And Nazi Influence Keeps On Rolling. In Israel.

Okay, there likely aren’t any Nazis in Israel, but there are Israelis who have taken the lessons of Nazism to heart and would happily apply them to the Israeli Fatherland and the surrounding sea of Arabs (‘rats’ Ariel Sharon and others called them, using the familiar language of dehumanization popularized by old Uncle Adolf) the Israelis seem determined to wipe off the face of the earth.

The latest and most slavering of the bunch appears to be one Avigdor Lieberman, head of the Israel Beitenu (Israel Is Our Home) party, now running in a strong third place before the coming elections, and thus forcing the other candidates to kowtow to him, since either of the other parties may well have to ask him to be a partner in a coalition government.

Some quotes from today’s Globe about Lieberman’s politics and beliefs:

Portraits of two Israeli-Arab politicians, defaced by red Hebrew letters reading, “Shame and Disgrace!” flashed on a giant video screen [at a Lieberman rally].

Avigdor Lieberman’s attacks on Arabs have shaken up the race for Parliament and prime minister. He is drawing large, boisterous crowds of voters who delight in chanting his slogan – “Without loyalty, there is no citizenship” – and back his proposal for a mandatory loyalty oath to the Jewish state.

Lieberman’s momentum, fueled by Israel’s recent offensive in the Gaza Strip, has tightened the [election] contest.

Yet the two leading candidates, wary of his clout, have refrained from criticizing him.

He also called for outlawing Arab parties whose leaders had condemned the Israeli offensive.

About one-fifth of Israel’s 7 million citizens are Arabs, and a dozen serve in the 120-seat Parliament. Many of their leaders want to define Israel as a binational state, with more control by Arabs over public institutions and their own communities, rather than as a Jewish state.

Lieberman condemns such advocacy as treasonous.

Anyone refusing to sign [the loyalty oath] would lose citizenship rights, including the right to vote and to run for public office, but could remain in Israel on residence permits.

Perhaps Lieberman can come up with a good symbol for them to patch onto their clothing so they can be identified easily in public. A yellow crescent, perhaps.

One can imagine this fellow standing near the Gaza border with his friends cheering thousand-pound bombs and white phosphorus raining down on children in the densely populated urban areas of Gaza.

One could point out, on the good side, that ‘Heil Lieberman’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it as the original, even though it comes from the same dark heart of evil that resided in Hitler and his millions of followers and supporters.

If Israel continues its murderous attempts to justify its original theft of Palestinian lands, its slaughter of Arabs on the slightest pretext, its brutal treatment of the Palestinian people, then we can fully expect that the next great abhorred symbol in world history, right alongside Hitler’s twisted cross, will be the  Star of David. And right up there with Adolf will be Lieberman, the revered hero of the neo-Israelis.


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  1. Israelis are human beings, and as such, there will always be some who fail to learn the lessons of hatred and end up perpetuating it.

    However, when you talk about Israel’s “original theft of Palestinian lands”, you torpedo your own credibility because of your obvious ignorance of historical fact. It’s perfectly legitimate to criticize Israel’s actions, but if you want to be taken seriously, better make sure you’re not getting your facts from Arab propaganda.


  2. I read not long ago that archeology points to Jews being indigenous there, and that all those glorious battles in the OT of coming in and conquering this tribe or that and smashing their babies on the rocks is all BS, as are the Exodus, the Davidic empire and the grand empire of Solomon whose armies supposedly had golden shields (which sounds stupid to me since gold is so malleable, that wouldn’t be much protection). So theft? No.


  3. pc –

    A minor indigenous tribe some thousands of years ago isn’t automatically entitled to grab the land and declare a nation now. So, theft? Yes.

    sinjection –

    The Palestinians lived there, owned the land, worked their farms there, and had all that taken from them. The destruction and theft of their lands continue today as the Israelis bulldoze farms and homes and take the land for their ‘settlements’, illegal under law. As for propaganda, the Israelis are a lot better at that deceit than their victims. You apparently prefer the Israeli version. Some people think Rush Limbaugh is a fine fellow too.


  4. Ric – Your understanding of history is a bit skewed. First of all, there was no such thing as a “Palestinian” until after the 1948 war that the Arabs launched to exterminate the Jews. There were only Arabs who lived in Palestine. Most of them did not own the land they lived on – the land had been owned by Ottoman Turks. Some of that land was legally sold to Jewish settlers who turned an unproductive, parched backwater province into green and fertile land. Suddenly, “Palestine” was desirable property again, thanks to the Jews.

    The “Palestinian” identity was created by the Arab nations because they didn’t want to absorb poor refugees into their own countries. By forcing their own people to live in squalid camps and blaming Israel, the myth of Palestinian nationhood was born.

    It is certainly true that there have been cases where Jewish settlements were illegally built on Palestinian land. For the most part, Israeli courts have ruled in favor of Palestinians in these cases and ordered the settlements to be removed. Which is far more justice than Arab countries have ever given them.

    As for Rush Limbaugh, you probably know even less about him than you do about Israel, but I can assure you he knows more about Israel than you do.


  5. sinj –

    The Ottoman Turks were finished with WWI. And you really ought to know better than to try to push the canard that the Jews came in and saved the poor, shiftless, lazy Arabs and their parched backwater province. Three quarters of the Arab population cultivated the land from 1914 on.

    It’s obvious you’ve read nothing but Israeli propaganda designed for seventh graders. Take it someplace else. It won’t wash around here. In fact, get your ignorant ass down to the library and read some real history. And look at a map showing the so-called settlements the Israelis have built and continue to build illegally in occupied territory.

    Rush Limbaugh is a self-centered, narcissistic clown who never met a lie he didn’t like or a person he didn’t want to demean or dishonor. He’s the fatass gutless wonder who sent his maid out to get his illegal drugs, and he has zero credibility to anyone with more than three brain cells to rub together.

    Go peddle your bullshit someplace else.


  6. Wow, when you make sophisticated arguments like that, how can we help but be impressed?

    Apparently you’re completely unaware that Jewish immigration to Palestine began well before the end of WWI. Which only marks the beginning of your ignorance on the topic. I accuse YOU of being the one who has only read Arab propaganda on the subject and never cracked open an actual history book – or, more likely, an actual book.

    As for the question of whether Jewish settlements improved the land and local economy, that is a matter of undisputable fact that even moderate Arabs admit to. That you refuse to is further proof that you’re an extremist wingnut.


  7. He’s got lots of company too! Let’s start with the bumpf that the people living in Palestine were Arabs. Son-of-a-gun, they were a polyglot mishmash of people from different countries who were driven from their homes by the armed forces of the European invaders setting up a state defined by religious/inherited status.
    After ending up being herded into barbed wire camps they found – eventually – themselves being walled away from each other – on their own land – and people coming in to settle on the places from which they had been evicted.
    Poor Israelis! The possessors of war materiel from the U.S. in amounts greater than gifted to the whole continent of Africa made their neighbours afraid of their intolerance and aggression.
    Poor misunderstood souls! So much so that young Israelis today go to jail rather than engage in the persecution of civilians who have no armed forces of their own ; who have their wells filled in by the invaders.
    Now, I’m sure if a person wants to ignore the blocking off of aid, shelling of fishing boats by the navy, and such other stuff as trivialities and lies, censuring by the UN … why so you can.
    What do you make of this ?


  8. Well said, Grumpy lion.
    Great to see an American talking sense on th eIsrael-Palestine conflict


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