The Lion Appointed Ambassador To Tahiti…

In his dreams.

However, given that the Obama administration is continuing the practice of handing ambassadorships to people who essentially decided to pay to play and are otherwise unqualified, it’s not completely impossible.

From today’s Globe:

On Wednesday Obama nominated 12 ambassadors, only four of whom are career diplomats. The career diplomats were nominated for posts in Brazil, Iceland, Kosovo, and Sri Lanka. If confirmed, the eight political appointees will serve in Argentina, Britain, Denmark, France, Japan, India, the Vatican, and the African Union.

John Roos, the nominee for Japan, is a California technology lawyer and campaign fund-raiser who collected at least $500,000 for Obama’s campaign. Louis Susman, who would serve in Britain, is a former Citigroup vice president from Chicago who raised at least $100,000 as an Obama bundler. He also contributed $50,000 for Obama’s inauguration. Charles Rivkin, the nominee for France, is a former financial analyst at Salomon Brothers who runs a California entertainment company and who raised more than $500,000 for Obama. And Laurie Fulton, picked for Denmark, is a corporate lawyer in Washington who raised between $100,000 to $200,000 for Obama.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs defended Obama’s choices, describing them as "a group of committed individuals and proven professionals."

Committed to buying ambassadorships?

Professional whats? Certainly not professionally qualified diplomats.

The Lion gave the Obama campaign twenty-five dollars. Tahiti is a small place. Since ambassadorships are for sale, The Lion should receive equal consideration.

It’s hard not to look at this in a gloomy light. The world is cracking at a variety of seams and the guy who was supposed to be a light of reason and rational action is sending a bunch of unqualified, egotistical, know-nothings, diplomatically speaking, to handle political relationships with other countries.

If any one of these people had an ounce of integrity and concern for the country he would refuse his appointment and insist that a qualified diplomat be appointed.

And that just ain’t gonna happen, baby, it ain’t gonna happen.

9 Responses

  1. Aside from the fact that we really don’t need ambassadors in each country anymore (this was necessary when it took a month to travel to these countries. We have instant communication and global satellite hookups now) it seems the the purpose of these damned things is to literally remove unwanted people from our own country. Send them somewhere where they really can’t do much harm. Like Iceland, Sri Lanka and France.

    I think he should give Pat Robertson an ambassadorship to Antarctica (Is that a country?) And Rush Limbaugh ought to go to Eastbumfuckistan.

    Though I kinda agree with you. A nice cushy post in Bali, or Pogo Pogo for a year or so would be nice about now.


  2. Think of how much fun we could have if we were ambassadors on neighboring islands, enduring the hardships of hosting and attending numerous ambassadorial functions where the food tastes good and the wine flows freely. Life could be worse.


  3. spanqi –

    Bali, not so much. Things explode there.

    chappie –

    The mind boggles. The heart yearns. Reality sucks. Heavy sigh.


  4. Bali, not so much. Things explode there.

    How about one of those places where they think white men are gods? Like those cargo cult islands?


    • That might be alright for lesser beings, but The Lion is now, and has always been, a god wherever he goes. You need only ask him to ascertain the truth of his godness.


      • Do your cats think you are a god? or do they naturally assume that you worship them, as cats are god?


        • My cats know which side of the can their food is buttered on. I tell them they are gods, but I control the catnip.


  5. Ambassadorships have a long history of being given to big campaign contributors. I seem to remember a (Danny Kaye?) musical film about a rich woman who is posted to a little bitty European country with Kaye as her personnal assistant. Of course, he actually has a clue what is going on and thus manages her. Which is pretty much what happens. Most countries are not important enough to get real ambassadors. They get the political cronies who are expected to throw good parties while the foreign service employees do all the work, correct the ambassador’s mistakes (and take the blame), and get no credit when things go right.


    • True, but it’s a dumbass way to run things in today’s world.


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