Oh Boo Hoo! Poor Christians Can Dish It Out But Can’t Take It
July 1, 2007

Mike Evans, head of the so-called Jerusalem Prayer Team, another evangelical Christian organization dedicated to the destruction of reason and reasonableness (it’s a Christian thing, and a Muslim thing, and a Jewish thing, and ad infinitum et nauseam), was profiled by Bill Berkowitz of Inter Press Service a while back at Common Dreams, where he wrote, among other things:

Evans argues that the assassinations in the 1960s of President John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. “signaled the end of the age of innocence that had been enjoyed by the American people.”

The social revolution that followed “was a full frontal assault against traditional family values and an American culture steeped in the tenets of the Bible,” and was accompanied by a “lack of moral clarity.”

This “lack of moral clarity” resulted in “battle after battle [that] has slowly stripped Christians in America of their rights,” he says. “The American courts that espouse such movements as ‘gay rights,’ ‘abortion rights,’ and even ‘animal rights’ are now pursuing the right to be godless.”

You gotta love how the fundo Christians cry out from their caves about their ‘rights’ being taken away from them, which is manifestly untrue, while they battle tooth, nail, and claw to strip the rights of gays, women, animals, and anyone who isn’t one of them, and insist that we are all supposed to be good little Christians, defined as Jesus believers who go around stomping the living crap out everyone and everything that disagrees with them.

Well, hell, Mike, I’m a frigging atheist and proud of it. Just call me the damned antichrist who would be most happy to kick your ass all over the face of the planet. Maybe I’ll even drag you down to Hell where you obviously belong for your bigotry, your hatefulness, your ignorance, your utter lack of compassion, and your desire to live in the first century instead of in the present.

In fact, Mikey boy, if you’re so eager to wipe out the godless Muslims, how about you go down to your local Army recruiting center and sign up for a tour in Iraq and wherever else the Little Psychopath wants to send the troops. And if you’re too old or too mentally deficient to do that, Mikey baby, get off your ass, get a gun, and start killing the little bastards on your own. Isn’t that what your god wants you to do, babe? Isn’t it? Well, come on then, get going.

Damn, but these people piss me off! Where’s my whisky and my valium?! Anybody got a spare brunette?

P.S. If you read Evans’ articles over at the JPT site, note how he keeps referring to Iran making plutonium as part of their huge, evil threat against the world. Neat trick, Mike. They’re enriching uranium, not manufacturing plutonium. And if some arrogant, righteous, religious moron like Bush, and his equally deranged supporters, were threatening my country the way he has, I’d be making weapons of any kind as fast as I damn well could.


Joe Lieberman, Neo-Con Lovebug
June 11, 2007

Joe Lieberman, the fake Democrat from Connecticut, wants ‘us’ to attack Iran. We should first note that when a clown like Lieberman says ‘we’ in situations like this, he means your kid should go die, and a bunch of innocent people of non-American nationality should be shredded by U. S. weaponry, while he and his stand safely far behind the action and don’t stand to lose a penny.

The Associated Press says:

“I think we’ve got to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians to stop them from killing Americans in Iraq,” said Lieberman.

…”We’ve said so publicly that the Iranians have a base in Iran at which they are training Iraqis who are coming in and killing Americans. By some estimates, they have killed as many as 200 American soldiers,” Lieberman said on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’.

Wait, wait, so it’s not Iranians killing Americans, Joe, it’s Iraqi fighters who are smart enough to go get some good training so they return to their country to kill the soldiers who illegally invaded and occupied Iraq and are responsible for the utter maelstrom of death and destruction there.

So Lieberman wants to kill Iranians because Iraqi patriots are killing American invaders? Joe, Joe, Joe, c’mon, you’ve proven your irrelevance and the complete failure of reason inside your brain. Stand down and let the Republicans make such ridiculous arguments. It suits them. You just look silly doing it.