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Speak, O Mighty Democrats, Speak!
February 20, 2011

Drew Westen, one of The Lion’s favorite political analysts, writes in the March issue of The American Prospect that the Democrats need to learn to speak politics the way the Neanderthals on the Right speak it.

The deathly penchant that Progressives have for nuance just has to go, and it has to be replaced by language that works in the emotionally real world of politics.

He offers as examples the following statements that Democrats ought to be putting out there to the electorate. Compare these to the mealy-mouthed, sleepy mush that John Kerry offered during his campaign (if you can remember anything  he said).

I want to see the words ‘Made in America’ again.

Millionaires and billionaires should be giving to charity, not getting it.

We stand with the working- and middle-class Americans and the small businesses that create two-thirds of the jobs in this country. They stand with the millionaires and CEOs and big businesses that ship our jobs overseas.

It’s time politicians stopped running for or against government and started running it well.

And for those with the extra lung power…

I want to see the words “Made in America” again. Reclaiming our place as the world’s leader in manufacturing and agriculture isn’t just essential to our economic strength; it’s essential to our national security. Imagine if we had fought World War II without manufacturing plants and American-grown food. It’s time we negotiate trade agreements that lift up American workers, not bring down their pay and benefits to the levels workers in Mexico and China receive. It’s time we stop rewarding companies that ship our jobs overseas, and stop giving tax breaks to companies that shelter their money offshore. It’s time we stop giving money to the big banks that are strangling small businesses, which are the engine of economic growth and job creation. It’s time we manufacture the clean, safe energies of the 21st century, like wind and solar power, so we don’t have to depend on other countries for fuel. We’ve led every technological revolution of the last century, and there’s no reason we can’t lead this one. It’s time we balance free trade with fair trade, so that the working people who contribute to the creation of wealth share in it.

Those all strike The Lion as statements far closer to genuine, strong, and honest American values than the nonsense the Right and its handmaidens in the media keep vomiting forth.

Any guesses about when the timid little Democrats will get enough spine and smarts to say these things and stand up to the Boehnerian loudmouths of greed and sellout?

Not soon, The Lion would wager.

Corrective Rape: The Best People Do It
April 8, 2010

The United States Department of State reports in today’s Globe, in an AP article, that gays in the broken and destitute nation of Zimbabwe ‘face widespread harassment’.  Homosexual acts are illegal in Zimbabwe.

Not only has Zimbabwe stepped back into medieval ignorance and brutality on just about every front imaginable, it has sunk to new depths of stupidity too.

Gay men were forced into heterosexual acts and lesbian women were raped, sometimes by male relatives, to teach them to change their ways, said Amanda Porter, political officer at the US Embassy in Harare and compiler of the report.

“Some families reportedly subjected men and women to corrective rape and forced marriages to encourage heterosexual conduct,’’ she [State Department political officer Amanda Porter in Harare] said Tuesday.

Corrective rape. Think about that for a minute. Let it work around your consciousness for a while. Corrective rape.

If someone doesn’t agree with your rules, your style of living, well, rape them. Brutalize them, and that will turn them into good little conformists, that will bring them around to your way of thinking.

Corrective rape.

But what can you expect from a country driven back into primitive times by a psychotic dictator who is no better than a common thug informed by witch doctors?


One could argue that the best people, the best governments, do the same thing. The United States did it in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Iraq didn’t fit into George W. Bush and his bunch of neocon witch doctors’ world view, so that country had to be correctively raped. Of course, the gays in Zimbabwe are real gays, and the stuff Bush used to justify raping Iraq had to be made up, but rape is rape. Iraq now stands corrected. If we listen hard we can hear explosions of joy almost every day now in Iraq.

And Afghanistan continues to receive its therapy of corrective rape, begun under Bush and continuing under Obama, who is apparently under the spell of Democratic witch doctors. The Taliban, who never attacked the United States, and who are out of power, or would be if the United States wasn’t supporting a corrupt and apparently addled fellow who may or may not be in control of Kabul, the Taliban are the current recipients of corrective rape as applied by Obama and the United States government and the United States military.

The Taliban are not, of course, the nicest people, and they disagree with the United States and do not want to follow the dictates of the United States. So they should be raped. Correctively. By bombs. By rockets fired from anonymous drones. By American soldiers eager to prove their own ignorance and brutality by killing as many women and children as possible, knowing that the military brass will brush off such murder as ‘collateral damage’. The difference between ‘collateral damage’ and corrective rape? None if you’re the one taking the damage, the one getting raped.

So, the difference between the putatively most technologically advanced nation on earth and one of the most backward nations on earth? None, really.

And Obama and his political shamans brought that home with even more force with the recent revelation that he had ordered the killing of an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, a loudmouth jihadi born in New Mexico, operating overseas, linked to the Fort Hood killings and the Christmas airline bomb plot.  Like it or not, the man is an American citizen, entitled to the protections of the Constitution and laws. That means dragging him into court and proving the case against him and then sentencing him to death if warranted. Like it or not, the United States claims to be a nation of laws. There is no middle ground. You cannot be a nation of laws sometimes, and not at other times when it may be inconvenient or may not suit the particular neurosis of the crew in power.

If an American President can order the murder of this American citizen, then he, or the next one, or the one after that, can order the killing of any American who disagrees with the crew in power. There is no middle ground.

And given the actions of the United States government under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, it has become apparent that the United States is no longer a nation of laws, but has become a nation that justifies the application of corrective rape not only to nations that disagree with it, but to its own citizens.

The virulent right will cheer the application of corrective rape, whether in the United States or overseas. The left will cluck-cluck powerlessly. The middle will continue on in ignorance, letting it happen while they worry about bills and jobs and school bullying, not understanding the significance of the matter because for the most part they understand nothing about the republic in which they live. The ironic thing is that all of them, no matter their persuasion, can now be considered suitable, by some crew in power, for corrective rape.

Not quite what the Founders had in mind, though they were well aware of the difficulty. As Ben Franklin said, “[We’ve given you] a Republic, if you can keep it.” Apparently, the Republic has been correctively raped by its people and its government. Old Ben must be rolling about in his grave with both hands over his ass.

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How Obama And His Crew Have Screwed The Democrats
January 19, 2010

The Lion’s already said it, but here’s Robert Kuttner’s conclusion of his piece over at Huffington Post:

Either way, the Massachusetts surprise should be a wake-up call of the most fundamental kind. Obama needs to stop playing inside games with bankers and insurance lobbyists, and start being a fighter for regular Americans. Otherwise, he can kiss it all goodbye.

Worth reading the whole thing. It’s not long.


Why Do Healthcare Discussions Make Smart People Stupid In America?
July 2, 2009

The Lion suspects that most people in America, aside from the virulent zombies in the Republican Party, would agree that Barack Obama is an intelligent man. Highly intelligent, highly accomplished.

And yet even he can be driven into stupidity by the irrationality of the healthcare debate. To wit, from today’s Globe:

Obama addressed public worries head on: Why no single-payer system, one Internet questioner asked. It might work elsewhere, but so many Americans have become so used to receiving health insurance through their employers, it’s too dramatic a change, Obama explained.

That’s from a town-hallish meeting Obama held at Northern Virginia Community College yesterday.

And once again the man misses the point. People do not care, finally, where their health insurance comes from. In truth, they do not even care about health insurance.

They do care about healthcare.

They do want to go to their doctor when they’re sick and not worry about how to pay for it. They want to know they can go to the hospital when their condition is serious and not worry that they’ll have to declare bankruptcy or spend the rest of their life paying off a hospital bill. They want to know that they can get an illness treated in its early stage when it can be cured, they want to know that they don’t have to wait for illness to become so severe that they can no longer work or enjoy life. They want to know that they can take their kid to the hospital without fearing the cost will drive them into debt.

And employers would like to get the burden of health insurance off their backs and off their books so they can compete with every other modern country that has national health care instead of competing at a constant financial disadvantage. And employers would like to think that their employees could stay healthy and productive because they get the care they need when they need it.

If the United States government provided quality healthcare, paid for by taxes, no one would miss employer-provided health insurance. The current system kills and cripples people and it cripples the nation’s economy.

It’s time for Obama to get his head out of the sand, it’s time for the Democrats to stop coddling the insurance industry, and it’s time to tell the Republicans to piss off. The Republicans have nothing to offer, nothing to contribute, and want nothing better than to return to the days of old and sick people dying in the street, to the days of poorhouses and workhouses and debtor’s prisons. The Republicans want nothing better than to rake in personal fortunes gained from the misery and suffering of the American people.

The American people want good health care and they want to be free of health insurance terror.

Quickies… Iran, Healthcare, Bipartisanship
June 21, 2009


Iran is simple.

The government is a collection of corrupt thugs foisting the worst, medieval parts of a religion on the people as a governing principle. The Supreme Leader is violent, brutal, corrupt. He does not respect intellect, he does not respect liberty, he does not even respect his own religion and laws.

If the Iranian people really want to be free, to live under a rational and respectful government, they have to hit the streets by the hundreds of thousands, by the millions.

They have to fight the militias, they have to fight the government troops, they have to die in as many numbers as it takes to rid themselves of the priests.

Putting a priest, of any religion, in charge of any governing system guarantees tyranny, brutality, and the triumph of oligarchic or dictatorial power over reason and liberty.

Iran is simple. Fight to the death or live on your knees for the rest of your life.


The Republicans in the United States have two things to say about health care run by the government.

They say it denies choice to consumers.

They say people don’t want a government bureaucrat between them and their doctors.

They are, as usual, badly misinformed and full of crap.

A single payer national system lets you go to any doctor in the country. The only choice people have now is to wade through a welter of confusing insurance plans which limit ‘consumers’ to doctors approved by an insurance company.

As for bureaucrats, as the current system stands, insurance bureaucrats whose primary mission is to generate profits for their company make the decisions about what care a ‘consumer’ gets. They say ‘No’ based on profit. The care you need to live is far less important to them than the money the company makes. Government bureaucrats don’t have that conflict.

And by calling people who need healthcare ‘consumers’ the Republicans give full voice to their pro-money, anti-people philosophy.


Bipartisanship is crap. The Republicans don’t want it, and they don’t have anything useful to offer anyway.

The sooner the Democrats and Obama realize the Republicans are as useful as an appendix and as smart as a garden slug (apologies to the slugs) the sooner they could get on with marginalizing the clowns more than the clowns have already marginalized themselves.

The Republicans are the ones who have declared war on the laws, on the Constitution, and on the people of the United States, not the Democrats. The Democrats should treat the Republicans like the scummy betrayers and criminals they are.

Obama may be a decent man and a smart man and a sincere man, but if he doesn’t kick the Republicans in the nuts hard and often, they’ll destroy any hope of bringing this country into a rational and decent place in this century.

He could make a good start by disavowing Bush policies of secrecy, and by opening government criminal investigations into the criminal behavior of Bush, Cheney and their cronies.

He could improve on that by slamming every Republican who opens his mouth to spit out a lie or distortion, and doing it immediately, openly, and loudly.

The Republicans are liars, backstabbers, and hypocrites. They are interested only in power for themselves. They are incompetent at governance. They are a blight on the country, on the people, on democracy itself. They should be treated accordingly.

NRA Numbnuts Own Obama, Continue Paranoid Quest For A Return To The Wild West
June 9, 2009

Derrick Jackson has a good column in today’s Globe about the numbnuts of the Numbnut Rifle Association succeeding in pushing their paranoid, neurotic love of guns onto the whole nation with the willing help of the Democrats and President Obama.

As we all know, the NRA wants one single, applicable rule of guns anywhere, anytime. It recently rolled Obama and the Democratic-led Congress into allowing loaded guns in national parks. It has silenced the Democrats on bringing back the lapsed assault weapons ban. Also last week, the fear-mongering of the NRA about attackers preying on loved ones around every corner persuaded the Tennessee Legislature to override Governor Phil Bredesen’s veto of a bill that allows people to carry firearms into restaurants and bars where alcohol is served.

Good thinking, Tennessee. Numbskulls whose self-esteem depends on carrying a gun can now carry their esteem into a bar full of drunks and then proceed to get drunk. That bit of legislative legerdemain earns the legislators of Tennessee a place at the very top of the All-Time All-Star Stupid Legislators list.

As for Obama, Jackson notes:

If there is one place Obama can take a stand, it ought to be Chicago. Once upon a time, he had lots to say about gun violence and assault weapons being found near schools. Throughout the presidential campaign, he said he was confident America could find common ground between rural family traditions of hunting and children being hunted down and slaughtered on city streets. He often referred to specific numbers of Chicago public school children being killed.


Since Obama has been president, the NRA has been getting what it wants, no regulations and a censoring of reasonable, thoughtful debate. Meanwhile, the children in Chicago keep getting mowed down, with three dozen school-age children killed so far this year.

Read the column. The last two paragraphs alone are worth the time.

The Lion Appointed Ambassador To Tahiti…
May 29, 2009

In his dreams.

However, given that the Obama administration is continuing the practice of handing ambassadorships to people who essentially decided to pay to play and are otherwise unqualified, it’s not completely impossible.

From today’s Globe:

On Wednesday Obama nominated 12 ambassadors, only four of whom are career diplomats. The career diplomats were nominated for posts in Brazil, Iceland, Kosovo, and Sri Lanka. If confirmed, the eight political appointees will serve in Argentina, Britain, Denmark, France, Japan, India, the Vatican, and the African Union.

John Roos, the nominee for Japan, is a California technology lawyer and campaign fund-raiser who collected at least $500,000 for Obama’s campaign. Louis Susman, who would serve in Britain, is a former Citigroup vice president from Chicago who raised at least $100,000 as an Obama bundler. He also contributed $50,000 for Obama’s inauguration. Charles Rivkin, the nominee for France, is a former financial analyst at Salomon Brothers who runs a California entertainment company and who raised more than $500,000 for Obama. And Laurie Fulton, picked for Denmark, is a corporate lawyer in Washington who raised between $100,000 to $200,000 for Obama.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs defended Obama’s choices, describing them as "a group of committed individuals and proven professionals."

Committed to buying ambassadorships?

Professional whats? Certainly not professionally qualified diplomats.

The Lion gave the Obama campaign twenty-five dollars. Tahiti is a small place. Since ambassadorships are for sale, The Lion should receive equal consideration.

It’s hard not to look at this in a gloomy light. The world is cracking at a variety of seams and the guy who was supposed to be a light of reason and rational action is sending a bunch of unqualified, egotistical, know-nothings, diplomatically speaking, to handle political relationships with other countries.

If any one of these people had an ounce of integrity and concern for the country he would refuse his appointment and insist that a qualified diplomat be appointed.

And that just ain’t gonna happen, baby, it ain’t gonna happen.

Just A Quick Reminder: Mr. Obama Is Not The President
December 8, 2008

Barack Obama is possibly the most visible, most active, most influential President-in-waiting the country has ever seen.

And from all quarters comes the cry ‘He’s not doing enough to fix the terrible problems we face.’

Which is a stupid thing to say.

He’s not the President.

The real President is bunkered up with his minions trying to create the lies that will redefine his Presidency as something other than the complete, unmitigated, stinking disaster that it really is.

Mr. Obama does not have the actual power of office yet. Even so he is far more influential than George W. Bush. He’s leaving no doubt that he will be in charge after January 20, 2009, and that he will be making changes.

But for now he can only co-opt the bully pulpit of the White House, and demonstrate a steady hand and a cool intellect and powerful pragmatism, all of which together suggest that the chance of the United States becoming a very different country than it has been under conservative dominance is quite real.

Whether he and his officials can overcome the devastating damage Bush and the Republicans have wreaked upon the United States is the elephant in the room.

But let’s remember, Mr. Obama is not the President yet.

Why Obama Is Going To Have A Tough Time Winning The Election
August 27, 2008

Never mind all the fooforaw about focus groups and polls and Luntzian and Lakoffian language.

No, here’s the reason the Democrats will have a tough time this year:

More than two-thirds of Americans don’t know that DNA is the key to heredity.

Ninety percent of Americans don’t understand radiation and what it can do to flesh and blood.

Twenty percent of Americans firmly believe the sun revolves around the Earth.

And so on.*

That kind of citizenry is not going to listen to intelligent and rational discussions of the issues. They aren’t able to gain even a slight understanding of complex issues.

They do understand things like ‘Bomb bomb bomb Iran because Iran is evil’. They do understand ‘Abortion is murder’. They do understand ‘Fight them over there so they won’t come over here and marry your daughter’.

In other words they are capable of understanding only the dumbed down talking points the Republicans put out. And the Republicans understand that their favored citizenry is really pretty stupid, so that’s how they talk to them. That’s why they know they can say, in their cute little codes and through their psycho surrogates, that Barack Obama is a nigger and a raghead and if you elect him the rest of the niggers and hadjis will rape your daughters and take over the country and take away your jobs. The Republicans know their people understand that message.

They should know it. They’ve been pushing versions of it ever since Dickie Nixon started it with his so-called Southern strategy. That’s the kind of citizenry the Republicans like. That’s what they want the whole country to look like. Stupid, ignorant, redneck. People who understand nothing but money, hatred, and bigotry, and who can’t think their way out of a wet paper bag, because if they could they might start shooting Republicans in the street with the assault weapons the Republicans are only to happy to hand to them, no questions asked.

That’s McCain’s kind of people. They’re the people who will gladly hand the country over to McBush for eight more years of disaster and catastrophe. They’re the people who will stick out their right arm to salute the flag while holding their Bibles under their left arm and who will remain blissfully unaware that the Republicans are taking their beloved country right down the toilet.

Or maybe it’s just that the Republicans have been crapping on them for so long that they think living in the toilet is normal.

Yup, for these people the sun rises and sets on McBush while it revolves around the earth.

Try to explain the nuances of health care policy or the complexities of foreign policy to these bozos, Senator Obama.

Aw, hell, don’t even think about bothering. They’re going to vote for McBush no matter what. After all, he’s white and he’s simple-minded. You, you’re barely one step removed from the jungle, according to them. And, well, let’s face it, you just sound smart and christ knows we can’t have an intelligent man running the country.

* Figures from The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby

Main Core: Your Sleazy, Corrupt American Government Watching You Since Ronnie Raygun
July 23, 2008

Remember Big Brother? Ugly bastard that looks like George W. Bush?

He’s bigger than you thought and Ronnie Reagan gave birth to him, and George Bush sucks him off every day.

The thin veneer that has separated the United States from being a brutal tyranny, at least in the minds of its ignorant citizenry, is now pierced in this article at Salon.

And don’t count on the Democrats or Barack Obama to do too much about it. And eight years of John McCain, stupid and venal and power hungry, will simply be the coup de grace on the Republican coup d’etat that is a hair away from completely destroying democracy in the United States.