SuperCommittee Finance, Shimance! Ride, Ride to Ruin and World’s Ending, Dumbass.
November 4, 2011


TalkingPointsMemo has a brief article on the shenanigans of the so-called SuperCommittee, followed by many comments on the effects of the various so-called ideas those august so-called gentlemen on the committee are ‘discussing’.

The commenters seem to have missed the point.

It doesn’t matter whether tax cuts are stimulative or destructive.  The effects of cutting spending by this much or that much do not matter. None of the discussion on financial matters matters.

Only one thing matters to the Republicans: getting Obama out of the White House and installing their own corporate whore. They are willing to wreck the country to accomplish that goal. And they are succeeding on both counts, with the able help of… wait for it… Obama and the Democrats, who are trying desperately to give away the valuable stuff in a pathetic attempt to get the crazies on the right to play nice.

Wake up, America! You have nothing to lose but everything that matters.

Wake up, America! You have nothing to fear but the arrogance, the ignorance, the hatred, and the stupidity of the Republicans, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tea Party.

Wake up, America! You bunch of sleeping dumbasses.


Pissant Republican Tyrants In Free Fall: The Price Of Arrogance
June 24, 2011




Read more at TPM.

Romney Is Kerry
July 30, 2007

There’s a piece over at TPM about the Mitten’s two-facedness. He called the Democrats cowards for refusing to take part in a debate on Fox News (“Unfair and Unbalanced”), but he’s refusing to participate in the upcoming YouTube debate.

But the best part of the piece is the comment from a reader called ohiomeister, who wrote:

Mitt was for having the courage of his convictions before he was against it.

An almost perfect summation of the man. I say almost perfect because it doesn’t reference his cruelty to his dog. But politically, oh yeah, that’s the Mitten.

How Pathetic Is Romney?
July 5, 2007

Take a look at this piece over at Talking Points Memo:

Who’s Obstructing Legislation? Arrogant Republicans Of Course.
July 1, 2007

According to this piece at TPM, Senate Republicans have blocked 239 pieces of legislation passed by the House. These are the same arrogant, slimy fellows who complained every time the Democrats fought them while the Republicans had a 55 seat majority in the Senate.

Now they think it’s okay to do the very things they whined about. They’re proud of being obstructionists.

Here’s hoping for a 65 seat Democratic Senate majority in 2009 so that we can begin to undo the damage these cretins have done in concert with their sociopathic leaders in the White House.