Sears Repair Center: The Worst Gets Worse
June 29, 2007

Ten days ago the refrigerator, four years old, broke down. I called Sears Repair Center. I told them an elderly frail person in poor health, my mother, lives here,

Three days later, between 8 and 5, a Sears repairman came to diagnose the problem. Dead compressor. He ordered a new one.

Yesterday, a week later, the compressor arrived. I called Sears Repair Center.

Sears said a repairman could be here next Friday, July 6, between 8 and 5. Then they said he’d be here today, June 29, between 8 and 5.

He shows up at 8 a.m. today and says he’s not qualified to install compressors and he leaves, ostensibly after notifying the company.

An hour later I call Sears Repair Center and I’m pissed off. I told them again about my mother. I expressed my anger over the delays and the incompetence. The woman said she would have one of the higher ups get back to me within the hour. Two hours later I’m still waiting. I have no idea when, or if, the goddam refrigerator is going to be repaired. It’s under a Sears warranty, which is apparently a pathetically useless piece of legalese, but unless I want to pay a bundle of money to someone else, I’m stuck.

I don’t know what the hell is the matter with these people, but I do know I will never buy a major product from Sears again. Ever. They may not care, but I will make sure as many people hear this story as I can reach.


Finally the repairman showed up at about 3:30. It was Yoshi, the fellow who originally diagnosed the problem. He’s very friendly, very competent, and did the job in about two and half hours.

Of course going along with SRC’s poor performance, the new compressor is only warrantied for three months, and it’s not a match for the original compressor, thus the extended installation time.

My central complaint has to do with the management of the repair system, not the personnel I dealt with. Ten days to fix a fridge is not acceptable. Especially when an elder person is involved. Okay, she’s not an elder person – she’s an old lady. But she deserves better than what happened here.

Sears Repair Center: Worst Service In The World
June 22, 2007

Three days ago the refrigerator, a four-year-old Kenmore costing some $1100 dollars, failed. I called Sears Repair Center, told them it had failed, that my mother, an old woman in poor health, kept medicine in there.

Three days later, today, they’re supposed to show up when? Oh, yeah, between 8 and 5. Think you could pin that down some? Nope.

So, three days without refrigeration, almost noon, woman in poor health, still waiting for Sears Repair Center, to show up or call or send a carrier pigeon.

Bet your sweet ass no more money flows from this house to Sears for any piece of equipment over fifty bucks.

Sears Repair Center: Worst Service In The World!



The guy came, nice fellow, found the problem right away, dead compressor, but he had to order a part, that’ll take a week to get here, and then we have to schedule another appointment. So that’s gonna be about two weeks without a fridge. I still think that as service goes, that pretty much sucks.