Syria Resolved! Thanks Russia!
September 10, 2013

On Syria, the Russians have a plan with which the Syrians seem to agree, at least last I heard. Syria will surrender all its chemical weapons to international control in specified areas in Syria where the weapons will be destroyed, thus averting an American missile attack, and thus allowing Assad to continue killing the citizens of Syria in mass numbers by using conventional instruments of mass slaughter.

Sure. Sounds equitable.

Are these people serious?

The problem isn’t the weaponry. The problem is the mind of Assad. That’s what needs killing, in both senses.


“Never Again!”–Well, Except Maybe This Time Because It’s Special… Syria.
April 5, 2012


Syria, run by a psychopathic mass murderer and liar operating an army that drags children out into the street and cuts their throats, that drags old men into the street and shoots them in the head, that unleashes furious artillery bombardments on civilians, on Syrians – Syria, a blood-drenched span of territory that exposes the moral failure and cravenness of the Western European countries and the Arab world.

Never mind Russia and China’s objections. They understand Bashar al Assad. He’s doing what they do when they decide it’s necessary. The rule is to kill and keep killing until nobody is left to fight back. By their lights and their morality Assad is a piker, a ten-cent killer.

But the West?

Time and again the West and the Arab nations have taken Assad’s word that he would call off the murder of civilians, and time and again he has lied and continued the slaughter.

And the American State Department? They talk of two things. Graduated sanctions and stability. Nonsense on both counts.

Sanctions haven’t slowed down the killing. And if Assad wins out, crushing the opposition, what then of the precious sanctions? Keep them in place and further crush the Syrian people while Assad eats caviar and orders movies from Amazon? Or remove them and concede victory to a mass murderer?

And then there’s stability. That’s a big word with the State Department. We can’t arm the opposition, say the suits, because that might destabilize the country and the region. Apparently they don’t follow the news or read their own cable traffic.

The region hasn’t been stable since our own psychopathic killer, George W. Bush, illegally invaded Iraq nine years ago. And Syria is not going to be stable until Assad slaughters a few hundred thousand of his fellow Syrians.

State’s other big selling point is ‘We can’t arm the opposition because we don’t know what will come of it.’ Oh, well perhaps they know what will come of the ongoing slaughter? It seems they define certainty as continued slaughter by Assad until he is firmly in charge again.

The Arab world is no better. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the United States has armed to the teeth several Arab countries, and yet those arms sit quietly, unused, while the Arab leadership decries the murderous bloodbath in Syria.

And the United States itself? A complete moral failure compounded with rank hypocrisy. The West took on Libya with little delay, but Syria? Oh, the terrain is difficult there. And the military is kind of tough.

Did you ever notice that the only countries the United States is willing to take on militarily are weak, if not pathetic, militarily. Panama. Grenada. Vietnam. Iraq. Afghanistan. Libya. The vaunted American military machine has shown that it can be stopped by little brown people armed with AKs and homemade explosives. The Syrian army is a different kettle of fish, isn’t it, Generals?

But this American military machine, backed by a vast and vastly expensive intelligence machine (turned against its own people of late), can’t take its million dollar cruise missiles and put them on Assad’s head and on his family’s heads and on the heads of the generals who murder children in the streets of Homs? That hugely expensive and expansive military machine of the Americans can’t send its billion dollar invisible bombers over Syria and cripple the tank columns of the Syrian army, smash command and control installations, flatten military supply dumps?

Apparently not. That might destabilize the country.

Here in America we make guns freely available to any creep, cretin, or violent moron who wants one. But we can’t provide small arms to people fighting for their lives in Syria? Because we can’t see the future? Because they might decide that the United States is crap and not to be trusted?

With this kind of thinking the Holocaust would have gone on until every Jew in the world was ashes; Rwanda would still be going on… oh, wait, nobody did anything to stop that either – they just ran out of people to hack to death; the Balkans would to this day be bathing in enough blood to satisfy even the depraved Countess Elizabeth Bathory. And on. And on. And on.

‘Never again!’ is a joke. It’s a phrase used by politicians and people everywhere to make themselves feel better when they haven’t the guts or the moral courage to do what’s right. It’s what they say when it’s happening, again, right under their noses. It’s their magic charm to ward off evil while they delicately and mincingly step around the pools of blood.

Syria will bleed and nobody with the power to stop it will lift a finger. And soon enough Bashar al Assad will again hobnob with the heads of state in the West and the Arab world. And no one will hear the blood of children crying out from the sands of Syria.


Feeling Safer Now, Vladimir?
June 9, 2007

The Los Angeles Times, covering the Chief Crazy’s visit with Polish President Lech Kaczynski, noted the following regarding discussions about the U.S. placing missiles in Poland over the severe objections of Vladimir Putin, the Russian boss:

“The Russian Federation can feel totally safe,” Kaczynski said, with Bush at his side in a Gdansk airplane hangar after their conference ended.

Lech, baby, nobody can feel safe while this lying little nutball is around.

Putin has made a couple of alternative offers on placing the missiles, and further on we find this:

Gordon Johndroe, the spokesman for the National Security Council, said here that the issue was complex and “we will be discussing various aspects of it with the Russians and others over coming weeks and months and we will continue to look at all the options presented.

That’s Bushspeak for “Up your nose, Vladimir”.

We’re Not Dangerous, Bush Sniggers
June 6, 2007

I had to laugh at the Little Psychopath on the news yesterday when he proclaimed to European and Russian leaders, “The Cold War is over,” with a sniggering tone and a look on his face that said to his audience, “You people are idiots”. The man’s a champion at insulting people.

He was and is trying to convince the Russians that they have nothing to fear from the missiles LP wants to install in Poland, assuring them that they’re meant for the really evil people in Iran.

The clown doesn’t get that the Russians aren’t afraid of the missiles. They know the whole American missile defense system is a joke that can be defeated by toy balloons. No, the thing they’re really afraid of is the sick bastard in charge of the missiles.

Little Georgie went on to tell what he would say to Vladimir Putin, the boss of Russia:

My message will be Vladimir – I call him Vladimir – that you shouldn’t fear a missile-defense system. As a matter of fact why don’t you cooperate with us on a missile-defense system? Why don’t you participate with the United States.

To which good ol’ Vlad might likely reply:

Because you’re crazy as a frigging bedbug, you jerk.

Bush’s Missile Plan and the March of Democracy
June 2, 2007

The Little Psychopath is defending his plan to build a missile defense system close on to Russia, according to Jennifer Loven of the Associated Press today.

Vladimir Putin, the big boss of Russia, is not fond of the idea, and has beefed up his own missile armada with some new stuff in direct response to LP’s plan.

Little Georgie, in a bit of brilliant diplomatic repartee, told Putin to get over it. Isn’t he a bright boy?

Georgie said:

The Cold War is over. We’re now into the 21st century, where we need to deal with the true threats, which are threats of radical extremists who will kill to advance an ideology, and the threats of proliferation.

Let’s see how that parses.

Radical extremists. Oh, yeah, like the neocons who have taken over the government of the United States? Oh, of course not.

Kill to advance an ideology: Hmmm. You mean like the United States is doing in Iraq and threatening to do in Iran? Nah, he couldn’t mean that.

Threats of proliferation: Assuming he’s not talking about adults having sex when he won’t provide money to fight AIDS unless abstinence only ideology is insisted upon, and no mention of condoms or abortion or prostitution, assuming that’s the thing he’s not talking about, then he must be talking about nuclear proliferation. Gotta be. ‘Cause he hasn’t done squat about that, except cause more of it and support more of it.

So what in hell is he talking about when he’s out there insulting Putin?

Maybe this is a clue:

But he also said that he reserves the right to take Russia to task when needed and is “not afraid to do so.”

That’s it. He’s talking about preserving his macho daddy image.

Rice Speaks! Intelligent People Giggle
June 1, 2007

Condoleezza Rice, reputedly the Secretary of State of the United States, blithered about Russia yesterday while she was in Germany.

According to the AP she said, among other things, addressing her remarks to Russia:

Democratic institutions and an open society are not a source of weakness. Nor is freedom of speech and freedom of the press just a nuisance.

Apparently Ms. Rice hasn’t been paying attention to what her party and her boss, the Little Psychopath, have been doing to democratic institutions, an open society, freedom of speech and freedom of the press in the United States for the past several years. Apparently she has her coiffed head up her butt.

And here’s a bit of proof of that:

In this regard we find Russia’s recent missile diplomacy difficult to understand.

Russia has just beefed up its missile capabilities, at least in part in response to the United States’ plans to deploy missile defense installations in Europe.

What’s to understand, Condo? Your boss is a psychotic who sent his army into a sovereign nation that posed no threat. He’s killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. He routinely threatens countries and leaders around the world. He’s ignorant of world affairs. He’s surrounded himself with sycophants and people just as crazy as he is. He routinely lies. He’s a religious freak who talks with God about his decisions – and God talks back. What in hell is so hard to understand that any country would want to beef up its defenses against a country run by the little creep in the White House?