Romney Tortures His Dog

Here’s how good old Mittens treats his pets. It’s indicative of the way he wants to treat humans.,8599,1638065,00.html

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  1. I think the conclusion made from this incident is obsurd (i.e. the same one you made – that he wants to treat humans this way, or even that he wants to treat animals this way). Here’s a story about someone who believes everything they read (see your blog). Did you read the part about how he “constructed a windshield” for the dog? That sounds like a caring owner to me. Are those people who tote their dogs around freely in the back of a pickup maltreating them? What if they were to fall out? What about the people who love their animals so much that they let them ride in the car in their laps? Is putting these dogs and humans (not to mention other drivers and pedestrians out there) at risk of being killed by this dog-freak?
    Before you make the conclusion about Romney’s personal character, please take into consideration 1. the whole story and 2. what people who know him say about him.

    If your post was meant to be sarcastic, sorry for the diatribe. Now that I think about it, no reasonable person (other than would have taken this seriously.


  2. Just to pick nits and get in your hair a little more, it’s spelled ‘absurd’, not ‘obsurd’. Typo?

    As for Romney and the dog, putting a dog in a carrier on top of a speeding car for twelve hours is thoughtless, negligent, and I would bet the dog thought it was goddammed cruel. Caring owners don’t do that sort of thing to their animals. And they don’t put them in situations that could easily endanger them, never mind scare the crap out of them. So, please, take your boo-hoo for this right-wing, pandering, hypocritical Romney clown and tell it to someone who doesn’t know any better.

    As for Romney qua Romney, the man is a putz. He will do or say anything to get into power. As governor, he regularly trashed Massachusetts when he was gallivanting around the country trying to convince conservatives to accept him. And the people around him, do you really think any one of them is going to say anything that casts a dubious light on their meal ticket? Who’s being naive?

    As for believing everything I read, no. My general point in my blog is that people don’t read critically what’s in the newspaper and the newspapers do their best to obfuscate the news when it suits their owners and their political feedmasters. I try to cut through the fog and I use a liberal/progressive slant. And I’m certainly not above trashing Republicans and Conservatives, no more than the wingnuts have regularly trashed the other side via Coulter, Hannity, Savage, Limbaugh, and the rest of the right wing lowlifes.

    As for ‘Romney Tortures Dog’, I think it’s pretty accurate if you actually consider the dog’s probable feelings. I learned that kind of thing from the wingnuts. Nobody cares if ‘Romney Mistreats Animal’, but they’ll remember that he tortured a dog, even if they don’t know what the real story was. I don’t mind turning the right wing’s weapons against them.

    So, in sum, no, I am not a reasonable person. I’m dedicated to bringing down the Republican-Conservative-Radical cabal that has done so much damage to my country for far too long now. I won’t lie here, but I damned well will give my opinions and reactions. You are still free to read something else more to your political liking. But you might not want to count on that being the case for much longer if Romney and friends continue to hold sway in the United States.


  3. Oh, yeah, one more thing. You apparently missed the story where Romney said he thinks Little Georgie’s torture of captives is okay and where he wants to double the size of Guantanamo, a place that has shamed and disgraced this country.

    I suspect you would go along with that. Possibly not. But so goes the dog, so goes the prisoner. Come to think of it, maybe the dog got off lightly.


  4. Not to derail this, but I was wondering: I remember when his father ran for President, what was it, back in the 60s? I don’t remember his religion coming up then. Was his father a Morman? Or did Mitt convert?


  5. Oh, and back on topic, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, it’s your blog. It’s not a question as to whether the Time piece is true, because it most likely is. I didn’t see anything in there of Mutt Romney denying he put his dog in a virtual wind tunnel for 12 hours. The question is what we should take from that, when he is holding himself as a paragon of virtue, and a potential leader of the most powerful country in the world.

    Some people think nothing of beating their dogs. The law says dogs are simple property, so as long as you are not cruel to them, you can do with them as you please. So it comes down to whether, in one’s opinion, this is over the line. You think so.

    I agree. I wouldn’t treat my dog that way, windshield or not.

    Whether I vote for him may rest on other issue, but this one doesn’t help him.


  6. Romney’s daddy was a Mormon. As they used to say about the turtles, it’s Mormons all the way down.


  7. Except for Dick Cheney shooting that guy in the face, this is the funniest political story I’ve seen in many years. “Mutt Romney.” They make this shit too easy.


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