Michelle Bachmann Not An American? She’s Swiss!
May 10, 2012

Politico is running a story about Bachmann admitting now that she has been a Swiss citizen for thirty-four years.

Devious wench, eh?

She’s claiming dual citizenship since she married the Swiss guy who runs the anti-gay clinic with Medicaid money. Problem is neither she nor he notified the Swiss government, nor the United States government.

But really, who cares? She’s just another mindless fundogelical freak out to corrupt the United States and make as much money as she can while doing it.

But maybe we ought to see her birth certificate. You know, just to make sure she really is an American and not a Swiss spy. And after all, if she ‘forgot’ to notify the United States government that she held dual citizenship while serving as a Representative in Congress, and serving on the freaking House Intelligence Committee, what other little details has she conveniently ‘forgotten’ to reveal?

And really, folks, she ran for President, remember? Do we really want a Swiss person sitting in the Oval Office? A faux Swiss person at that? After all, those people enable wealthy tax criminals like Mitt Romney and the like to hide money from the United States Internal Revenue service while the rest of us pay their tax tab. Kinda makes you wonder how much she and the Doctor have squirreled away in one of those secret numbered accounts, eh?

She claims she was born in Iowa. But hey, anybody can say that about themselves. And she does have that weird accent that speaks of something not really American. I dunno, folks, I dunno.

Yeah, let’s see the birth certificate, Michelle. The real one. How about it? Come on! Obama showed you his. Now you show us yours.