How to remember the Republican candidates’ stands on the issues
December 29, 2011


Rick Perry: Take away the hair and there’s nothing there.

Ron Paul: No government, that’s  all. Blacks and gays against the wall.

Mitt Romney: There he is! No, he’s there! Oh oh, he stole Rick Perry’s hair!

Michele Bachman: She’s all Biblical, really just like Shariacal.

Jon Somebody: If  you can’t remember his name, how you gonna remember his policies?

Newt Gingrich: Newter Iran, arrest all the American judges, and elect me me me.

Rick Santorum: You people with money come have some coffee and make me an offer. The rest of you go stand against that wall.

Come to think of it, that last one about Santorum pretty much describes the entire Republican program.

Rick Perry: Liar, Hypocrite, Welfare Queen
September 7, 2011

The Republican darling from Texas who wants to gather to himself all the perks of the White House and will tell any lie and live any hypocrisy to get him there, and has for all his life taken every taxpayer dollar he can get his grubby hands on, is taken apart by Jim Hightower in this piece over at Common Dreams.

A taste:

Worse, probe even a millimeter into the million-jobs number that he is sprinkling around like fairy dust, and you’ll learn that Perry’s jobs are mostly "jobettes" that can’t sustain a family. They come with very low pay, no health care or pension, and no employment security, labor rights or upward mobility — many are only part-time and/or temporary positions.

Here’s a particularly revealing stat that the Perry pixies don’t want us to see: On his watch as governor, Texas added more minimum wage jobs than all the other 49 states combined. More than half a million Texans now work for $7.25 an hour or less. He can brag that he’s brought Texans down into a tie with Mississippi for the highest percentage of workers reduced to poverty pay.

And Hightower notes that Perry has spent pretty much his entire life sucking at the public teat.

So when this taxpayer-supported lifer flits into your town to declare that he will slash public benefits and make government "as inconsequential as possible," he means in your life, not his.


Rick Perry, The Comic Book Hero, In His Own Mind
August 18, 2011

It strikes me that Rick Perry’s education consisted solely and entirely of adolescent comic books centered on two subjects: the Cold War after WWII and fundogelical Creationism.

He behaves and talks like an adolescent, thinks like an ignorant, barefoot country boy from the 19th century, and acts like an arrogant know-it-all.

He’s already threatened Russia. He denies the science behind global warming. He denies that evolution is true. He’s accused the head of the Federal Reserve of treason and threatened him with bodily harm. He’s a Christian fundogelical, which automatically means he engages in delusional thinking. He has lied about jobs in Texas by taking credit for jobs he had nothing to do with creating.

He has an ego the size of Texas, a heart the size of a pinhead, and a brain that apparently stopped developing when he turned twelve years old.

It’s unfortunate that a goodly percentage of the electorate thinks all of that is a good thing in a President. Just what the country needs – another psycho blowhard jackass from Texas as President.

Can’t hardly wait for that.


Rick Perry’s Dream World: The Hypocrisy of Wealth and Religion
August 9, 2011

Want to see what a Rick Perry regime looks like, what a Rick Perry presidency would look like? It’s a wealthy theocrat’s dream, and a nightmare for sane people who have to live in the real world that Crazy Rick wants to create.

The world got a look at 30,000 delusional Christians bowing before Rick Perry and John Hagee’s creepy bullcrap last Saturday, but not at the 90,000 people lining up a few miles away hoping to get free school supplies and food because good ol’ boy Christian Rick Perry cut four billion dollars from the education budget. Apparently Perry considered it more important to fund sonograms for women seeking abortions than in providing quality education to all the living, breathing children.

Another sick puppy crawls out of Texas to seek the White House to house his vast ego, tiny heart, and cracked brain.

Take a look here at Common Dreams and read the links.