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Sixty-Four Percent Of Republicans Are Suicidal, Intend To Kill Themselves in 2012
November 16, 2008

Here’s the polling results showing the Republicans will attempt a mass, lemming-like suicide in 2012, and that conclusively demonstrates that as a group they have the intelligence of rodents but aren’t anywhere near as cute.


A Nice Quiet Morning Of Blogging
November 2, 2008

The Lion was going to spend this sunny Sunday morning quietly blogging his way through the Sunday newspaper, commenting benignly on this and that, hoping to score a few points on the opposition and entertain both of his readers, but all that proved impossible.

There was more idiocy per paragraph in today’s paper than The Lion has seen in, oh, maybe ages. Eons. Eras. Well, a week at least. There’s too much to even bother linking or quoting.

But the biggest and ugliest has to do with this nonsense of Senator Obama being a ‘redistributionist of wealth’.

Let me put this as politely as possible.

That McCain tack is a crock of unadulterated shit, and the people who buy it are full of it and they’re idiots on top of that.

Taxes in a democratic society are a redistribution of wealth, and they are also the price citizens pay to live in a free society. The alternative might include a place like Somalia, which pretty much functions in a state of anarchy, and where a thirteen year old girl was just stoned to death because the bright boys in the mullah suits decided that since she had been raped she was guilty of adultery and thus worthy of being stoned to death by dozens of adult men before a crowd of a thousand people. Which is to say if you want to live a tax-free life, Somalia et al is your kind of place.

You want no taxes, you say? You say it because, as several of the idiots noted, you don’t want the government to take your money and give it to people who don’t work. Do you mean people on disability, who can’t work? Or people on hard times in this Republican economy who can’t find work? Or perhaps you mean the rich people who live off Bush tax breaks just for them who not only don’t work, but contribute nothing to society and thus really do live on the backs of the middle class and the working people?

Well, usually these idiots mean they don’t want their money to go to niggers, because as everybody knows niggers are too lazy and shiftless to work and expect the white people to give them money so the niggers can continue their evil ways. Just in case anyone has difficulty translating that sentence, ‘niggers’ means anybody whose skin is not a pale pink or white color.

One of these brain dead Republican suckups specifically claimed that she gets upset when she sees someone using food stamps in the grocery store. She didn’t like her tax dollars buying food for someone who needed help. Her motto apparently is ‘Let the bitch and her children starve’.

And these fools actually object to the rich paying more taxes than other people. They would seem to love George Bush giving huge tax breaks to the rich, who already have far more money than they need, and doing virtually nothing for the middle class, which is getting royally screwed by the RepubliBush economy.

Apparently it doesn’t occur to these lobotomettes that the rich people have benefited the most from American democracy, and fairness would demand that they pay the most. And they also seem to miss the fact that the rich didn’t make it on their own – they rode on the sweat and blood and labor of the workers and the middle class. That’s right folks. The workers and the middle class are the only ones who made it possible for the rich to amass all that money. And the rich often did it by screwing the very people who made it possible. Ask anyone who’s tried to organize workers at WalMart or whose relative died in the mines.

So, yes, taxes are the redistribution of wealth. Taxes build roads, repair bridges, build schools and pay teachers, fund scientific research that’s made modern society possible, put food on the table of people fallen on hard times, keep public transportation running, fund civil defense as well as a bloated military machine. Taxes bring the firemen to your house, bring the police to the neighbor’s house, keep the water flowing through your tap. Taxes pay for research into ways to save the damned planet from self-destructing around you.

And your taxes pay for the bailout of the rich people in banking and finance who screwed your economy with their greed and their lust to escape paying taxes.

No matter how you cut it, American government exists to redistribute wealth. Not always wisely, but an enterprise as massive as America will never always act wisely. But redistribution is what it does.

To buy into John the Failed Economist’s smear of Obama as a communist or some evil ‘socialist’ (most of you don’t even know what hell that means) because he affirmed the American tradition and raison d’etre of spreading the wealth around marks you as an unthinking idiot who knows nothing about democracy and less about America.

In a truly rational society you wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a voting booth. You’re too goddamned willfully stupid to have earned the right to vote. You should be out there in the desert with the Islamist mullahs stoning raped teenagers to death, because that’s where your ignorance and refusal to use your brain will take society.

McCain’s POW Time Will Help Him If The North Vietnamese Capture Him Again
November 1, 2008

Johnny Bomb Bomb McCain is still flacking his prison time in Hanoi as a good reason to put him in the White House.

The latest proselytizer of this theory is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, who is apparently reverting to his status as the clownish actor of his early film career.

In today’s Globe Arnie offered up the following:

The actor-turned-governor mocked Obama, saying “he needs to do something about those skinny legs,” needs to buff up those “scrawny little arms,” and put some meat on his ideas. McCain, on the other hand, “is built like a rock,” Schwarzenegger said, and has been tested. “He served longer in a POW camp than his opponent has served in the United States Senate.”

As for the physical putdowns, that’s nonsense. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a cripple and he was one of the most powerful Presidents the country has had. Abraham Lincoln may have suffered from a congenital disease but that didn’t keep him from saving the Union. These were men who had great minds and great political skills. McCain demonstrates neither, while Obama demonstrates great intellect, great political skills, and great administrative skills

As for McCain being built like a rock, there’s hardly any evidence of that physically, and it’s irrelevant at best. At issue are his mind, his personality, his intellect, and from what he’s demonstrated during the campaign, these are all considerably less than rocklike. They’re more like gravel. Incoherent, incohesive, and all over the map.

He’s demonstrated poor judgement on any number of matters, and especially on one of the most crucial, the selection of a vice-president, in which he chose someone utterly unqualified and so far out of the mainstream that one might ask if she spent too much time in subfreezing temperatures with her head exposed.

He’s been erratic. He’s lied consistently and continuously. He’s run a vicious, gutter racist campaign – subtle, but vicious and racist and from the gutter nonetheless. And he’s demonstrated his ignorance of economic matters as well as foreign affairs, and shown his willingness to shoot from the mouth and the hip when silence and diplomacy are called for.

But he and his surrogates always come back to his time in a Hanoi prison, apparently considering it a solid qualification to earn the Presidency.

Apparently sitting out the Vietnam war in a prison cell taught him all he needed to know about fighting wars, conducting intelligent diplomacy, understanding national and international economics, and divorcing sick wives in order to marry heiresses. To be kind, he did get that last one right.

He learned all that good stuff while undergoing daily torture. Or did he? His jailers recently claimed that he was not tortured, that he is lying about that. Considering how he’s conducted himself, and that his jailers apparently have nothing to gain or lose, the jailers have to be considered more credible than Johnny the Bomber.

In any event, the John McCain parading around the country has shown that he is little more than an angry, sarcastic, ethically disgusting little man with a little mind and as little qualified to sit in the White House as is his running mate, the strange, irritating little woman from Alaska.

It is, however, true that he would be qualified to deal with being captured and imprisoned by the North Vietnamese, or the North Iranis, or the North Koreans, or the North Californians. Then again, he is an old goof and might not be up to the rigors of sitting in a cell for another five years. 

McCain: Tax And Spend Liberals Will Eat Your Children
October 28, 2008

Johnny ‘I Haven’t Got A Clue’ McCain is pushing his latest slanders of Senator Obama by slathering on the word ‘liberal’ every time he mentions Obama. And of course he includes the Republican obligatory phrase ‘tax and spend’ in every other breath.

He conveniently fails to mention that the Republican philosophy, as practiced in the real world (something McCain is not at all familiar with), is to slash taxes, borrow to the hilt, and spend, spend, spend on useless things like moronic wars against techniques like terrorism, on bridges to nowhere, on turning loose the amoral pirates of capitalism who provide the Republican party with the bulk of their money. The result is an economy rapidly swirling the drain and a people living in fear that their home will be taken, a people knowing that their lives are one medical emergency away from living on the street, while the fat cat friends of McCain and Bush live high on the disaster they’ve created.

And Clueless John stands up there and says Obama is going to raise your taxes. He knows that’s a lie, but he keeps saying it anyway, proving he and his campaign are  just another thing that’s bankrupt in this country. He’s just pissed off because Obama is going to raise taxes only on Johnny’s wealthy friends, who have been getting a free ride on the backs of the working people and the middle class ever since the Republicans took over Congress in 1995.

At least the ‘liberals’ try to use American money for American programs that seek to lift the country and the people up, instead of using money borrowed from China to grind the people down. 

Bomber McCain Not Tortured? Johnny Mac A Liar About Vietnam?
October 25, 2008

Interesting piece from Johnny Bomb Bomb’s Vietnamese jailers.

Given what we’ve seen of Insane McCain, The Lion is inclined to find the jailers more credible than the little man himself.

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Grumpy Lion Bombarded By Neocon Clowns… Clones
October 21, 2008

The Lion’s stats spiked yesterday and today due to WordPress’s automatically generated ‘Possibly related posts’ feature over at the Fox News blog.

For some amazingly shallow neoconnity go there and then come back to The Lion’s earlier comment on Joe Biden and browse the latest comments.

The Lion supposes it’s nice to garner the numbers of hits, but really, some intelligence would have been better. The Lion has to wonder if any of the clones actually read the Fox article, or if they did, how they missed what it actually said. They appear to think that somehow the world is going to give Johnny Bomb Bomb McCain a pass and not test him with some crisis. In fact, The Lion feels pretty certain Bin Laden and his ilk would be very happy to have little Johnny ‘The Bomber’ McCain in the Oval Office. He’ll carry their water, just like George Bush and the neocons have done ever since September 11, 2001.

And if McBush wins the election and some regime or organization creates a crisis to test him, it’s practically guaranteed that he’ll pass it just like any other military dud who barely graduated at the bottom of his academy class and has a tenuous understanding of the world’s political, diplomatic, and military realities, and operates with gutter ethics and from an irrational, shoot-from-the-hip thoughtless paranoia.

One Party Rule Is A Bad Thing, Says John McCain… Er, John, A Tiny Question…
October 13, 2008

From a Politico piece by Mike Allen:

The reference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is part of a new Republican effort to warn voters of the consequences of having one party dominate all of Washington, as Democrats would if Obama won in a landslide that helped his party rack up wider congressional margins.

Apparently Johnny Bomb Bomb was asleep during the six years the Republicans held all the cards, and the last two years when they still controlled everything because of the paper-thin Democratic majorities, and during the consequent destruction of the American economy, the environment, the system of justice, the dishonoring of America in the world, the systematic shredding of the Constitution and the law, the crimes of the President, and so on and so forth.

One might guess that Ragin’ Ravin’ McCain thinks those were all good results of one party rule and that he’s afraid Democratic rule might reverse all that damage.

One might hope.

McCain Sinks Deeper Into The Slime Of His Own Mind
October 13, 2008

McCain has neither shame nor honor nor decency and absolutely no regard for facts or truth. 


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Sarah Palin At The United Nations: That Really Is Lipstick On A Pig
September 23, 2008

Little Sarah got to meet with the big boys today at the UN, meeting various heads of state. Apparently the McCain campaign’s scam is now to claim she has experience in foreign affairs because she sat down to tea and crumpets with the fellows.


Her ignorance is the pig and McCain’s handlers just smeared lipstick on it.

How stupid is anyone who falls for this bullshit? Aside from Republicans, that is. We already know how brain dead they are.

The Economic Plan Of Senator Bernie Sanders. Omigod, Somebody’s Making Sense.
September 21, 2008

Senator Bernie Sanders, not known for cozying up to the rich bastards and right-wingers and McCainites who have put the country at risk, has a plan. Take a quick look at it over at Common Dreams.

The Lion has a plan too. Instead of using a trillion dollars to bail out the fat cat’s fat asses, let’s take the same money and start rebuilding the country’s failing infrastructure, creating mass transit across the country, financing alternative energy companies, and improving our education system. That path creates millions of jobs, creates a strong economy that builds things instead of relying on shyster financiers who create nothing, who build nothing, who do nothing but move paper around and skim percentages for themselves.

As for the current crop of CEOs that George Bush and his rich friends want to bail out, fuck them. Let them rot on the vine. We’ve got better uses for our money than bailing them out of the consequences of their psychopathic greed.