Rick Perry: Liar, Hypocrite, Welfare Queen
September 7, 2011

The Republican darling from Texas who wants to gather to himself all the perks of the White House and will tell any lie and live any hypocrisy to get him there, and has for all his life taken every taxpayer dollar he can get his grubby hands on, is taken apart by Jim Hightower in this piece over at Common Dreams.

A taste:

Worse, probe even a millimeter into the million-jobs number that he is sprinkling around like fairy dust, and you’ll learn that Perry’s jobs are mostly "jobettes" that can’t sustain a family. They come with very low pay, no health care or pension, and no employment security, labor rights or upward mobility — many are only part-time and/or temporary positions.

Here’s a particularly revealing stat that the Perry pixies don’t want us to see: On his watch as governor, Texas added more minimum wage jobs than all the other 49 states combined. More than half a million Texans now work for $7.25 an hour or less. He can brag that he’s brought Texans down into a tie with Mississippi for the highest percentage of workers reduced to poverty pay.

And Hightower notes that Perry has spent pretty much his entire life sucking at the public teat.

So when this taxpayer-supported lifer flits into your town to declare that he will slash public benefits and make government "as inconsequential as possible," he means in your life, not his.


Suppose McCain Wins In November…
August 30, 2008

Then what do you do?

Giuliani: "9/11, 9/11, 9/11"!! But Does Anyone Know What He Actually Did?
July 5, 2007

Susan Milligan writes in the Globe today about Mr. G and his trump card – September 11, 2001. You remember, right? That was the day some three thousand people got their asses killed by fanatics. Mr. G harps on that day constantly in his lust for Presidential power. The man’s walking on the bones of the dead to get another job in politics.

Milligan notes that just six seconds into a speech in Delaware:

“I’ll tell you the reason I wear this flag,” (Giuliani said) pointing to the American flag pin on his lapel. “Before September 11, I only wore this flag rarely. But I started wearing it everyday now. Each time I wear it, it reminds me of September 11.”

Nice touch, Mr. G. Too bad the dead can’t vote, eh?

But the thing  about 9/11 is that no one seems to be able to identify what Mr. G did that merits his iconic status as a hero of that day.  Even his supporters have trouble with that:

Giuliani’s supporters lavish him with praise for his handling of 9/11. At a recent Giuliani event, many said they could not recall any specific thing Giuliani did the day of the attacks. But, they say, Giuliani’s very presence in the streets of Manhattan after the attack – a stark contrast to President Bush, who was absent from public view for hours after the tragedy – displayed strong leadership and courage.

“He took control,” said Carolyn Mercadante, 70, a Delaware voter who came to see Giuliani speak. “Just the fact that he was such a presence there” in New York the day of the attacks, said 67-year-old Bill Uranko of Middleton, Del., when asked to explain what impressed him about Giuliani’s Sept. 11 performance. “You could see he was visibly moved by what happened.”

Well, hell’s bells, I was visibly moved too. How about I get elected President? Damn, that’s it, I’m officially announcing my candidacy for President of the United States. Send me some money, folks. We’re gonna rout these pretenders.

So, let’s see, Rudy pretty much just walked around wiping the dust off himself. Just like everybody else was doing. He didn’t save anybody’s life. He didn’t dig in the ruins for survivors. He didn’t even have a place to go because the disaster command center he set up years before was in the World Trade Center, at his insistence. You know, in one of the towers that went down, in the towers that were the biggest, most obvious targets in the city. Sure, you remember, the towers that were attacked in 1993. Smart man, that Mr. G.

Then we have the firefighter, from Maryland, who thinks Mr. G “stands out as someone who would protect the nation. ‘We need a person who is going to take on the terrorists. It’s the real thing.”

What’s this guy think Mr. G is gonna do? Go to the Middle East and challenge al Qaeda to a fist fight? “Take on the terrorists”? Give me a break. Mr. G not only couldn’t protect his own city, he refused to take steps that would have protected the city’s first responders.

After the 1993 attacks, he knew that the radio system used by firefighters and police was a failure. He knew there were systems that would work in disaster situations. He refused to provide police and firefighters with a proper system. In effect, he signed the death warrants of hundreds of firefighters in the towers on 9/11. Atta boy, Mr. G!

And yet, here’s Rep. Dave Reichert, Washington State chairman of Mr. G’s campaign there.

“The mayor may have more credibility in this [antiterrorism] area than some of the other candidates. He has the experience to back up his comments.”

No, he doesn’t, Dave. He didn’t do anything to fight terrorism on or before 9/11. He hasn’t done anything since to fight terrorism. In fact, he blew off the Iraq Commission, of which he was reputed to be a member, so he could go out and campaign. You’re blowing smoke, Dave, and it’s coming out of your butt.

And finally, Fred Siegel, a history professor who wrote a book on Mr. G, said, “Giuliani governed against the grain. He alienated every interest group in New York, which is why he accomplished so much.”

I would note that George W. Bush, the current sicko occupant of the Presidency, has alienated just about everyone on the planet except Tony Blair, by ‘governing against the grain’. So, what Mr. G is offering us is four to eight more years of Bushian psychopathy as a philosophy of government.

No thanks, Rudy. Maybe you ought to just go back to New York and get a job digging bone fragments from the sewers around the World Trade Center. Then you can say you actually did something useful about 9/11.

Globe Continues Romney Paean; Wife Sweetens the Nausea
June 27, 2007

And the Boston Globe continues to wend blithely down the path of on-your-knees worship of the Mitt Romney legend-in-their-own-mind. Day after day, page after page. He’s gotta be paying them to do this. Talk about media whoring. Every frigging day, front page headline and photo and two full inside pages of more idolatry. There’s something wrong with this newspaper. Really.

And today the Globe notes that Ann Romney, the Mitten’s wife, is going to write a memoir about their life together. Cripes, Annie, what the hell for? The Globe’s doing it for you. And if it runs along the lines of the short Globe piece by Scott Helman today, it’s going to drive up the blood sugar of the entire country.

A memoir from Ann, assuming that’s what it would be, could only help Romney burnish his family-man credentials, which he’s worked hard to show off during the primary race. Last week Ann announced on their sons’ blog, Five Brothers…, that she and other members of the family would begin posting recipes online. The first one is for meatloaf. “I received this recipe when we were first married and [Mitt’s] loved it ever since,” she wrote.

Is this what’s going to decide the Presidential election? Ann Romney’s meatloaf?

Wow! All the meatloaf you can eat, and not an intelligent discussion of any issue in sight.

Thanks be to American news powers.