Rick Perry: Liar, Hypocrite, Welfare Queen
September 7, 2011

The Republican darling from Texas who wants to gather to himself all the perks of the White House and will tell any lie and live any hypocrisy to get him there, and has for all his life taken every taxpayer dollar he can get his grubby hands on, is taken apart by Jim Hightower in this piece over at Common Dreams.

A taste:

Worse, probe even a millimeter into the million-jobs number that he is sprinkling around like fairy dust, and you’ll learn that Perry’s jobs are mostly "jobettes" that can’t sustain a family. They come with very low pay, no health care or pension, and no employment security, labor rights or upward mobility — many are only part-time and/or temporary positions.

Here’s a particularly revealing stat that the Perry pixies don’t want us to see: On his watch as governor, Texas added more minimum wage jobs than all the other 49 states combined. More than half a million Texans now work for $7.25 an hour or less. He can brag that he’s brought Texans down into a tie with Mississippi for the highest percentage of workers reduced to poverty pay.

And Hightower notes that Perry has spent pretty much his entire life sucking at the public teat.

So when this taxpayer-supported lifer flits into your town to declare that he will slash public benefits and make government "as inconsequential as possible," he means in your life, not his.


Romney Calls Bin Laden Delusional. The Old Pot And Kettle Trick…
September 9, 2007

In a piece in the Globe’s Campaign Notebook today, Mitt ‘The Mitten’ Romney, referring to Osama bin Laden’s latest video missive, commented “Who can be so deluded as he is?”

In the 26-minute video, bin Laden compares the Iraq war to Vietnam, criticizes the Democratic party for failing to prompt a US pullout from Iraq, and encourages Americans to welcome Islam. He does not make any direct warning of an imminent attack.

Let’s play ‘Find the Delusion’.

Comparing the Iraq war to Vietnam?

George ‘Nutso’ Bush did that the other day. So it must be true that the President is delusional, apparently just as delusional as bin Laden. On the other hand, any rational person would have realized long ago that Bush is delusional and bin Laden is wrapped a little too tightly.

The Democrats failing to prompt a pullout from Iraq?

Delusional? No. They have failed to take a truly strong stand, and they’ve also been stymied by Republican determination to continue the slaughter in Iraq. So that’s hardly a delusional statement. Let’s not forget Romney’s little delusion of doubling the size of the Guantanamo concentration and torture camp while sane people everywhere want the place closed. Perhaps he’s looking for a place to board the dog he tortured some years ago.

Encourages Americans to welcome Islam?

As opposed to killing every Muslim who wants to come here? As opposed to deporting every one of the several million Muslims already here, living good lives as peaceful American citizens and migrants? Come on, Mitten, where’s the delusion?

Let’s try on some of the Mitten’s delusions:

…Romney was asked how he would respond to Iran. He said the United States must “tighten the sanctions hard so that the people of Iran understand just what renegades their leaders seem like on the world stage.”

Romney’s calling for communal punishment of civilians because he disagrees with the Iranian leadership. Romney forgets, or refuses to accept, that hard sanctions on Iraq caused the death of half a million children following the first American war there. So let’s kill a couple of million Iranian kids because the President of Iran is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. And that will make the Iranians hate themselves and love us? Right, Mitten? Did you notice how well that worked in Iraq?

And let’s not forget that the Iranians have not broken any laws or treaties in the matter of nuclear development. All we have is a deranged American President saying the Iranians might – might – develop a bomb, so we ought to rain bombs and missiles on them just in case. And Romney goes along with this. Who’s delusional?

And just to get religious for a minute, Romney practices a religion based on a bogus book, supposedly written on gold plates and given to Mormonism’s founder, Joseph Smith, by an angel, and which Smith translated from bogus Egyptian using special eyeglasses. Say, Mitt, where’s the book, the gold one? Be worth a fortune on eBay, eh? As religious delusions go, that’s pretty imaginative, but just as dumb as the founding myths of any other religion. And practitioners are just as predisposed to accept delusions as anybody in the local asylum, apparently.

Bin Laden’s got his 72 ‘virgins’ and bogus version of Islam, and the Mitten has his bogus gold book and attendant nonsense legends. Between the two of them, assuming America is stupid enough to put another Republican in the White House, the Mitten and bin Laden can kill and torture a hell of a lot more innocent people.

But the prize for delusions really has to go to the American side. America lost 3,000 people on 9/11. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, had no connection to the criminals. Yet America actually believes that the deaths of over half a million people in the slaughterhouse they’ve created in Iraq isn’t enough to balance the scales.

Now that’s goddamned powerful delusional thinking. It’s the sort of thinking that Mitt Romney believes in, and for which he is willing to kill millions of innocent people.

So who’s really delusional, Mitt?

My money’s on the Americans.

Romney: I’ll Nuke Everybody. I’m A Man, Dammit.
September 2, 2007

Mitt ‘The Mitten’ Romney wants to make sure the American public understands that he is a man, and that his ignorance and arrogance and general all-around stupidity is not limited to terrifying his dog by an abysmal act of cruelty.

No sirree. The Mitten wants to nuke terrorists.

The thrust of the piece in the Globe’s Campaign Notebook makes it clear that if some terrorists pop a nuke in America, The Mitten would nuke them back.

“But there’s no question people understand that reason that we have the thousands upon thousands of nuclear warheads we have is that we intend to protect ourselves. And I would never shrink from protecting the American nation, the American people, nor shrink from retaliation if somebody used something as awful as a nuclear device. We will be safe.”

With boneheads like Romney, we don’t need terrorists to bring down the United States.

Let’s say everybody’s favorite terrorist boss, Osama Bin Laden, had used a small nuke instead of a couple of huge airplanes to bring down the World Trade Center. And by small we’re talking tiny, not the megatonnage in the U.S. and Israeli arsenals. And let’s say we lost ten thousand people and some irradiated real estate.

Who would the Mitten have nuked in retaliation? How many hundreds of thousands of innocents would he kill to make himself feel like a man?

Would he have put a nuke on Kabul, killing untold numbers of innocents along with a few terrorists, and unleashing decades of Islamic and Arabic fury?

I bet the Mitten sits there in the dark sometimes and fantasizes about a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Tehran because … well, just because, since there is no rational reason any sane person would do that.

Golly, I feel so safe and comfy knowing another brain-damaged Republican might get into the White House.

Tony Snow Says Bye-Bye. Media Sucks Up. New Ideoslut Steps In.
September 1, 2007

Tony Snow is leaving. He can’t make enough money pushing Republican lies for the government, so he’s going to go push Conservative lies on the speech circuit for big bucks.

Big deal. One ideoslut leaves the White House, another ideoslut steps in. At least Dana Perino’s better-looking. Aside from that, not a bit of difference. Except maybe that the intellectual limp dicks of the White House press corps will actually get even limper. Deference to a broad and all that crap. Maybe the female press dicks will sharpen up their fangs and brains and take on the latest Republiar. The men there handed their balls to the Bushites years ago.

Picked your first lie yet, Dana? Or are you going to go with a distortion or manipulation just to warm up?

Here’s hoping the press corps does its job and bloodies you.

The Seeming of Mitt Romney
July 29, 2007

A long piece in today’s Globe tells how Romney is leading the pack of tiny-minded Republicans seeking a primary win in New Hampshire. The article doesn’t really break any new ground, but a telling comment from a voter occurs three-quarters of the way through:

“I was really impressed with him; he seemed very relaxed, very confident, and very knowledgeable,” said … an undeclared voter in her late 60s…”

Romney seemed knowledgeable.

That pretty much tells me she didn’t have a clue about the issues, or about whether the Mitten actually knew what he was talking about. But she’s willing to put together her ignorance and his confident manner and decide that he’s the guy to run the United States.

I’m sure part of the Mitten’s undoubtedly entertaining shtick involves boasting how well he did as Massachusetts’ governor.

Of course he won’t mention that he wasn’t in Massachusetts much of the time, but was out whoring in other states for primary votes by criticizing the state.

Perhaps that voter who places such great faith in seeming would be interested in a report in the Globe today by Andrew Sum and Joseph McLaughlin, both of the Center for Market Studies at Northeastern University, about Romney’s tenure as Governor of the state he loved to bash. 

Our analysis reveals a weak comparative economic performance of the state over the Romney years, one of the worst in the country.

Some highlights:

  • Formal payroll employment: third lowest in the country
  • Manufacturing payroll declined by 14%, compared to 7% nationally
  • Two states experienced no growth in resident labor force, Massachusetts and Louisiana. Louisiana had Katrina.
  • 220,000 more people left the state than came to live here

Between 2002 and 2006, the median real (inflation  adjusted) weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers in Massachusetts is estimated to have fallen by $10 or nearly 2 percent.

Heckuva job, Mitten!

The authors also mention that Massachusetts was a national leader in home price increases between 2002 and 2005 – 95%, compared to 40% nationally.

Sum and McLaughlin generously add:

Real world experience has shown that a governor is limited in his power to influence the course of economic development in a state. A full-time governor who is deeply committed to the economic well-being of a state’s workers can, however, make some difference. The state unfortunately did not receive such leadership over most of the past four years.

No kidding. It’s the Republican way. Make your money off the backs of the working class and then kick the crap out them every chance you get.

As I recall, the Mitten, when sucking around for the governorship, flaunted his business success and promised he would boost Massachusetts’ stature and finances.

Seems like he blew that. But then what could you expect from a guy whose first act as governor of Massachusetts was to start running for President?

Makes me wonder what he’s going to run for if he wins the trophy of the Presidency? He’s already shown that he’s too ignorant and too psychologically challenged to be competent in the White House. Hell, he’ll probably make Michael Vick the Secretary of Defense on the grounds Vick understands how to fight subhumans. I’m sure the two of them will have a great time playing with their dogs in the basement pit of the White House. Or in Romney’s case perhaps on the roof.

Mr. Tony Snow: Mr. Vapid, Mr. Twister, Mr. Liar. Would You Buy A Used Anything From This Guy?
June 15, 2007

From ThinkProgress:

Yesterday, (Tony) Snow described Petraeus’ report as merely a “first opportunity” to “have a little bit of a metric” to “see what happens when you have all the forces in place for the Baghdad security plan.”


Q Let me follow on that, because I think some American officials have called this an act of desperation. And I’m wondering how this is seen as an act of desperation. Does that mean that the terrorists are so concerned that they’re sort of being shut down, and that the surge is so effective that they’re now desperate to make a statement?

MR. SNOW: Well, I think, again — a couple of things. It does fit a pattern that we see throughout the region, which is that when you see things moving towards success, or when you see signs of success, that there are acts of violence. We saw that, certainly — we’ve seen that in Lebanon, once again, today, tragically. We also saw it earlier in Lebanon. We have seen it on a number of occasions where, when Israel and the Palestinians seem to be getting close to a deal, there are kidnapings and acts of violence.


Q Tony, whenever you, or the President, or anyone in the administration is asked about assessing how the surge is going, you point out not everyone is there yet, it’s going to take a while — 30 or 60 days. Are we going to see any softening of the September deadline for a pivotal assessment on how this is going?

MR. SNOW: You call it a pivotal assessment — there are going to be regular assessments of what goes on — what has been going on in Iraq. And I think in September you will have the first opportunity to have a little bit of a metric to see what happens when you have all the forces in place for the Baghdad security plan. I mean, that I think — if you want a definitive judgment, I’ve warned from the very beginning about expecting some sort of magical thing to happen in September.

This is a war, and it is the sort of thing where you want to make sure that the measures that you are taking are producing results. And I think at that juncture you’re going to be able to have a little more granularity, as they say.

ThinkProgress: http://thinkprogress.org/2007/06/14/snow-success/

Watch Your Ass, America! Bush Has A New Suck-up
June 14, 2007

Dan Bartlett, the Little Psychopath’s twisted twister of words, has gone bye-bye. He has been “at the center of White House decision making”. Bush is replacing him with Ed Gillespie, former top puppy at the national Republican Party, according to the Associated Press.

Little Eddie says he got goosebumps because the Crazy One called him to duty. But what do Eddie’s bumps portend for the country, for us common folk? Well consider where he comes from:

Gillespie has been a high-profile Washington lobbyist…Gillespie was listed as a lobbyist last year for dozens of clients, including such corporate giants as Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Tyson Foods, according to lobbying reports on file with the Senate.

Tell you anything about who Bush really listens to? Here’s a hint – it ain’t you and it ain’t me.

Krugman On The Debate
June 8, 2007

Paul Krugman’s column on the Republican debate the other night can be found here:


Definitely worth a read and a ponder.

As I said, Romney and Giuliani, a couple of lying putzes, but Krugman nails what’s really important.

AWOL Mom’s Life Forfeit
June 6, 2007

The Globe today carries the story of Specialist Lisa Hayes of the New Hampshire National Guard.

Ms. Hayes signed up with the Guard to get medical training to become a registered nurse. She served one tour in Iraq guarding ‘dignitaries’ (who may likely be defined as Republicans who never go outside the now not-so-safe Green Zone without a hundred armed soldiers and five helicopters). She started a second tour as a guard at a POW compound, and that was when her troubles began.

The upshot was a custody battle for her seven-year-old daughter between Hayes and her former husband back home. The military extended her leave three times, then sent her back to Iraq. She couldn’t leave in the middle of the court battles, and was then charged with being AWOL and a month later with desertion.

Pretty much a standard story in today’s military, which has been busted up, broken, and savaged by the Bush administration and its crew of sociopaths and incompetents. The military says Hayes will probably be discharged, rather than jailed and/or shot. Kind of them.

I think the point that many people who sign up for the military fail to realize, having been brainwashed by the sanitized commercials about an Army of One, and so forth, and challenges to manhood, is that when you sign up for military duty, your life is forfeit. It belongs to the government. They can pretty much do what they want with you, and your life frankly means nothing. You are expendable. You are not on a career path. You are not in college. You are raw, trained meat, available to be thrown to whatever lions may fill the delusions an insane President.

Lisa Hayes was granted an honorable discharge. She should not have had to go through what the military put her through to get it.

White House To Take Charge! Cover Your Butt, Folks!
June 2, 2007

Charlie Savage writes in the Globe this morning:

The Bush Administration is writing a new plan to maintain governmental control in the wake of an apocalyptic terrorist attack or overwhelming natural disaster, moving such doomsday planning for the first time from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to officials inside the White House.

And later, responding to criticism that there has been no public discussion or input on the new policy:

…White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said that because of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the American public needs no explanation of such plans.

And Johndroe added, regarding the vague language in the policy:

I don’t think you want to have anything in the directive that would tie the president’s hands from being able to implement emergency action.

Now don’t we all feel better that disaster control, rather than being in the hands of professionals (which is where FEMA is, following the purge of the Brownies), is going to be in the hands of psychotic ideologues in the White House, people who have demonstrated an absolute disregard for democracy, for the Constitution, for the Bill of Rights, for the rule of law, for simple humanity, people who have demonstrated nothing but incompetence and lust for power and a desire to destroy everything with which they disagree?

Gee, I am just so relieved.


You do understand, don’t you, that this policy calls for the President to be able to suspend democratic institutions, declare martial law, and so on? In other words, to complete the Republican party’s God-given mission to turn this country into a one-party dictatorial theocracy? All they want is an excuse, any excuse, any reason at all, even if they have to manufacture a disaster, between now and the time the Little Psychopath leaves office. If you don’t get that, you might as well just get in line for the gas right now.