The Crimes of Bushbama… Ongoing
September 11, 2011

Matthew Rothschild has a long piece at The Progressive site on President Obama’s continuation and intensification of American policies that threaten citizens of the United States, of any country the President deems a problem, and that threaten to bring down United States democracy itself. His lead…

On this tenth anniversary of 9/11, let’s face facts: The United States is a more repressive place to live in, and it conducts itself in a more lawless manner overseas. The edifice of repression that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney erected after 9/11, far from being dismantled by Barack Obama, has actually been buttressed. And he’s even added a couple of new floors. We are not the same nation we were ten yeas ago. We are less free. We are more bellicose. And our leaders have put in place mechanisms that future Presidents may use to utterly destroy our democracy.

And then the ugliness begins.

Worth reading.

(You don’t really believe the United States stopped torturing its prisoners just because the President said so, do you?)


Khalilzad: The Saudis Are Our Sweetest, Dearest Friends
July 31, 2007

Zalmay Khalilzad, currently United States Ambassador to the United Nations, formerly another American ideological functionary, reputed to have been an Ambassador, in Iraq, Sunday criticized the Saudis for undermining the U.S. effort in Iraq.

Today he sought to take it back, calling the Saudis a “great ally” and friend of the U.S.


Fifteen of the 9/11 killers were Saudi.

Forty percent of the foreign fighters in Iraq are Saudi.

The Saudi government is one of the most repressive in the Middle East.

But little Zalmay mustn’t say anything about any of that, else he disturb the long standing business arrangements the Bush ruling family maintains with the Saudi ruling family.

Perhaps the Bush family would like to be extraordinarily renditioned to the Saudis. You know, dark of night, blindfolds, torture, just the things one friend does for another.

Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot. Bush insists the United States doesn’t torture.

We just let our dearest friends do it for us when they’re not busy helping Bush and friends bring down the United States.

Romney Tortures Dog, Part Two
June 30, 2007

Well, the Mitten claims the dog loved the fresh air. Good recovery, Mittsy. Makes you look like a bigger idiot.

While I hope to see the Mitten go down in flames for any reason, any reason at all, it would be great justice for Seamus the dog if this is the story that takes the putz down.

Romney Tortures His Dog
June 28, 2007

Here’s how good old Mittens treats his pets. It’s indicative of the way he wants to treat humans.,8599,1638065,00.html

For more on this go to TPM Cafe Election Central

Vatican Again Demonstrates Its Commitment to Torture and Pain
June 14, 2007

The Associated Press writes that the Vatican is demanding that Catholics should no longer contribute to Amnesty International.

A Vatican cardinal said yesterday that Roman Catholics shouldn’t contribute to Amnesty International because the group adopted a policy calling for access to abortion services for women under certain circumstances.

Cardinal Renato Martino, who heads the Vatican’s justice and peace department, criticized the (AI) policy, saying it represented a betrayal of Amnesty’s goals of ensuring human rights around the world.

A spokesman for the Cardinal insisted that “the cardinal fully meant that individual Catholics should suspend donations to the group.”

With that kind of twisted thinking, we can assume that the justice and peace department is the one the hunts down heretics and tortures them in the bowels of Vatican City.

The truth of the matter is that the Vatican’s old men, still living in the Dark Ages which they helped to create and which they still consider the glory days of the church, would rather see people suffer, be tortured, be imprisoned in horrible conditions, rather than have a single woman relieved of a little clump of cells brought on by rape or incest, or that threatens her life.

The fun part is that Amnesty says it has never received any financing from the Vatican or from official Roman Catholic organizations, defined as those that are an official extension of the Church.

The new policy is part of Amnesty’s worldwide Stop Violence Against Women campaign.

Once again the Pope and his Boys in Red come down on the side of ignorance, hatred against women, stupidity, torture, suffering, and any other evil or ill they can come up with to glorify their pathetic little god.

Rah, rah, rah!