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‘Support The Troops’? Not This Fellow. Good For Him!
September 18, 2008

Steve Almond, author of an essay collection, has an interesting column in the Globe today on the fallacies of ‘supporting the troops’ as popularly conceived.

Well worth a look.


Clinton Declares; Obama Laments; The Press Turns The Candidates On The Lathe Of Bias
April 21, 2008

From today’s Boston Globe:

Compare the descriptions in this page one story about Senators Obama and Clinton battling in Pennsylvania for tomorrow’s primary delegates:

In nearby Bethlehem, Clinton declared that Obama was running scared after a debate last week that had an intense focus on personal controversies involving him.

Obama’s weekend tour of Pennsylvania was filled with new laments about “petty, trivial, slash-and-burn, tit-for-tat politics,” as he never missed a chance to show his listeners how miserable elections – and particularly this state’s primary – can be.

Clinton declares.

Obama laments.

Does the writer, Sasha Issenberg, have a preference in the race? Hard to think he, or she, is impartial, given the choice of language.

Iraq Ain’t Got No Politics…

In another story two Los Angeles Times reporters write about the complications of Shi’ite politics in Iraq. At the end of the third paragraph there’s this:

The Shi’ite parties involved will probably look to Iran to broker an end to the crisis. And chances for a real Iraqi political process will be on hold.

Far be it from The Lion to criticize professional reporters obviously knowledgeable about some aspects of the Iraq situation, but come on, guys. There is a real political process going on in Iraq. It may not be the one the neo-oligarchs in Washington want to see, but it’s real, it’s political, and it’s deadly, and Washington appears to have no clue. Which is not surprising given that the cabal running the United States is led by a brain-addled drunkard and a bunch of sociopathic ideological fantasists who have never been shot at or seen a child torn apart by military munitions.

The Lion wonders whether today’s run-of-the-mill reporters are just ignorant of the uses of language, or if they are well-versed in it and contemptuous of their readers to the point where they feel no compunction about using their stories to project their prejudices. A good example, if not of language, but of reporters injecting their views and biases, was the debate the other night, where overrated commentators Stephanopolous and Gibson trivialized the entire event with their adolescent fixation on meaningless matters. Hardly a wonder that the United States seems to have the most ill-informed, ignorant citizenry among the Western nations on matters of real merit and substance.