“Never Again!”–Well, Except Maybe This Time Because It’s Special… Syria.
April 5, 2012


Syria, run by a psychopathic mass murderer and liar operating an army that drags children out into the street and cuts their throats, that drags old men into the street and shoots them in the head, that unleashes furious artillery bombardments on civilians, on Syrians – Syria, a blood-drenched span of territory that exposes the moral failure and cravenness of the Western European countries and the Arab world.

Never mind Russia and China’s objections. They understand Bashar al Assad. He’s doing what they do when they decide it’s necessary. The rule is to kill and keep killing until nobody is left to fight back. By their lights and their morality Assad is a piker, a ten-cent killer.

But the West?

Time and again the West and the Arab nations have taken Assad’s word that he would call off the murder of civilians, and time and again he has lied and continued the slaughter.

And the American State Department? They talk of two things. Graduated sanctions and stability. Nonsense on both counts.

Sanctions haven’t slowed down the killing. And if Assad wins out, crushing the opposition, what then of the precious sanctions? Keep them in place and further crush the Syrian people while Assad eats caviar and orders movies from Amazon? Or remove them and concede victory to a mass murderer?

And then there’s stability. That’s a big word with the State Department. We can’t arm the opposition, say the suits, because that might destabilize the country and the region. Apparently they don’t follow the news or read their own cable traffic.

The region hasn’t been stable since our own psychopathic killer, George W. Bush, illegally invaded Iraq nine years ago. And Syria is not going to be stable until Assad slaughters a few hundred thousand of his fellow Syrians.

State’s other big selling point is ‘We can’t arm the opposition because we don’t know what will come of it.’ Oh, well perhaps they know what will come of the ongoing slaughter? It seems they define certainty as continued slaughter by Assad until he is firmly in charge again.

The Arab world is no better. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the United States has armed to the teeth several Arab countries, and yet those arms sit quietly, unused, while the Arab leadership decries the murderous bloodbath in Syria.

And the United States itself? A complete moral failure compounded with rank hypocrisy. The West took on Libya with little delay, but Syria? Oh, the terrain is difficult there. And the military is kind of tough.

Did you ever notice that the only countries the United States is willing to take on militarily are weak, if not pathetic, militarily. Panama. Grenada. Vietnam. Iraq. Afghanistan. Libya. The vaunted American military machine has shown that it can be stopped by little brown people armed with AKs and homemade explosives. The Syrian army is a different kettle of fish, isn’t it, Generals?

But this American military machine, backed by a vast and vastly expensive intelligence machine (turned against its own people of late), can’t take its million dollar cruise missiles and put them on Assad’s head and on his family’s heads and on the heads of the generals who murder children in the streets of Homs? That hugely expensive and expansive military machine of the Americans can’t send its billion dollar invisible bombers over Syria and cripple the tank columns of the Syrian army, smash command and control installations, flatten military supply dumps?

Apparently not. That might destabilize the country.

Here in America we make guns freely available to any creep, cretin, or violent moron who wants one. But we can’t provide small arms to people fighting for their lives in Syria? Because we can’t see the future? Because they might decide that the United States is crap and not to be trusted?

With this kind of thinking the Holocaust would have gone on until every Jew in the world was ashes; Rwanda would still be going on… oh, wait, nobody did anything to stop that either – they just ran out of people to hack to death; the Balkans would to this day be bathing in enough blood to satisfy even the depraved Countess Elizabeth Bathory. And on. And on. And on.

‘Never again!’ is a joke. It’s a phrase used by politicians and people everywhere to make themselves feel better when they haven’t the guts or the moral courage to do what’s right. It’s what they say when it’s happening, again, right under their noses. It’s their magic charm to ward off evil while they delicately and mincingly step around the pools of blood.

Syria will bleed and nobody with the power to stop it will lift a finger. And soon enough Bashar al Assad will again hobnob with the heads of state in the West and the Arab world. And no one will hear the blood of children crying out from the sands of Syria.


State Department Has Its Head Up A Very Dark Place
August 7, 2007

Sameer N. Yacoub writes for the AP today about the crumbling Iraqi government. Five more ministers have announced they will boycott Cabinet meetings.

The story tells also of more suicide bombers, more murders, more civil and religious strife.

And then he notes that State Department spokesman Sean McCormack says that the “United States was working well with the Maliki government.”

“There’s a very healthy political debate that is going on in Iraq, and that is good,” McCormack said. “It’s going to be for them [the Iraqi people] to make the judgments about whether or not that government is performing.”

Define ‘debate’, Sean.

Sunni politicians are dropping out left and right. The government’s gone on vacation. Maliki doesn’t govern much of anything outside the Green Zone, and even that is questionable.

The people are too busy trying to stay alive to give a damn about government, which, I suspect, most of them think is little more than an American sock puppet, one which will get its ass kicked by ‘the people’ when the Americans leave.

So where’s the healthy debate, Sean? Do you even have a clue? Or are you too busy listening to Willie Kristol spin his hallucinatory fantasies?

Oh, yeah, one more thing, Sean. Yesterday’s death toll was 81, including 19 children. And that doesn’t include the five American soldiers who died for your little fantasy debate.

‘I Accept Complete Responsibility…’ Don’t You Just Love These People?
July 23, 2007

From an AP story on the passport mess, in which people have to wait months to get passports:

“Over the past several months, many travelers who applied for a passport did not receive their document in time for their planned travel,” said Assistant Secretary of State Maura Harty. “I deeply regret that. I accept completely responsibility for this.”

Another Bushie screws up, accepts responsibility, and continues on without consequence.

She should clean out her desk and leave the building.

Of course if all the Bushies who have screwed up and accepted responsibility did resign there would be nobody left to run things further into the ground.

And running the government into the ground appears to be the master plan of the Bush administration.

U.S. State Department Tells A Funny One To Chavez and Venezuelans
July 13, 2007

From the AP, this appeared in the Globe today, datelined Brasilia:

A top US State Department official criticized President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela yesterday, decrying a “politics of fear and division” that impedes progress. “Most countries in the region agree that the way forward is not through the politics of fear and division but democracy, social justice, poverty alleviation, trade, integration in the Americas, and good relations with the United States,” said Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns, on a one-day visit to Brazil. “This is not in Chavez’s agenda.”

Chavez, after a good, rollicking belly-laugh might well point at Burns and tell him that it’s not in the agenda of the United States either.

For six years we have had nothing but a politics of fear and division; an assault on democracy everywhere, but especially at home; a near fatal weakening of social justice, and justice, in America; and an increase in poverty, with a failure of healthcare. Not to mention a murderous illegal war. And while we’re talking about good relations with the United States,  don’t mention the Bush administration’s role in trying to overthrow Chavez.

Apparently Mr. Burns is smoking the same drug that his bosses, Condoleezza Rice, reputed to be the Secretary of State, and George Bush, of questionable sanity, are using.

The United States Government, ladies and gentlemen, now serving Delusions and Psychosis all around the world!