The Tea Party Rule…

The so-called Tea Partiers, whose actions and viciousness and violence have been anything but de rigueur for a tea party, even for the Mad Hatter’s tea party in the nutso world of illogic and madness of Alice in Wonderland, these Tea Partiers do live by a rule, a rule that governs their thoughts and actions and apparently their every waking moment.

The rule they live by is called The Law of Logical Argument. It’s a very simple rule, and it says:

Anything is possible if you don’t know what you are talking about.

Apparently their rule covers the harassment and intimidation of public officials by threats and acts of violence, up to and including the violent overthrow of the United States government, which is the logical outcome of their thoughts and actions.

The Tea Partiers, and their financial backers from the wealthy elites, are the new American Nazis. Ignorance and violence in word and deed is their credo. Fear and ignorance and violence form the constellation of their guiding stars. They have chosen not to think for themselves, they have chosen not to learn facts and analyze evidence, they have chosen only to do what their masters tell them to do, never once considering that the people behind the Tea Party movement have an agenda that will, if accomplished, throw the rank and file of the Tea Party onto the trash heap of false color political movements.

Ignorance is the best friend of violence.

The Tea partiers have plenty of both.


12 Responses

  1. That “movement” is a domestic terrorism incubator.


    • …and the eggs are hatching.


    • No, Timothy McVeigh was a domestic terrorist. Bill Ayers is a domestic terrorist. The Tea party is just a non-aligned group of various people with a different opinion than yours on an issue about taxes and the deficit apparently. I’m sorry an opinion counter to you own causes such angst. You may need to get over that if you want to be a function member of society. I does tend to happen occasionally.


      • Unfortunately they are ignorant of the facts. High taxes? No, they’re paying the lowest taxes in decades, under Obama’s twenty-five tax cuts. But the TPers are still out there screaming about high taxes and gangster government, still pushing violence with their rhetoric, still worshiping people like Bachmann and Palin, neither of whom can think her way out of a wet paper bag or open her mouth without spewing lies and distortions and misinformation. Maybe you missed the news this week about the massive, multi-million dollar funding given the Tea Party by the Koch family, a bunch of right-wing billionaires. And the TP is definitely aligned with the Republicans, especially right wing Republicans. Or maybe you haven’t bothered to look at who they support and where their money and support comes from.

        Get your facts straight before you come around here spitting TP propaganda. And proofread your damned comments. You come across as an idiot on both counts.


        • Yup caught the typo. My apologies for any grammatical offense given. Not sure what propaganda I spit out. My intent was to question the current inflated used of terms like domestic terrorist. but feel free to infer whatever you may.


  2. I expect to see fangs and claws when Congress takes on immigration reform. A new place to direct hate. 😦


    • That debate may be too vicious even for my tender touch.


  3. Ric, your tender touch is just what this debate needs.


    • And here I’ve been thinking about reforming and becoming reasonable and logical and engaging in civil debate… oh who the hell am I kidding?!


  4. slanderous, does not address their grievances, breaks Godwins law, speculative


    • Their so-called grievances are based on ignorance, willful ignorance since they make no attempt to ascertain the facts of the issues they complain about; on fear, based on ignorance and hysteria; and hardly speculative. As for Godwin’s Law, it applies to comment chains, not to the original post. And when an organized group substitutes ignorance and violence for civil political discourse, they can justifiably be compared to Nazis. Or the Klan. Or any other well-known politically violent group. What amazes me is the number of people who think a fascist state can’t happen here and who take umbrage when anyone calls out a political group headed in that direction, especially one supported and cheered and encouraged by the installed political leadership of one party or the other, in this case the Republicans.


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