The Real Skinny On Climate Change Not In U.S. Media But Guess Where…
June 23, 2011

Here’s a piece that pulls no punches on climate change/global warming, and you won’t find it in the American media with its happytalk airheads and so-called objective reporting and its vast wasteland of useless trivia and trivialization of virtually everything.

Nope, not on Fox or MSNBC or CNN or ABC or CBS or anything like those, except maybe over at Current where Olbermann now resides. Not in the New York Times or the other top tier American newspapers.

Nope, you have to go far afield, have to go among the people our politicians, wholly owned whores of the fossil fuel and war industries, have demonized and slaughtered.

Go read it over at Aljazeera. You might learn something. Probably not something you’ll get real thrilled about learning though. It’s a real kick in the head. Or punch in the face. Too bad the Washington crowd of inbreeders won’t ever read it. Not that they would pay attention even if they did take time off from whoring for the Koch brothers and their fascisti crowd.


Insurgents Morph Like Smurfs
June 25, 2007

How come lately the only people American troops are fighting in Iraq are al Qaeda?

Al Qaeda by any measure comprise only a small percentage of the people fighting against us there. The last figure I saw put the number at about five percent.

But the way the press reads lately the insurgents have all gone away and been replaced by al Qaeda. Everyone American troops slaughter is now an al Qaeda. Everyone who slaughters American troops is now an al Qaeda.

Wow! Is this the turnaround Bush and Petraeus promised us? A public relations gimmick that will make the war suddenly acceptable? Gee, these guys are really clever, especially when much of the press is still in their pocket.

Which brings us to the question of the year – Do mainstream reporters actually have functioning brains? The evidence would appear to fall on the side of the cabbage theory, which states that their brains were replaced at birth with cabbages rejected by farmers.

If you could find a mainstream reporter who would travel through Iraq without a military unit and a couple of helicopters to protect him (and yes, there are a few, even a couple of good ones) I suspect said reporter would be hard-pressed to find an al Qaeda operative. Most offer as proof of al Qaeda a commemorative ashtray with an AQ monogram given to them as a gift by the commanders of the units in which they’re embedded. And their reporting reflects that.