Republicans And Tea Partiers: They’re About Racial Hatred, Not Reform

There’s an excellent column by Frank Rich in today’s New York Times and posted on Common Dreams. The Times article has a bunch of links embedded.

Among other things Rich points out that the current hysteria began before Obama was even elected, and has nothing to do with reform of the health insurance industry.

image As he notes, the Tea Partiers are almost exclusively white and they are the source of any number of racial slurs directed at Obama and black Democratic Congressmen, as well as slurs at gays.

And he notes that the Republicans have had only three blacks in the House or Senate since  1935 and none since 2003. Asian, black, and Hispanic populations are growing, while the white population is shrinking. image

Rich notes that there was no rage about Medicare in the Sixties, but the Civil Rights Act of 1964 generated considerable white rage.

The leadership of the Republican Party – Boehner, McConnell, Palin – and their fascist Klannite media enablers – Beck, Limbaugh, Malkin and the rest – have chosen to incite violence, to inflame rage, to encourage despicable acts that will lead to deadly acts, not because they don’t care for the recent health care bill, but because they see fewer white faces and that scares them, because they see a black man in the Presidency and that terrifies them, because they are at heart bigots and haters whose sole interest is advancing violence to enhance and protect their own careers.

image You know what they’re thinking in the real centers of Republican/Tea Party power, what they’re planning when (it’s always ‘when’ in their minds) they get power again? “You know that Malkin broad, she looks Asian. Maybe we should reconsider letting her broadcast. And that Steele, the guy at the RNC. We have to change that. We can’t have a nigger in a public position. Might give the other ones ideas. You know how uppity they get.”

Yes indeed, folks, when in America do as the Americans do. Behave like twelve-year-old mindless Klanners: kill the niggers, throw the kikes out, kick out the wetbacks, you know, take back our country from the mud people.

Yup, that’s the Republican way, and there’s nothing new and shiny about it. It’s just real white of them.

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11 Responses

  1. I read this about two o’clock this morning. I want Rich to be wrong, but I don’t think he is at all. 😦


    • Do you think this stuff would be happening if Obama were white, if Holder were white? There might be protests, but not the kind of thing we’re seeing. Not the depth, not the viciousness, and not having the leadership of the Republicans take so active a part in inflaming and driving the insanity.

      And the more these Toilet Paperheads talk, the more obvious it is that they haven’t a clue what they’re talking about. They’re mouthing what they’ve been told. They have, at best, a flimsy hold on reality.


  2. I read the links and this whole thing is disturbing. That’s why I hate reading Dave Neiwert’s blog, Orcinus.


  3. Interesting perspective Rich. I just got back from my third tea party, and must admit that there are always some quacks in every crowd. What amazes me though, is how TP opponents take the exceptions and make them the rule.

    I am sure that there are a few tea party racists out there, just like there are few liberal communists. I do not believe that either case is the rule however, and I would never use such harsh generalizations to refer to either group. By using such a generalization, people take the intellectually easy way out of the issue. It’s quick, convenient, has good dramatic impact, and requires little preparation.

    I personally go to TPs because they are a venue for expressing my political beliefs which include less government, fiscal restraint, and individual freedom. I am most certainly not a racist however, and must admit that I somewhat resent such cavalier use of the word.

    In fact, I am not sure that the word ‘racist’ even means what it once did. Once, it had a real meaning steeped in injustice, oppression, and brutality. Today I think that it just means, “I am angry with you and have nothing else to say.”

    Interesting read as usual though. Your perspective always gets my blood pumping…thanks!


    • The best cardiologists recommend my writings for their patients.

      The TPs can’t divorce themselves from the violent and racist signs they carry, from the gunslingers who show up at political rallies of the Tea Partiers, or from the threats directed at legislators, threats spurred by the ugly rhetoric of the TPers, and the Republican leaders who cheer them on, and the Limbaugh/Beck broadcasters who feed the insanity.

      As for not knowing what ‘racist’ means, you can educate yourself quite quickly by looking at the images of Obama as witch doctor. And I very much doubt that a white president promoting the same policies as Obama would generate the hysteria of the Tea Party and its hangers-on.

      As for the exceptions being made the rule, there appear to be an awful lot of exceptions in that bunch, and there is not only any genuine repudiation of them, they are actively encouraged by right-wing and Republican leadership.


      • A well understood rule in the media (on both sides) is that a camera can lie just as easily as it can tell the truth.

        I remember going to the Republican Convention when it was held in San Diego a few years back. To get to my event, I had to walk past about 6 city blocks of protesters. The majority were there legitimately exercising their first amendment rights. There was a vocal minority however, that hurled water balloons, carried Che posters, and spewed every vulgarity imaginable – in at least 3 languages.

        I could have taken 100 pictures of the 1% an made it look like the mainstream. The media, in fact, did just that. This is what is happening with the TP movement, and I fear many well meaning folks are getting pulled into the lie.

        Yes, I concede, there are jerks there, but we need to be careful how we label the vast majority of law abiding citizens who are there exercising their constitutional rights. Waving the racist wand across the mainstream movement is at best wrong and at worst dishonest.

        Perhaps we can use Justice Stewart’s analogy and say that racism is like pornography. It is hard to define, but we know it when we see it. I see far more racism in the news reports that I have ever seen at a TP…sounds like some things never change.

        See you in the ether!



        • Of course pictures lie. Anyone who takes today’s news at face value from one or a couple of sources is kidding themselves. It would seriously surprise me if you were just discovering that or thinking that I’m that… well… dumb.

          And of course those people are exercising their free speech rights. That’s how we figure out what they’re saying. What does seem apparent is that they’re not thinking about what they’re saying, and they’re not thinking about the issues in any meaningful way. All their noise comes out as ‘We don’t like what you’re doing, we don’t like changes, so stop it, or we’ll hurt you.’ They let the gunslingers and the racists run with them, they don’t turn them out of their rallies, they don’t repudiate them in any meaningful way. They go to town halls and shout their ignorance, according to specific actions designed to disrupt those meetings. Their leadership even wrote it down and handed it out on paper. The summary was: Stand up, shout an objection, sit down before you can be identified. That’s not useful discourse.

          They may be law abiding citizens, but they choose to run with a group that borders on being a mindless mob in which individuals stop thinking for themselves, if they ever did, and give themselves over to rabble rousing leaders whose real interests lie not in reasoned democracy, or representative government, but in self-promotion, self-aggrandizement, and promoting unreasoned ideology. Mobs don’t comprise free people. Mobs comprise slaves and robots.

          And who are the public faces and heroes of the TP? Sarah Palin, who can’t put a comprehensible sentence together and who is without question in it for the money. Rush Limbaugh, a liar, a cheap rabble rouser, who admits he’s in it for the big bucks. Glenn Beck, who is… don’t really know why he’s in public at all, since someone must have got hold of him when he was a child and stuck a teaspoon in his brain and stirred. The moneymen and the profiteers, the Dick Armeys of the TP movement, they sit back and stay out of the limelight while they do their best to manipulate the mob, and maybe in the dark of night they hope to hell they haven’t created a real Frankenstein.

          Again, we won’t agree. We’ve gone round enough, I think.

          The ether? Didn’t that disappear with, I dunno, Faraday, or Einstein? It’s been replaced with the InterTubes. 🙂



  4. First, I most certainly do not consider you to be ‘dumb.’ Quite the opposite actually. I find your intelligent dissent to be quite refreshing in a blogosphere where people drop the F-bomb in place of intellectual content. My point was simply to note the ‘political filtering’ that takes place in the MSM. It is not reality as much as it is ‘their’ reality. It is funny how readily we accept it as fact when it suits our world view.

    One thing we do agree upon, for different reasons, is our disdain for Sarah Palin. I believe that she will ultimately do the Republican Party great harm. Put simply, she is not presidential. Especially when compared to people like Hilliary Clinton. If the Republicans nominate her or, worse yet, she defects to some new T-Party…Party (that is awkward…) then Barack has sealed the deal for another 4 years (Chasms of Hell opening, dead walking, all that…).

    As for self-promoting, self-aggrandizing, ideologists…well let me say the Republicans have no monopoly on that. This can be a future debate, however.

    On a more important note. I am pleased to inform you that the ether is alive and well. Rumors of its demise have been greatly exaggerated. It just got modernized with a ‘net’ suffix. It is really the same ole’ ether underneath though…



    • Of course I know you don’t think I’m dumb. You’re too smart to think that. Right? 🙂

      It’s because of the political filtering that news that’s not multiply sourced by the reader is not at all trustworthy, unless it’s something like ‘Asteroid Hits Earth’ or ‘Tiger Woods Does Dozens of Dames’.

      Palin is a disaster from virtually any point of view, other than that of the wingnuts who think she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread (which is also a disaster… I’m dieting, no grains BTW, losing weight, not hungry, not too shabby for an old guy). Careful with the bit about the dead walking and Hell chasming – that might give the religious right the idea that Obama is the new Christ and then the Repubs will lose all the religious fanatics and Boehner/McConnell with their mesmeric chant of ‘No. No. No.’ will get tagged as the Anti-Christ.

      I agree the Rs have no monopoly on the ideology stuff, but the problem now, today, is that the mainstream Rs have adopted the self-stuff and the lockstep ideology disconnected from the real world and are or already have wrecked their party on those reefs. They were intellectually respectable once, but not any more. They’ve become a Palinian-Beckian joke. Their leadership has decided to ride the wave of the wingnuts and the TPers or the new TPPers all the way to the bottom. The only way they can stay afloat on that wave is to adopt the extreme rhetoric of the most thoughtless groups that have infiltrated the Republican party. It’s ugly, and it’s dangerous. It’s not a tea party out there anymore: it’s more of a bile party, with a lot of gas thrown in, both kinds of gas.

      And c’mon, it’s not ether on the InterTubes. It’s copper and silicon. Ether was ethereal. We’re talking elemental these days. Twenty-first century, Chuck, twenty-first century. 🙂


      • I won’t tell him you said that…


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