Specific, Credible Threat Against America
June 30, 2007

An Associated Press story on the London car bombs noted:

White House press secretary Tony Snow said: “There is no specific or credible evidence of any threat of any kind against the United States of America.”

And once again Mr. Snow is a) lying b) misinformed c) both.

The major specific and credible threat against the United States today comprises the criminally sociopathic George W. Bush, his staff, his neocon supporters, his Justice Department (it is certainly no longer ours) and the Supreme Court he built.

Go, Tony, go! We just love that deep, measured voice you use to dispense the administration’s ignorance, arrogance, hypocrisy, and lies, and utter lack of rational awareness of what they’re really doing, of what results their actions cause in the real world. Damn, I think we should all chip in and buy Tony Snow a cheerleader’s costume that he can wear to his press gatherings.

Car Bombs In London! Wow! Who Woulda Thunk It?
June 30, 2007

Anyone who’s surprised by the car bombs found in London really needs to have their sense of reality examined by a competent professional.

Paisley Dodds of the Associated Press writes today:

Professor Paul Wilkinson, chairman of the Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at St. Andrews University, said a number of factors would have come together to prompt the thwarted attacks.

“With the change in prime minister this could be the work of Al Qaeda,” he said. “They have a track record of trying to influence political change through violent means such as in the Madrid train attacks.”

A couple of notes on that. The change in Prime Ministers had already taken place. And these people were most likely not really al Qaeda. Hell, they couldn’t even put together a working car bomb. I doubt that al Qaeda training has fallen off that badly. We’ll probably find these were local wannabes who couldn’t figure out how to do a good bomb. Which is most fortunate.

Then there’s this:

US authorities said there was no specific terror threat to the United States, and the national alert level, currently at yellow (elevated) was not raised.

Well of course it wasn’t raised. There’s no election scheduled this time of year.

Next year, though, wow oh wow! If someone sets off a firecracker in August, the Republicans will put that terror color thingie right up through the frigging roof. They’ll be shouting “Nine eleven! Nine eleven! Vote Republican. Democrats are weak-kneed traitors! Nine eleven! Nine eleven!”

The pathetically funny thing is that al Qaeda, the real al Qaeda, would love to pull off a big one next year in order to keep the Republicans in office. Bin Laden & Company know that their best friend and biggest supporter is George W. Bush and his neocon sociopaths. He’s carried their water since 2001 and if another Republican gets into office, that one will carry their water too. Republicans are the best recruiters and trainers that al Qaeda has.