A para(ble)phrase on gay marriage
December 23, 2011

Jacob (the guy in the Bible) was married to Leah and Rachel, sisters and his first cousins. Simultaneously. Jacob also had a child with Rachel’s handmaid, with Rachel’s willing approval.

Gay couples can’t marry because the Bible defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

Uh huh. Glad we got that straight.


Good Column by Derrick Z. Jackson Today
June 16, 2007

Jackson writes on the gay marriage issue in Massachusetts. It’s an intelligent column about the way majorities can tyrannize minorities and why rational societies must do all they can to prevent that.

I suspect, however, that his references and quotes from Madison, Hamilton, de Tocqueville, and Mill will sail right over the heads of the religious troglodytes who promoted the ban on gay marriage.

After all, the trogs live in a self-referential world of circular logic and intellectual failure, a world which admits nothing of the real world in which the rest of us live. They keep trying to drag sane people into their nightmare world using pretense, illusion, and delusion.

Well, guys, I ain’t going! Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Hey Derrick, what does the Z stand for?

Massachusetts Legislature Does Right By Gays
June 15, 2007

The legislature, dragging itself through the trauma of having to make a genuinely conscientious decision, voted down an initiative that would have amended the state Constitution to prohibit gay marriage. Bravo, bravo! Now we won’t have to go through this nonsense again until 2012.

It’s unfortunate that yesterday’s action won’t stop the religious troglodytes as they crawl back into their caves to plot anew how to crush a minority they don’t like.

Of course they keep saying it’s not about denying gays their civil rights, it’s really about the people having the right to vote. But didja notice the only thing they want to vote on is this marriage issue. Funny how they aren’t clamoring to vote on all laws and issues the duly elected representative legislature considers.

The troglodytes won’t be happy until they’ve gotten hold of the political machinery and turned the state and the country into a theocracy. These people, deep in their hearts, admire the Taliban. You can bet that if they get hold of power and institute their nuthouse rules, it won’t have anything to do with their supposed hero, Jesus. They abandoned him a long time ago.

Gay Marriage Debate in Massachusetts: Very Amusing!
June 13, 2007

Massachusetts legislators and citizens are all in a tizzy about gay marriage, approved a few years ago by the courts. Naturally all the threatened, inadequate, frightened little people who thought they might have to see their hetero marriages break up because of this mounted a petition drive to get the issue on the ballot, and amend the Constitution to ban gay marriage. The Legislature has fought them off, and faces another vote to keep the petition off the ballot.

Naturally the anti-gay groups decry the Legislature’s moves as a conspiracy to limit their civil rights to vote on an issue.

They don’t seem to get that what rational people are trying to limit is the anti-gay groups’ attempt to deny civil rights to a minority. Which is amusing. Hypocrites never see their own hypocrisy.

No such attempt to deny or limit minority rights should ever be put into the hands of the majority. That’s a prescription for justifying intolerance, bigotry, and hatred – just the things that the religious terrorists of all faiths are really, really good at, especially when they twist the law to their side.

Of course, The Lion wouldn’t want to disturb these poor people further by pointing out that gay marriages, some thousands of them, have occurred in some 300 towns and cities in Massachusetts, and civilization hasn’t fallen, heteros haven’t been forced to divorce or leave town, and churches haven’t fallen into dust and cinders. As usual, the bigots haven’t got a case.