Want To See The Future? Oz Burns.

Still think global warming is just joke fodder for the fathead Limbaugh crowd?

Still think you can just turn on your air conditioner when things get too warm?

Still think it’s way off in the future?

Check this out. Kiss a continent goodbye. And your ass, too.

12 Responses

  1. If Australia is the canary in the mine, we’re in deep shit.


  2. Yes but we’ll always have skiing in London and Paris


  3. alfie –
    Maybe for a little while when the Conveyor shuts down, but then they’re gonna roast too.

    chappie –
    There are so many canaries screaming right now all around the world that it’s a wonder we’re not all deaf. Or maybe we are all deaf and that’s why nothing is being done besides endless talk and a few token gestures, none of which have the teeth necessary to accomplish anything near what’s needed.


  4. Australia, which emits more carbon dioxide per head than any nation on earth…

    I had no idea. Is it from all the barbies?


  5. You should probably consult Palin on this. After all, McCain said that she is one of the country’s foremost energy experts — or something like that.


  6. She’s definitely got a lot of energy. Hell, she’d have to have a lot of energy to maintain the wall of conservative demagoguery and delusion she lives behind.

    Seriously, I think she’s dangerous. She’s learned she can get power and fame for lying and slandering. Millions of wingnuts are just slavering over her simple-mindedness and she’s willing to use them.


  7. philly –

    Yeah, from the barbies and the hot air of their conservative deniers.


  8. Time for a new series of Mad Max remakes?


  9. How prescient are you this week?
    Close to 100 dead in fires now, according to the news.


  10. I’m only a little bit prescient.

    Today they’re up to 130 and counting. Temps 118 – 120 degrees. If I recall correctly, climatological models predicted this sort of thing for Australia (and numbers of other events and suchlike that are turning out to be true).

    I am currently prescient with the flu and expect to carry it to term.


  11. Once again, you choose to maintain an irrational position based on propaganda instead of fact. If you talk to an actual Australian, they will tell you that it is the government’s own “green” policy of never allowing trees to be pruned that exacerbated the fires.

    Since there is no such thing as global warming (the earth has actually been cooling steadily for some years now), it obviously cannot be responsible for these fires – which were, by the way, deliberately set.

    If you want to educate yourself rather than continue to embarrass yourself with this sort of childish aping of what the mainstream media feeds you, you can learn more here:



  12. Wow! An actual Australian? What? Your cousin? How about the massive documentation through peer reviewed scientific studies by legitimate scientists.

    You’re done here.


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