Texas Republicans Choose To Make Texas Children Stupid
July 1, 2012


From Common Dreams:

Here is the actual language from a position statement in the 2012 Texas Republican Party Platform:

Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.

The heart of Republicanism:

1) Fear intelligence

2) Fear intelligent people

3) Promote and praise stupidity

4) Keep people ignorant and uninformed

5) Eschew thinking and reason

6) Cripple schools and education

7) Keep our boots on the necks of the peons by denying them a decent education – that would be the niggers, the spics, the slants, the gooks, the redskins, and all the mud races

8) Get that damned nigger out of our White House

That about sums it up. Or as another famous Southerner said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”



Pope Santorum? Bringing Back The Inquisition
February 20, 2012

The last thing this country needs is a wannabe Catholic Pope sitting in the Oval Office of the White House and governing from a corrupt and ignorant ideological theology. But that’s what millionaire ex-Senator Rick Santorum is offering. A sampling of his remarks, including the latest accusation that President Obama isn’t governing according to the Christian Bible, never mind what the Constitution says:

Obama’s agenda is "not about you. It’s not about your quality of life. It’s not about your jobs. It’s about some phony ideal. Some phony theology. Oh, not a theology based on the Bible. A different theology," Santorum told supporters of the conservative Tea Party movement at a Columbus hotel.

When asked about the statement at a news conference later, Santorum said, "If the president says he’s a Christian, he’s a Christian."

“America is a country that was founded on the concept that our rights come to us from our creator, come to us from God. He doesn’t say just do whatever you want to do with them, in fact he has laws we must abide by. In our case we have civil laws, but our civil laws have to comport with higher laws,” he said.

In 2005, then-Senator Santorum put forth an amendment to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program to expand then-current law to allow religious organizations that are recipients of federal funds under the Social Services Block Grant to discriminate in employment based on religion.33 The New York Times has referred to him as “the nation’s pre-eminent faith-based politician.”

“I knew when I won [my Senate race] that I had a constituency of one [God]. [My experience in the Senate] opened up to me why I was there and what God had called me to do.”

In 2001 then-Senator Santorum proposed incorporating pro-intelligent design language into the No Child Left Behind bill, that portrayed the theory of evolution as not widely accepted. He said that anytime evolution is taught, children should also be taught why the subject “generates so much continuing controversy”. In a recent interview he said, “Science will only allow things in the classroom that are consistent with a non-creator idea of how we got here, as if somehow or another that’s scientific.”

“As long as abortion is legal, we will never have rest because our law doesn’t comport with Gods law,” he said. Santorum signed a “personhood” pledge that invokes religion and “God” and states, “I oppose assisted suicide, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and procedures that intentionally destroy developing human beings. […] Abortion and the intentional killing of an innocent human being are always wrong and should be prohibited. […] If elected President, I will work to advance state and federal laws and amendments that recognize the unalienable right to life of all human beings as persons at every stage of development, and to the best of my knowledge, I will only appoint federal judges and relevant officials who will uphold and enforce state and federal laws recognizing that all human being at every stage of development are person with the unalienable right to life.”

Santorum said marriage equality is ”messing with the basic family unit.” And supports a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage. Santorum said the overturning of sodomy laws is not constitutionally based. “The state is not doing a service to the child and to society by not putting that child in a home where there is a mother and a father. […] This is common sense. This is nature. And what we are trying to do is defy nature because a certain group of people want to be, want to be affirmed by society. And I just don’t think that’s to the benefit to society or the child. […] I don’t believe in same-sex adoption nor do I believe in same-sex marriage,” he said.

His campaign website states that he wants to “Restore conscience clause protections for health care workers.”

“One of the things that you don’t know about Obamacare and one of the mandates is they require free prenatal testing in every insurance policy in America. Why?  Because it saves money in health care. Why? Because free prenatal testing ends up in more abortions and therefore less care that has to be done because we cull the ranks of the disabled in our society.”

And to prove Santorum is not just about imposing his ignorant theocratic ideology on everyone in  America, here’s a quote from Ohio demonstrating his environmental chops:

Rick Santorum, at a campaign stop in Ohio, criticized liberal environmentalists that put the "Earth above man."

"Unlike the Earth, we’re intelligent, and we can actually manage things," Santorum said. In reference to liberals, Santorum said, "When it comes to management of the Earth, they are the anti-science ones."

This is the guy who wants creationism taught in the schools.

When America looks like Rick Santorum, then there will no longer be America. In its place will be something sick, psychotic, diseased, ignorant, and murderous. It will look like Europe during the height of the  madness of the Inquisition. And the country is beginning to look a lot like him and his kind, from the lowliest Protestant fundogelical sect to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Ignorance and stupidity and evil know no religion, but both are at home there, in force.

Time  to take up a collection to send Santorum to Rome so he can run for Pope in the thirteenth century.


Libertarian Fish Killers
January 10, 2012

As much as I dislike President Obama, the politician, I can’t countenance one of these Republicans getting in. Nor can I understand why anyone would find them attractive or qualified for the office. I suppose with the intense polarization it’s to be expected, and with the weak press, and the weak-minded electorate, what can you do?

The right have sold too many people on the nostrum that government is the problem, and the left hasn’t come back with an answer that resonates. Somehow the right think that they’ll be able to manage everything that needs managing in the country without any sort of central government. They don’t want to pay taxes, but they expect everything to run smoothly, they expect things to get fixed when broken, and they expect to be safe in their homes and persons, all apparently for free. They denigrate struggling teachers and worship multimillionaire basketball players. They ignore critical issues like infrastructure, the environment, education, and the like, and focus laserlike on trivia such  as including the words ‘under God’ in the pledge of allegiance, as if saying the pledge, with or without those words, will magically ensure the success of the United States and guarantee them a safe and wealthy life. They don’t want politics and reasoned compromise, they don’t want intelligent thought and reflection, they don’t want realism. They want magic. They want voodoo. They want to dance around a fire in their cave to propitiate their gods, occasionally throwing a virgin on the coals to make things right with the heavens.

Yesterday, during a radio interview in New Hampshire, some woman rattled on and on that government has gotten too big, had no right to tell her how to live, and that she should be able to do whatever she wanted. She of course extended that to everybody, but gave not one bit of thought to community, to the idea that if she just did whatever she wanted, how would people react when her actions impinged on their freedom to do whatever they wanted. That seems never to occur to these so-called libertarians. They don’t want to pay for government, they don’t want courts, they don’t want a political process, they just want to do what they want to do. And the irony is that they pretty much already can do whatever they want to do, except when their actions infringe on the common good of the community. You want to build on wetlands, filling them in so you can build your house? If you do that, you contribute to the destruction of offshore fisheries because the young fish are hatched and grow in those wetlands. So if everybody fills in the wetlands, the fishery dies, and the fishermen, who may be your neighbors, or may live and operate their boats a long way from where you live, lose their livelihoods, and the ecosystem is disturbed when the fish that depend on the fish you exterminated are deprived of their food source. But the right object to government agencies and government scientists putting facts in the way of narcissism, ego, and greed.

The right want to eliminate government agencies like the FDA, but when some company that the FDA now regulates no longer faces oversight puts poison in a bottle and kills your kid, what are you going to do? Shoot somebody? Go to court, putting your thousand dollars in savings against a megacorporation that doesn’t give a damn about you or your kid because nobody holds them accountable? They’ll crush you with their suites of million-dollar lawyers and they won’t even notice the cost.

Don’t want the EPA? You’d rather breathe coal-soaked air, drink water full of the byproducts of gas fracking, visit oil wells in national parks, see the Grand Canyon honeycombed with uranium mines, watch rivers become so polluted that they catch fire like the Cuyahoga did before the Clean Air Act (signed by Nixon, by the way)? That’s your vision of a better America?

Government is not perfect, and it is at the moment broken in large part because rich people like the Koch Brothers want it broken, which is why they finance the Tea Party and encourage the sort of mindless libertarianism that runs rampant today in Congress and on the right generally. When you see the big money boys supporting the minimalization of government you had better start asking yourself why. It’s nothing high-minded, you can count on that. They just want to do what they want to do without anyone calling them to account or holding them responsible for their actions. They don’t want government. They want to rule. And they’re paying hundreds of millions of dollars to get their way.

Your dollars, by the way. Not only do you support their actions when you buy their products, you pay their taxes for them because they cut deals with politicians that allow them to pay either nothing or a pittance in taxes. You make up for what they don’t pay. How’s that for doing what you want to do without government interference?

You cannot make government good by eliminating government.

If you want to live in a country of three hundred and fifty million people, and live in peace and follow your bliss or your dream or whatever it is that you want to do, you have to come to terms with the idea that governance is required, and that such governance is complex and complicated and messy, and that it requires your thoughtful, educated attention. To want to have everything your way is childish, it is ignorant, it is thoughtless. But if you insist then it is best you go live alone somewhere, perhaps up in the northern wilds of Canada, if they’ll have you, and while you’re there perhaps you can breathe in the methane and other greenhouse gasses releasing from the melting permafrost, courtesy of the mindless politicians on the right, the deregulators, the obstructionists, the whores of uncontrolled capitalists, in the Republican Tea Party who insist there’s no such thing as global warming and we certainly don’t want the government interfering even if there is such a thing.

Don’t bother sending a post card home.


Republican Presidential Candidates Defined
December 5, 2011

For quite a while I have cast about in my mind for a simple, inclusive way to define the current crop of Republican candidates for the party’s Presidential nomination. And this morning, while for some dysfunctional reason thinking about Bill O’Reilly, I stumbled upon the best definition up with which my aging, fevered brain has come.

Their egos are writing checks their intellects can’t possibly cash.

Now I may reward my cleverness and wit with another cup of morning coffee. (Guatemala Antigua or Caffe Verona, from Starbucks bean collection.)


Rick Perry, The Comic Book Hero, In His Own Mind
August 18, 2011

It strikes me that Rick Perry’s education consisted solely and entirely of adolescent comic books centered on two subjects: the Cold War after WWII and fundogelical Creationism.

He behaves and talks like an adolescent, thinks like an ignorant, barefoot country boy from the 19th century, and acts like an arrogant know-it-all.

He’s already threatened Russia. He denies the science behind global warming. He denies that evolution is true. He’s accused the head of the Federal Reserve of treason and threatened him with bodily harm. He’s a Christian fundogelical, which automatically means he engages in delusional thinking. He has lied about jobs in Texas by taking credit for jobs he had nothing to do with creating.

He has an ego the size of Texas, a heart the size of a pinhead, and a brain that apparently stopped developing when he turned twelve years old.

It’s unfortunate that a goodly percentage of the electorate thinks all of that is a good thing in a President. Just what the country needs – another psycho blowhard jackass from Texas as President.

Can’t hardly wait for that.


Michele Bachmann, President: The Coming New McCarthy
June 28, 2011

Michele Bachmann is now officially running for President of the United States, or at least for the Republican nomination for the office. But her colossal ego most likely insists that she will be the next President, so that’s what she’s running for.

Listen to the woman who, while serving in the House of Representatives in 2008, said Democrats in the Congress should be investigated for anti-Americanism. Here’s what she said yesterday:

“Americans agree that our country is in peril today and we must act with urgency to save it,’’ Bachmann told the crowd of family, friends, and supporters. “And Americans aren’t interested in affiliation; they are interested in solutions, and leadership that will tell the truth. And the truth is that Americans are the solution and not the government.’’

Ah, now she makes herself clear. The United States government is not American. Apparently we’ve been fooled for a couple of hundred years by a fake government. Undoubtedly she will tell us at some point just who these imposters are who were elected to govern the country. Communists? Arabs? Muslims? Taliban? Black people? Brown people? Members of the Democratic Party?

Undoubtedly when she is President she will make everything American again and root out every last human vestige of anti-Americanism in the nation.

Those people will most likely be whoever is not Michele Bachmann. The categories of people (yes, people will be assigned to categories because it will be impossible to engage in wholesale cleansing of the body politic otherwise) will likely include non-evangelical Christians. Bachmann is an evangelical Christian who has a daily tête-à-tête with God – her god anyway – and does what it tells her to do, not unlike David Berkowitz, the infamous Son of Sam killer in New York City, who took his marching orders from a doG, and not unlike George W. Bush, the last delusional evangelical Republican President, who took his orders from his god and managed to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

But Bachmann will undoubtedly, in the name of efficiency and effectiveness, not bother with multiple categories and just seek to silence and eliminate a single category of people – everyone who disagrees with her. That’s what deadly, delusional flakes like Bachmann do, have done, have always done. 

Politicians like Bachmann sharpen their daggers with the sort of empty rhetoric that they are sure will appeal to a broad swath of Americans who have lost the ability to think critically, indeed, to understand anything beyond a media-approved sound bite.

“I seek the presidency not for vanity, but because America is at a crucial moment and I believe that we must make a bold choice if we are to secure the promise of the future,’’ she said.

Crucial moment. Bold choice. Secure the promise. The future.

Oh she has them all lined up, those little buzz words designed to short circuit the vestigial critical powers of the American electorate.

And it’s probably true that she’s not in it for vanity. Nope. She’s in it for her massive ego, for her mania for power, for her rage to correct everything she sees wrong in American society, which is pretty much everything that isn’t Michele Bachmann or Michele Bachmann’s beliefs, no matter how delusional, how ignorant, how uninformed, how bigoted, how hateful.

Just to refresh your memory about where this woman’s head is at, here’s the link to the Minnesota Independent story about her McCarthy moment on the Chris Matthews show in 2008.

In a stunning interview with Chris Matthews of MSNBC, Rep. Michele Bachmann called on the media to investigate anti-American sentiment in Congress, after slamming Barack Obama as “anti-American.” The accusations by Bachmann spurred massive fundraising for her opponent and the creation of a movement to urge Congress to censure Bachmann.

On MSNBC, she said, “What I would say is that the news media should do a penetrating expose and take a look. I wish they would. I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out, are they pro-America or anti-America? I think the American people would love to see an expose like that.”

On Obama she said, “Absolutely, I’m very concerned that he may have anti-American views.”

There’s a lot wrong with Michele Bachmann, but down at the very heart of what’s wrong with her as a potential President is her ignorant view of what’s wrong with America and the world, and her overgenerous belief in her ability and methods to fix it all and make America right for her god and her regressive, dangerous politics.

If you thought George W. Bush was bad for the country, if you thought Joe McCarthy was bad for the country, wait till you get a load of the load of evil this broad will drop on the nation and the world.


Conservatives Keep On Loving Actors, Liars, and Empty Suits
July 25, 2007

Scott Helman writes in the Globe today about the Conservative love affair with Freddy Thompson, former Senator, former silk suit lobbyist, boom-boom voiced TV actor, and empty suit.

“There’s a consensus developing around him that’s pretty clear and pretty profound,” said John Stemberger, president of the Florida Family Policy Council, an Orlando-based conservative group. “I’ve never seen anything like it in 25 years in politics.”

Trying to gin up the troops, John?

Conservatives just love to rally around actors. And it makes sense for them to do so. Conservative issues, principles, and programs are just so much hot air, devoid of reality and meaning, so if they can glom onto an actor who can fool the public into believing he can save them from whatever demons the Conservatives are pushing, they’ll do it. That’s the trick they used to pawn the Reagan disaster off on the country. Shameless hussies that they are, now they’ll try the same fraud again.

This time it’s Thompson. The guy not only has had nothing intelligent to say, but he’s lied about whoring for abortion rights back when he was a real lawyer. Now he’s just oh-so-anti-abortion and full of grace. I don’t mind a guy changing his view. I do mind a guy lying about it. We now know that he will likely lie about anything. His credibility is right around, oh, I dunno, zero.

And of course by hovering outside the current candidate circus, refusing to commit to getting into the race with the rest of the Republican suits, he keeps an air of mystery. And he keeps his undoubtedly high salary from working on Law and Order on TV. This guy has always been about money. Fine. I like money. But when he garaged his big Lincoln Continental and hid his silk lobbyist suits, trading all that in for bluejeans, a flannel shirt, and a used pickup truck so he could garner votes in Tennessee when he ran for the Senate – yeah, that’s lying.

Ah, but there is dissension in the ranks:

Not all conservative leaders have applauded Thompson. James Dobson, the leader of Focus on the Family, raised eyebrows this spring when he told US News & World Report, “I don’t think he’s a Christian: at least that’s my impression.”

In Dobson-speak, which is the language of a man who is so full of himself he thinks he’ll get to replace his god when he kicks off, Jimmy D is just saying, “Freddie didn’t get on his knees in front of me and beg.”

But a fellow from Ohio, Phil Burress, leader of a group called Citizens for Community Values, says it all about Conservatives:

“He (Thompson) looks like he’s the first candidate that’s come along that one, can raise money, two, that’s electable, and three, we’re pretty comfortable with … on most of the issues today.”

Yup. Liar. Hypocrite. Elitist. Empty suit. The kind of candidate every Conservative would just love to inflict on the rest of us. Again.

Giuliani And Guns: Was He Lying Then Or Is He Lying Now?
July 7, 2007

Down in Savannah, Georgia, yesterday Rudy Giuliani told his audience that he supports the constitutional right to bear arms, according to an AP piece by Russ Bynum.

“It doesn’t matter if I believe it or not – and I do – it is the Second Amendment,” Giuliani said. “I’m a strict constructionist. The Second Amendment says you have an individual right to bear arms.”

Actually, Mr. G, it doesn’t say that. What it does say is a matter of serious contention among better legal minds than yours.

What we do know is that you had a reputation for strictly enforcing gun laws when you ruled in New York. Telling a Southern audience that individuals have a right to carry guns around (I’d guess that’s pretty much what they thought you told them because you knew that’s what they wanted to hear), and enforcing strict gun control laws in New York are really antithetical, Mr. G.

Now, maybe you believe what you said, but you didn’t add the caveat that you also believe in controlling guns a la New York City.

So you pretty much lied somewhere along the line.

Where you really stand in your little fantasyland, Mr. G, I guess we’ll never know, will we?

NPR Does Iowa: The Doofus Vote
July 5, 2007

National Public Radio did a piece on Iowa this morning, something about a parade and Romney and the upcoming straw vote (August, I think).

But here’s the centerpiece. At some parade our buddy The Mitten was walking along behind and shaking hands. NPR interviewed some farm type who apparently got all warm and goosebumpy and tingly because The Mitten shook his hand.

He said Romney would get his vote because Romney shook his hand and that’s what politicians should do and that was the mark of a good guy.

No mention of issues. No mention of character. No sign of intelligent thought. Just “Oh the great man shook my hand. I’m so happy.”

Iowa has now been officially painted as a State of doofuses, or doofi, if you like Latin. The fate of the nation is in your hands, Iowa.

But I shouldn’t single out Iowa. From what I’ve seen, the level of political intelligence and debate among the citizenry  in this country doesn’t rise to the level of a grade school food fight.

Romney Idolized by Globe Series: Massive Suck-up Slights Other Candidates
June 25, 2007

The Boston Globe is running a seven-part, multi-page series posing as a biography of Mitt Romney, focusing heavily on his religious ‘faith’ and family back to around 1830. The writing borders on hagiography.

Why? The man, who will do anything, say anything, to gain public office, is running for a shot at being President, and given his ambition, lust for power, and demonstrated ignorance of world events, he wants to be just as poor a President as the current psychopath. But why is the Globe running a major biography, rather than running a series on his positions on issues, and the genesis of those positions and the actions that follow from them?

And do they intend to offer precisely similar coverage to all the other Republican and Democratic candidates? I’ve not seen an indication that they will do so. And even if they do, what’s the point? Issues count. Actions count. Words count. All examined and balanced one against the others. I don’t give a flying damn who the candidates’ grandmothers were or where said grandmothers lived or what they said.

Looks like a massive suck-up by the Globe.