablers Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, the Fox News crew, and the rest of the right wing wrecking machine.



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  1. If the pharmaceutical companies were smart, they could retire in Rio before New Year’s just on the money they could make medicating the Republicans.


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