The Great Bottled Water Controversy
August 30, 2007

The environmentalists pointing out the problems with bottled water are generally right. Too much plastic, too much waste, and so on. Not really arguing with them on the basic principle.

But I live in Falmouth on Cape Cod. The public water supply reeks of chlorine and runs through some thirty-five miles of pipes that the town admits increase the risk of cancer. They claim they’ve taken steps to mitigate the risk, but hey, they’re local politicos and like politicos everywhere, they’d most likely rather cover their ass and lie or mislead the public than admit a mistake. So I neither trust them nor believe them. About anything frankly, but definitely about the water supply. And especially so since too many of them are business types. And business people running politics in a tourist economy should always be viewed with a jaundiced eye. Two jaundiced eyes. As many damned jaundiced eyes as possible.

They refuse to remove the carcinogenic pipes, and the chlorine still reeks at the tap.

So to hell with the environment. Bring on the plastic bottles. I’ll stick with my Poland Spring water in an attempt to keep the environment inside my skin safer.