Tennessee: Where children go to get stupid and reason goes to die
April 30, 2012

Here’s the latest from the pit of dumbassery and ignorance (one of them anyway – the South seems to have several):


It’s too pathetic to even comment on.


Romney: Clownish Ignorance Is The Best Way To Do Sex Education
July 20, 2007

The Mitten – actually he’s more of a lightweight cotton glove – responding to Barack Obama’s view that sex education is appropriate for kindergartners if taught in a scientific, age-appropriate way, said, according to the AP:

“Senator Obama is wrong if he thinks science-based sex education has any place in kindergarten,” Romney told some 150 people at a restaurant in the northern part of the state (S.C.). “We should be working to clean up the filthy waters our kids are swimming in.”

Notice how clever The Mitten is. In two sentences he manages to bash science, call sex filthy, demean a Democrat, and say the water is filthy. Quite a tour de Mitten, eh?

Obama noted that

…if kindergartners ask teachers questions such as where babies come from they should be given accurate information, not told a story about storks.

Oh, dear, an intelligent approach to sex education! Help, help, the Republic is falling, the Republic is falling!

I suppose that it never occurred to our Beloved Mitten that if you teach kids honestly and thoughtfully about sex then you might get some positive results. Things like fewer teen pregnancies, fewer abortions, and a culture that doesn’t focus on mass titillation day after day or fall into a tumultuous panic at the accidental revelation of a woman’s nipple. (I have to admit here that I did not manage to see Janet Jackson’s nipple that night, but have seen most of the rest of her breast in various publicity pictures eagerly put out by the press and the media. Neither my life nor my admittedly anti-Mitt morality has changed.)

Maybe pornography wouldn’t be such a big business, Mr. Mitten, if the people of this country had had decent sex education in school. It’s a lot less interesting if you already know all about sex. (Actually, it’s pretty boring.)

But no, The Mitten’s standard Republican idea is “Let’s keep the people stupid and uninformed and uneducated. Otherwise they might find out what a bunch of pathetic, money-grubbing, power-hungry dumb clowns we Republicans really are.”

I’m thinking the Republican logo should be replaced. Any intelligent elephant just has to feel insulted at being the symbol of these idiots. I nominate a generic Bozo the Clown as the Republican Party symbol, from now on, with apologies to all professional and amateur clowns.

Mitt Romney gets to wear a big red nose, ugly-ass face makeup, baggy pants, and big floppy shoes. There’s the true measure of the man.

Oh, wait, I forgot to add to his costume a codpiece!

New Jersey Teenage Drivers Drop Like Flies (If Flies Could Drive)
July 2, 2007

There’s been a sixteen percent increase in dead New Jersey teenage drivers since 2001. That’s when the State law restricted the hours they could drive and the number of passengers they could carry.

That should have cut the number of deaths. But no. During the same period the schools dropped ninety percent of their driver’s ed driving classes – you know, where the kids get to actually drive with a competent instructor.

That leaves driver ed up to parents. Do we all remember how well our parents taught us to drive? I actually managed to survive my father’s teaching, and I didn’t kill him in a fit of teenage homicidal rage.

Makes me wonder how well parents are doing in states that don’t do sex education very well – you know the ones, where professional sex ed consists of an embarrassed adult shouting “Don’t do it or you’ll burn in Hell!”