Republicans Have A New Idea: Limit The War So They Can Stay In Office
July 30, 2007

Anne Flaherty of the AP writes a piece in the Globe today about Republicans in Congress dissatisfied with their hero’s conduct of the war, and so on.

The basic motivation for Republican discontent isn’t that the war is wrong on its face, or that it has been conducted incompetently, or that it has been a tissue of lies and blood operating directly against the interests of the United States.

Nothing so subtle.

The Republicans are just afraid they’re going to get their butts kicked in the next election if they stick with the Bushbaby.

But they don’t want us to think they’re actually sticking with him, so they come up with ideas for legislation like this bit of genius from Collins of Maine:

Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, favors binding legislation that would order Bush to restrict the mission of US troops to counterterrorism, training Iraqis, and protecting US assets.

Clever, isn’t it? She wants to insist that Bush change from what he’s been doing to doing what he’s been doing.

That’s how Republicans solve problems.

By the way, when she says ‘US assets’, she must mean Iraqi oil that Bush is trying to co-opt for American oil companies. After all, they’ve got nothing else that we think is ours.