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U. S. Attacked On 9/11 From Where? Definitely Not Afghanistan Or Iraq
February 28, 2009

Bush and Obama and their war enablers have stressed repeatedly that the United States was attacked on 9/11 from Afghanistan, and thus do they justify our war there and our slaughter of civilians and destruction of the country.

Bush even convinced the usual gang of idiots (pretty much everyone working in government in Washington) that Iraq was part of the grand conspiracy to blow up New York and Washington and thus had to be crushed and its citizens slaughtered by American troops. Naturally he lied, being incompetent, inadequate, and Republican.

But now Mr. Obama has settled on Afghanistan as the culprit behind 9/11, saying the attacks came from there.

Well, no, they didn’t.

It could more accurately be said that the attacks came from Boston and New York.

That’s where the hijackers stole the airplanes and turned them into successfully lethal weapons.

In fact, had not the airline corporate officers been so concerned about protecting their profits that they refused to put legitimate security in place over the years, had they done something so simple as install reinforced doors to the pilots’ cabins, there would have been no 9/11 and the country could have gotten rid of Bush in 2004, tarring him as comically inept, not very bright, inarticulate, and apparently illiterate.

Instead we have a useless, brutally stupid war in Iraq that today is morphing into a useless, brutally stupid war in Afghanistan which may soon morph into a useless, brutally stupid insurrection and war in Pakistan. Obama’s presidency threatens to shatter on the mountains of Southwest Asia.

The tragedy of September 11, 2001 could as easily have been planned around a kitchen table anywhere in the world. It did not require a whole country or even a piece of one, even though that would have been handy. But the hijackers trained in the United States, they lived in the United States, and their bosses could have worked from anywhere.

And yet here goes the United States hurling more troops into Afghanistan, killing more civilians, driving more people into extremism as they seek to defend their countries against an American onslaught. All because New York and Boston, enabled by corporate boardrooms, blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon back in 2001.

Remember that the next time the United States drops a five hundred pound bomb on a four-year-old Afghan or Pakistani child and claims it as another successful mission that killed a terrorist.


Did General Electric Destroy Iraq To Profit From Death And Destruction?
December 17, 2008

General Electric has closed a three billion dollar deal to sell Iraq fifty-six gas turbine power generators to create electricity.

Not noted in the story is how much GE made selling stuff that killed Iraqis and destroyed its infrastructure. That would be interesting to know, wouldn’t it?

The bloody hand washing the green hand.

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Christmas Quickies…
December 16, 2008

Madoff victims cry… foul?

All the rich people who lost money to the fraud of Bernard Madoff are crying ‘I’m a victim’ and bemoaning their fate. Imagine that.

After all these years of benefiting from the fraud of George W. Bush’s tax cuts for the rich, which amount to massive theft from the middle and lower classes for the next couple of generations, rich people got screwed by one of their own.

Couldn’t happen to a crappier class of people.

Of course they’ll soon be begging at the government’s door for a bailout, won’t they? Take more money from the taxpayers to make up for the wealthy classes’ greed, stupidity, and ignorance?

And be sure they won’t forget to blame the SEC and other regulatory agencies, the ones gutted by the Bush and Republican ideology of deregulation.

It would be good for the country to get a bunch of rich people living homeless on the street, trying to whine to the local winos about their terrible misfortune. There’s real democracy for you. There’s the free market at work, for real.

Condi Rice puts shoe in mouth again…

Condoleezza Rice, rumored to be the current Secretary of State, commenting on the shoe tossing incident involving her boss:

The shoe incident Sunday in Baghdad “is a kind of sign of the freedom that people feel in Iraq,” Rice said.

If Iraq were free, why is there a foreign army occupying it? Why did the Americans destroy the country? Why are hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead, and more injured, and over four million living as refugees? Why are so many out of work? Why are Sunni and Shia, who used to live together, now separated by concrete barriers? Why is the country’s infrastructure in ruins?

Iraq’s not free. It exists under the heel of an invader, an invader propped up by corporations who feel it is their right to rape the country and take whatever they want from it.

That the architect of this disaster dares to visit and proclaim a victory is a slap in the face to Iraq, and to America itself. The ruin that is Iraq is little more than the display of George Bush’s adolescent ego.

There were not enough shoes flying that day in Baghdad.

Dick Cheney, unrepentedly stupid and arrogant to the end…

Little Dickie Cheney, whose mother should probably been waterboarded when it was discovered she was pregnant with him, went on ABC News yesterday to reaffirm his belief in torture and his belief that torturing people is the right thing to do.

That Cheney is no better than the thugs who ran the Catholic Inquisition’s dungeons, the Lubyanka in Moscow, and jolly old Adolf’s Gestapo, was confirmed by his statement that the stinking pit of inhumanity that is Guantanamo Bay prison should stay open until the war on terror is over.

Which is to say that American torture holes will never close, because the Americans insist on continuing the stupidity of making war on a stateless technique.

The best hope of mankind is that this pig, this banquet of brutality and arrogance and ignorance, ends his days in a pit, buried under tons of Iraqi shoes, preferably those of the thousands of women and children killed by Bush and Cheney’s war of aggression.

Chris Matthews: Loudmouthed Blithering Motormouth, The Most Annoying Blabber On Television
December 15, 2008

Chris Matthews never fails to impress The Lion.

He’s a big time interviewer who can’t conduct an interview. He’s an embarrassment. He’s either forgotten or never learned the first rule of news interviewing, or opinion interviewing.

Ask your question and shut the hell up and let the interviewee talk.

Not Matthews. He interrupts constantly. He blabbers on and on, demonstrating that he generally knows little or nothing about the subject matter, preferring instead to spew his own opinions instead of letting his viewers hear his guest’s thoughts. 

Tonight he just finished making a fool of himself over the shoe throwing incident in Baghdad. The essence of it was that he believed it was more important to smother the incident under American values rather than bring out the Iraqi side of the matter.

Given the intensity of the incident and the intensity of the mass protests in Iraq favoring the shoe thrower, a person might think that an intelligent interview of the two journalists on Matthews’ show would have explored the deeper aspects of the events.

Nope. We Americans, all of us apparently, according to Matthews the Mouth, thought it was funny that the guy threw shoes. Well, no. There’s nothing funny about George Bush. He’s a liar and a mass murderer and an incompetent, pathetic, and stupid human being. Which is not to say that some of us would not have taken greater joy if the shoe man had actually hit Bush.

And he couldn’t understand why Muntadar al-Zaidi, the remarkably accurate hurler of shoes, didn’t just write out his hostility. Maybe because the Idiot-in-Chief doesn’t read and doesn’t care and is utterly immune to reality and criticism? And maybe because al-Zaidi knows that nothing he wrote about the dog and pony show Bush and al-Maliki were running would have near the effect of a couple of well-aimed shoes.

And then The Mouth said he didn’t understand how all those guys in the street protests found the time to protest, how they always seemed ready to march. Maybe because millions of people don’t have jobs in the country George Bush and the Americans destroyed?

But such fine points of fact are lost on Matthews. He’s demonstrated time and again that the only opinions he’s interested in are his own, and that he believes his opinions are, indeed, facts.

The Lion fondly hopes that he does run for the Senate, as he is rumored to be interested in doing. At least it will get him off the air and perhaps replaced by someone who actually listens to guests and lets them voice their opinions, which are usually far more well informed by fact than anything Matthews blithers and spews.

As for al-Zaidi, the entire American press corps should take lessons from him on how to treat people like Bush. He was practicing the fine art of real journalism, the kind that doesn’t suck up to bullcrap and lies and insanity and murder, the kind that realizes that there is no balance when psychopaths like Bush and Cheney are in charge. The press likes to pretend that they are objective and uninvolved and that those are professional virtues. They are not. The press in large part enabled Bush’s malignant acts abroad, and at home. They have blood on their hands, they are covered in gore. They chose to get on their knees and sell their ethics, their souls, their skills, and their minds to liars and murderers. They should have been throwing shoes all along.

Al-Zaidi is a hero. He saw the ugly truth and he stomped on it.

Germ Warfare Labs Open To The Public. Sorry About That, Folks.
October 17, 2008

Today’s Globe carries an AP story on the pathetic lack of security at germ warfare labs in Texas and Georgia.

These labs work with the deadliest micro-organisms known, including those without cures – Ebola, marburg, lassa.

In Texas, the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research has an outside window that looks directly into the room where the deadly germs are handled. The lab, which is privately run, also lacks sufficient security cameras, intrusion detection alarms or visible armed guards at its public entrances, the report said.

The other lab described as having insufficient security is operated by Georgia State University in Atlanta. That lab lacked complete security barriers and any integrated security system, including any live monitoring by security cameras. During their review, investigators said they watched an unidentified pedestrian enter the building through an unguarded loading dock.

Of course officials at both facilities insist that they will now take steps to insure security. And mentioned nary a word about the incompetence they displayed in allowing the security failures in the first place.

There, now don’t you feel safer? Especially knowing that George W. Bush’s army has been killing Iraqi, Afghani, and Pakistani women and children six thousand miles away so you can feel all comfy and secure here at home.

Let’s not fool ourselves any more that the Republicans have a clue about governing or about security or about anything other than how to win elections and corrupt a government and bankrupt a country.

American General In Iraq Not A Bright Boy
October 13, 2008

General Ray Odierno, in a story in the Washington Post, accuses Iran of interfering in the United States’ attempt to push an agreement on Iraq that would let U.S. military forces continue to occupy and rape Iraq after the United Nations agreement expires at the end of December.

He offers no proof of his charges.

And, utterly unaware of the irony, he remarks:

“I truly believe that Iraqis are nationalists,” he said. “They want to choose on their own what’s best for their country, and they don’t want somebody else to decide what’s in their best interest.”

So, Ray, what the hell are you doing there with the Bush Brigades? Teaching the Iraqis how to play Bingo?

And isn’t it interesting that the General starts making these charges three weeks before the Presidential election in the United States? Not trying to bail out the Republicans, are you, Ray? Not playing politics with American and Iraqi lives, with American taxpayers’ money, are you, Ray?

Another American general down the sleaze chute of Republican politics.

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Clueless Palin Sends Son To Kill And Die For A Lie
September 12, 2008

Today’s Boston Globe carries a story by staff writers Michael Kranish and Farah Stockman on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s interview with ABC interviewer Charlie Gibson yesterday. The story provides good reason for Palin to pack up and go back to Alaska where she can resume her hobbies of trying to ban books, abusing the power of her office, sucking up taxpayer money for bridges to nowhere, and encouraging the teaching of Biblical creationism in science classes. Herewith…

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said yesterday that she had no hesitation about becoming John McCain’s running mate, confident that she has the experience in world affairs to take over the presidency despite acknowledging that she has never met a foreign head of state.

Which is to say she has no experience in foreign affairs and has no clue about how to handle the serious matters afoot in the world today. Perhaps she means by ‘experience in world affairs’ that she has slept with an Italian and a German? Or that she wears lipstick from China? Or that she once caught a glimpse of Siberia across the Bering Strait? All she has is confidence and nothing with which to back it up.

The United States has a fellow just as confident and just as ignorant in the White House now. That worked out well, didn’t it?

“We’ve got to keep an eye on Russia,” Palin said. “For Russia to have exerted such pressure in terms of invading a smaller democratic country, unprovoked, is unacceptable.”

As if to prove she has no clue about foreign affairs, she fails to note that the ‘smaller democratic country’, Georgia, attacked the disputed area of Ossetia, and only then did Russia respond to protect its own people there.

And of course there’s the obvious elephant she ignores in the empty room of her mind. That would be the United States attacking, invading, occupying and destroying a country which did nothing to provoke such action. It wasn’t a democracy, but that is irrelevant. Unprovoked, groundless aggression against any nation is a crime – unless of course you are a Republican and a Conservative and have God, ignorance, and rigid ideology on your side.

Palin echoed familiar themes of the Bush administration, championing democracy as the antidote to terrorism and referring to Islamic extremism as “evil.”

If Islamic extremism is evil, then so is Christian fundamentalism of the sort that cheers the bombing of medical clinics and the assassination of doctors and bombing a government building in Oklahoma City. Those things happened in the United States, that most democratic of countries (if you happen to be rich or well-connected).

Terrorism is a tactic, little Sarah. It always has been. It always will be. And as the United States has proven over the years, particularly the last seven years, pushing your political views in other peoples’ faces while killing them and their families, while practicing vile torture on them, while destroying their countries, is only going to create more people willing and able to practice the tactics of terror against you.

Democracy is not an antidote to the use of terror, even less so when the so-called democracy being foisted on people by bombs and guns and ignorant eighteen-year-old soldiers is a farce and a lie. You can put lipstick on the pig that Republicans consider democracy and it still looks like proto-fascism wearing a smock of theocracy. The United States isn’t fooling anyone out there in the real world when Bush and Cheney and the Republicans talk democracy.

“I thought, ‘Yes,’ right off the bat” when McCain asked her to join the ticket, she said, adding, “I answered him ‘yes’ because I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can’t blink, you have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission, the mission that we’re on, reform of this country and victory in the war, you can’t blink. So I didn’t blink then even when asked to run as his running mate.”

‘Reform of this country’? ‘Victory in the war’?

These are the words of a person who believes in banning books; who abuses the power of her political office; who wants schools to teach creationism as if it were science and not religious ignorance and stupidity; who thinks ignorance of sex is the best way to prevent young girls from getting pregnant. This is a person who would ‘reform’ the United States into a country more backward than most third-world nations.

As for ‘victory’ in the war, she has obviously caught McCain’s senility. There is no victory to be had. The promise of victory is a false promise, a mirage in the deserts that are the minds of Republicans and Conservatives. We destroyed Iraq. We murdered tens of thousands. We have the blood of hundreds of thousands on our hands. We created over four million refugees, half of whom fled the country and half of whom are internal refugees. We insult their culture, we insult their religion. We have turned tens of millions of people against us, and even now, after all that, we continue to worsen these insults against reason and sanity by authorizing attacks within Pakistan, against the direct and express wishes of the Pakistan government, thus pushing another nation to the brink of destruction. And this stupid twit from Alaska wants more of this?

The Washington Post reported that Palin told Iraq-bound soldiers yesterday that they would “defend the innocent from the enemies who planned and carried out and rejoiced in the death of thousands of Americans.”

The remark appeared at odds with President Bush’s stance that there was no connection between Iraq and the Sept. 11 attacks.

Experienced in foreign affairs?

She thinks Iraq had a hand in 9/11. Despite the admission, on videotape, by the current psychotic in the Oval Office that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, despite the complete lack of evidence from independent investigations. All those hundreds of thousands of human beings in Iraq died for this lie, and she’s perfectly happy to send her son to kill some more of them in the name of this lie.

Sarah Palin is a sick ideologue, a religious freak, an ignorant person, a twitch in the body politic who should be sent packing back to Alaska permanently before she and her ilk can do any more damage to the United States and the world. 

Iraqi Government Busts American Allies In Iraq
August 20, 2008

Now here’s a sign of the real progress in Iraq that Johnny Bomb-Bomb McCain keeps blithering about. From today’s Globe:

The raids in Diyala province follow an Iraqi crackdown there against US-backed Sunni Arab volunteers who turned against Al Qaeda and joined the fight against the terror movement.

So the Iraqi security forces are raiding and arresting the people to whom the Americans are paying $300 a month to fight so-called Al Qaeda forces.

And the Iraqi troops that carried out the raid were backed by US helicopters.

It’s actually a little more complicated than that, but the basic thrust of the story suggests that the Americans are in so far over their heads that they’ll never get the taste of Iraqi sand out of their mouths.

Five years of destroying a country and still clueless.

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Your Tax Dollars, Your Troops, And Your Government’s Morality At Work
July 26, 2008

Tal Afar, Iraq, January 18, 2005.


American troops just killed this little girl’s parents at a checkpoint.

Photo by Chris Hondros.

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John McCain Can’t Help It. He’s Senile And Sleazy.
July 26, 2008

Big news! Senator Barack Obama didn’t visit the soldiers at Landstuhl and Ramstein in Germany.

Why, he must be just the most thoughtless, coldest man on the face of the planet. Can’t have him as president.

Johnny Bomb-Bomb said ‘it’s never wrong to visit American troops’.

According to the Defense Department, it is wrong to visit their bases as part of a political campaign, and they informed Senator Obama of this the day before he was to visit – after his Congressional staff had already flown home. He couldn’t visit if he brought campaign workers, only Congressional staffers. How convenient, eh? Twenty-four hours notice. The Lion wonders which Bush White House staffer made that phone call.

But Jonny Bomb castigated Obama anyway.

Actually it was a win-win for The Mad Bomber. If Obama had visited, McCain would have crucified him for using the troops for political reasons and called it an insult to their ‘bravery and sacrifice’.

But if Jonny the Bomber is so smart and so knowledgeable about the military and about foreign affairs, how come he didn’t know about that Defense Department rule? It’s not like it was just made up yesterday.

McCain’s a liar and a sleazebag. He’ll say anything, anything at all, knowing that he’s lying, to demean Senator Obama. The only arrow he’s got in his ratty old quiver is the escalation, or surge, in Iraq, and he couldn’t get that right and spent two days trying to lie about his ignorance.

He doesn’t know Sunni from Shi’a. He doesn’t know Iraq doesn’t border Afghanistan. And you can bet your last dollar he hasn’t got a clue about the complex situation in Pakistan and its border territories with Afghanistan.

The Mad Bomber is a sad, pathetic old man. He’s not fit to serve in the White House. He’s hardly fit to serve in the Senate, given what he’s demonstrated on the campaign trail. He has, finally, no sense of decency, no sense of shame, and no integrity at all.

But we can rest assured that if he wins the November election, he will trample what’s left of the American Constitution and the rule of law into the dust, and the people of Southwest Asia are going to have their work cut out for them in getting rid of American invaders.

And Americans will have their work cut out for them trying to survive a catastrophic economy, constant attacks on their right to privacy and right to free speech and free thought, and the destruction of the rule of law. That sucking sound they hear will be two centuries of democracy and freedom going down the toilet under the weight of Republican and McCain shit.