Tony Snow Says Bye-Bye. Media Sucks Up. New Ideoslut Steps In.
September 1, 2007

Tony Snow is leaving. He can’t make enough money pushing Republican lies for the government, so he’s going to go push Conservative lies on the speech circuit for big bucks.

Big deal. One ideoslut leaves the White House, another ideoslut steps in. At least Dana Perino’s better-looking. Aside from that, not a bit of difference. Except maybe that the intellectual limp dicks of the White House press corps will actually get even limper. Deference to a broad and all that crap. Maybe the female press dicks will sharpen up their fangs and brains and take on the latest Republiar. The men there handed their balls to the Bushites years ago.

Picked your first lie yet, Dana? Or are you going to go with a distortion or manipulation just to warm up?

Here’s hoping the press corps does its job and bloodies you.

Specific, Credible Threat Against America
June 30, 2007

An Associated Press story on the London car bombs noted:

White House press secretary Tony Snow said: “There is no specific or credible evidence of any threat of any kind against the United States of America.”

And once again Mr. Snow is a) lying b) misinformed c) both.

The major specific and credible threat against the United States today comprises the criminally sociopathic George W. Bush, his staff, his neocon supporters, his Justice Department (it is certainly no longer ours) and the Supreme Court he built.

Go, Tony, go! We just love that deep, measured voice you use to dispense the administration’s ignorance, arrogance, hypocrisy, and lies, and utter lack of rational awareness of what they’re really doing, of what results their actions cause in the real world. Damn, I think we should all chip in and buy Tony Snow a cheerleader’s costume that he can wear to his press gatherings.

Mr. Tony Snow: Mr. Vapid, Mr. Twister, Mr. Liar. Would You Buy A Used Anything From This Guy?
June 15, 2007

From ThinkProgress:

Yesterday, (Tony) Snow described Petraeus’ report as merely a “first opportunity” to “have a little bit of a metric” to “see what happens when you have all the forces in place for the Baghdad security plan.”


Q Let me follow on that, because I think some American officials have called this an act of desperation. And I’m wondering how this is seen as an act of desperation. Does that mean that the terrorists are so concerned that they’re sort of being shut down, and that the surge is so effective that they’re now desperate to make a statement?

MR. SNOW: Well, I think, again — a couple of things. It does fit a pattern that we see throughout the region, which is that when you see things moving towards success, or when you see signs of success, that there are acts of violence. We saw that, certainly — we’ve seen that in Lebanon, once again, today, tragically. We also saw it earlier in Lebanon. We have seen it on a number of occasions where, when Israel and the Palestinians seem to be getting close to a deal, there are kidnapings and acts of violence.


Q Tony, whenever you, or the President, or anyone in the administration is asked about assessing how the surge is going, you point out not everyone is there yet, it’s going to take a while — 30 or 60 days. Are we going to see any softening of the September deadline for a pivotal assessment on how this is going?

MR. SNOW: You call it a pivotal assessment — there are going to be regular assessments of what goes on — what has been going on in Iraq. And I think in September you will have the first opportunity to have a little bit of a metric to see what happens when you have all the forces in place for the Baghdad security plan. I mean, that I think — if you want a definitive judgment, I’ve warned from the very beginning about expecting some sort of magical thing to happen in September.

This is a war, and it is the sort of thing where you want to make sure that the measures that you are taking are producing results. And I think at that juncture you’re going to be able to have a little more granularity, as they say.