Musings on Murder and Contempt
June 21, 2012

The Drone Murders

The Pakistanis make much of the fact that the United States is sending military drone aircraft into its airspace to kill Pakistanis, including women and children who inconveniently happen to get in the way of Obama’s murderous toys.

The Pakistanis bluster and complain and threaten, but they don’t do the one thing any rational government might do. Shoot the damn things down.

Pakistan has an air force. It has radar. It has air defense. It has missiles. The drones are military aircraft of a foreign nation invading Pakistani airspace and killing civilians. Drones are not the most nimble or speedy craft. Start shooting them down. Yemen, similarly besieged by the D.C. killers, should take similar action.

Otherwise some among us might be tempted to think that these countries enjoy being the killing ground for the primary terrorist state in the world today.

Contempt of Congress?

How amusing is it that a committee of Congress has decided to hold the Attorney General in contempt of Congress?

That would be a House Committee chaired by one of the uglier Republican partisans, Darrell Issa. The short version is that he and his treacherous friends have decided to attack the Presidency for doing pretty much the same thing the last Republican President did. To add to their hypocrisy, it was their Attorney General under that last Republican President who corrupted the entire Department of Justice, but Issa and his crew of thugs (that would comprise the entire Republican Party as it commits a street mugging of American democracy in broad daylight) had nothing to say about Republican corruption of the Justice Department.

But the amusing thing is that any committee of Congress would hold anyone in contempt of Congress.

Some eighty percent of Americans hold Congress in contempt of the American people.

I’d go further and say Congress is in contempt of the American people, the Constitution, the laws of the country, international law, and reason itself.

These people should be running for the hills and hiding under rocks. Unfortunately the people who sent them to Washington are not smart enough to chase them out. In the end there’s just plenty of contempt all around and hardly a bit of functioning brain matter in American politics, especially the Washington version of politics.



Afghanistan: The Little Brown Poor People Have Already Won
May 29, 2012

Did you ever take a close look at pictures of American soldiers trekking around Afghanistan? You’ll see guys humping fifty to a hundred pounds of gear.

And the ‘enemy’? Guys in Afghan street clothes carrying AKs.

Guess who won the war? Yup, the little guys with the funny hats and scruffy beards.

But, you say, it’s not over yet. How could they have won?

You might also ask yourself who the Americans are fighting. Al Qaeda? Pretty much gone ten years ago. The Taliban? Apparently, but they’re fighting a civil war, or will as soon as the Americans get out of the way. And then there’s the ‘suspected insurgents’ and the ‘suspected militants’. It’s never ‘insurgents’ or ‘militants’. And a good many of them are, didja notice, somewhere between the ages of just born to, oh, say, ten years old.

Of course the point for the Afghanis is that they are fighting on their home turf. They live there. They have a long history there. Long and bloody, but it’s their history and their land.

And really, the Americans, their supply line goes halfway around the world. And their lines of reasoning come straight from the rabbit hole. Ripping Afghanistan apart so that ‘terrorists can never use Afghanistan as a launching pad for attacks on the United States again.’ The Americans seem to have forgotten the attacks of 9/11 were launched from major American airports using American airplanes and the criminals were trained in American flight schools. Al Qaeda, or whoever, and it is increasingly obvious that the Americans are fighting whoever, doesn’t need Afghanistan. Or any particular country or place. A dining room table in Peoria, Illinois will serve just fine as a planning venue.

So not only do the Americans not know who they’re fighting, or why, but they’re being beaten. Ten years and Afghanistan just sinks deeper into corruption and violence. But that’s not the win.

The win for the ‘enemy’ is that the United States has spent well over a half a trillion dollars to date, and is on the hook for probably another trillion or more just to provide for the soldiers damaged in the fight. Add in another couple of trillion for the Iraq war.

So the United States is several trillion dollars in the hole, and counting, based on the whims and ignorance of a narcissistic, egotistical adolescent President named Bush and his amoral sidekick Cheney. And a smart guy, or maybe not so smart guy, named Obama continues to throw money into the snakepits of Afghanistan and corporate war profiteers in the United States.

And just how does that count for a win for the little brown guys with the AKs?

Because all the money could have gone to making the United States a stronger, safer country instead of a weak, mewling giant. It could have gone to building a first class education system instead of the existing failing system that’s being undermined by the ignorant fanatics the conservative movement has unleashed in America. That money could have gone to improving infrastructure, to building first class rail systems and urban transit systems. That money could have gone into massive investments in research and development and implementation of energy systems that could free the country from dependence on the oil and coal that are killing the world. That money could have gone to produce a first class healthcare system instead of a third rate insurance system that enriches CEOs at the cost of the lives and health of citizens.

But we have none of those things. Nor will we in the foreseeable future. Our Dear Leaders have decided it is better to fight a war and kill innocent foreign children than it is to risk the wrath of the conservatives, the know-nothings, the ignorant, the religious fanatics, and the rest of the blind ideologues who shout and stomp their feet and then vote for the candidates who appeal to their basest instincts.

The United States was once the place where people the world over aspired to go. It was thought to be the land of freedom and civility. Now, to aspire to become an American is to aspire to sink into a moral sewer.

So, yes, al Qaeda, or whoever, has won. The United States allowed al Qaeda, or whoever, to allow the United States to cut its own throat. And a fine job of it the United States has done.


The Crimes of Bushbama… Ongoing
September 11, 2011

Matthew Rothschild has a long piece at The Progressive site on President Obama’s continuation and intensification of American policies that threaten citizens of the United States, of any country the President deems a problem, and that threaten to bring down United States democracy itself. His lead…

On this tenth anniversary of 9/11, let’s face facts: The United States is a more repressive place to live in, and it conducts itself in a more lawless manner overseas. The edifice of repression that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney erected after 9/11, far from being dismantled by Barack Obama, has actually been buttressed. And he’s even added a couple of new floors. We are not the same nation we were ten yeas ago. We are less free. We are more bellicose. And our leaders have put in place mechanisms that future Presidents may use to utterly destroy our democracy.

And then the ugliness begins.

Worth reading.

(You don’t really believe the United States stopped torturing its prisoners just because the President said so, do you?)


Romney Ad Attacks Republican Party, Forgets To Mention One Teeny Tiny Little Thing…
September 20, 2007

Lisa Wangsness writes in the Globe today about The Mitten’s new TV ad criticizing the Republican Party:

“If we’re going to change Washington, Republicans have to put our own house in order,” Romney says in the ad, speaking directly to the camera, ticking off a list of transgressions. “When Republicans act like Democrats, America loses. It’s time for Republicans to start acting like Republicans. It’s time for a change, and change begins with us.”

Well, Mittsy, the Republicans have been acting like Republicans since 1994. They took out a contract on America, and have been so successful that the country is circling the drain.

[Romney]  sticks to topics – fiscal discipline, secure borders, and personal morality – that resonate well with the Republican base, which was demoralized after the party lost the Senate and the House in the 2006 elections.

The Republican base must have been pretty happy with the way things were going if they felt demoralized by the 2006 elections. Which is to say they like seeing the country go down the toilet.

And really, do we want another religious freak, one who tortured his dog, who lives rich and hires illegal immigrants to do his yardwork, who jiggered the truth about his residency to run for governor of Massachusetts, who has shown profound ignorance about the Middle East, to be talking to us about personal morality? Taliban, anyone?

But one can’t help notice that the Mitten doesn’t criticize the Bushbaby, and he doesn’t say anything about Iraq. That should warn anyone with two brain cells to rub together that if we let this Republican clown into the White House, we’re going to have more of the same crap the current psychopathic occupant has dumped on us and the world.

Any more Republicanism in this country and we’re going to have to start shooting them down in the streets to take our country back.

Global Climate Armageddon
April 15, 2007

New reports come out every week, it seems, about the havoc that climate change will wreak on civilization. The latest, written about in the NY Times today, from a government-financed group of generals and admirals, the Center for Naval Analyses, notes that climate change poses a major security threat to the United States. It’s another in a long line of reports telling the administration, and the people, that there are a hell of a lot more advantages to dealing with the problem now, and aggressively, than in doing the nothing that the Administration is utterly intent on doing.

The problem is that the disgusting little man in the White House and his Bible-toting cohorts are actually looking forward to the end of civilization, and of course to making as much money off it as they possibly can. I’m thinking they want the money to either buy a lot of air-conditioning, or to bribe the gatekeepers of heaven to look the other way when they get there, because otherwise they’ll all be spending eternity in a well-deserved spot in a very much hotter place. (That’s their theology. I don’t believe in that nonsense. I say jail these psychotics in Abu Ghraib now.)

Until we throw Bush and the Conservatives on the ash heaps of history, nothing will be done about climate change. Not in America. Not by the Federal Government. Not by the Republicans and the Conservatives. Bush and his pals are in love with Death, and they won’t be happy until they bring it down on all of us.