Comcast Family Values
July 20, 2014

This morning I received an email from Comcast Xfinity telling me about their program to pay a premium to current subscribers who bring in new subscribers.

Keep in mind that Comcast, already a huge and powerful corporation, is seeking to merge with Time-Warner to become a gigantic internet and entertainment provider, the largest in the United States, if I recall correctly.

I think it’s fair to assume that their advertising speaks to their mindset, to their values, to their morals. And I think we would do well to heed the thinking behind the slogan that headed the email. It said:

“The most valuable friends are the ones that make you money.”

Think on that.

Comcast already controls much of what you see and hear in the electronic media. They are seeking more control of more of that, as well as the destruction of  the internet neutrality that has up to now provided a fair shot to everyone who wants to use the Web.

“The most valuable friends are the ones that make you money.”

Is that the America you want?


AT&T, Comcast Purchase Department Of Justice, U.S. Fees For Service To Rise; World Snickers
September 7, 2007

What is there to say? Go read this short article. Work out the logic. Prepare to be crushed by monopolistic practices favored by Republicans and the Republican Gonzales ‘Justice’ Department.

Oh, what the hell, here’s quote from the article:

The companies, which have not announced plans to start charging, have pledged not to block or degrade subscriber access to legal content or services, and say neutrality rules would stifle investment.

Oh, yeah, they’re going to be so considerate and careful. Strikes me that charging premium prices will block content, because start-ups with little money won’t get on the web and thus we won’t get to see their content.

And that bit about ‘legal’ content? Hell, if you can buy the American Department of Justice, then you can decide what’s legal and what’s not legal, right? And the little manikins that pass for DOJ lawyers will go along with the money.

And they also talk of providing affordable rates to all Americans.


We pay some of the highest rates in the developed world now, and for service and speed that’s worse and slower than other countries offerings. You think it’s going to get better by handing giant companies virtual monopolies?

Up is down. Left is right. Black is white. Republicans are good. Justice is blind.

BushAmerica. Got money?