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Want Some Truth About Afghanistan? Read Ann Jones.
March 8, 2012

Ann Jones knows more about Afghanistan than any of the  fools in American politics and the American military and the  American White House.

Read her commentary on the latest goings on, and get a good history lesson too, over at Common Dreams.

And then consider that the same American politicians and American military who have spent eleven years learning nothing about Afghanistan other than how to kill women, children, and  farmers, now want to go to Iran to perform the same ceremonies of ignorance and blood.

And isn’t it ironic that modern day Iran can easily be considered a creation of American policy?

Stupid is as stupid does.


Americans Dying For Voter Fraud In Afghanistan; Pakistan Rips Off Billions Of American Taxpayer Dollars; Iran Ain’t So Stupid As The Wingnut Warriors Want To Believe
October 6, 2009

Some links to interesting things:

Voter fraud from Afghanistan, described by Peter W. Galbraith, fired by the United Nations because he dealt in reality, while the U.N. and the U.S. find it more convenient to promulgate the lie that Hamid Karzai and the Afghan government are legitimate. This is what American and Canadian and British soldiers are dying for, a fraudulent view, sponsored and encouraged by their governments, of a medieval warlord government corrupt right down to its underwear. It’s like the good old days of the Cold War: “We gave them money so they must be good and democratic, right? Right!” That’s the policy that kept dozens of brutal dictators in power, and millions of people living in fear of their United States-supported governments. Nothing learned, nothing gained, people again dying for idiots running the Western governments in London, Washington, Bonn, Ottawa, you name it.

Pakistan rips off billions of American taxpayer dollars to sustain and increase Pakistani corruption. Military aid is routinely sidetracked to private pockets and ego projects, and the United States has no way, or simply refuses, to track where the money goes. It’s just more self-delusion from Washington, pretending that the Pakistani government is legitimate rather than just another collection of corrupt frauds.

A realistic view of Iran’s nuclear policy and potential, contrary to what the neocons and their acolytes in the Obama administration would have us believe about raging maniacs. The writer doesn’t pretty them up, but he casts a rational eye on them.


The More Things Change…
September 28, 2009

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, had a good day yesterday. She and her party had a successful election.

Too bad. The German people are about to get screwed by the right wing.

From today’s Globe:

She said she would initiate talks with the Free Democrats about forming a center-right coalition. Such a pairing would enable Merkel, 55, to tackle the contentious issue of overhauling the labor market in Germany, where companies complain about stringent worker protections that they say drag down business and competitiveness.

With the Free Democrats [a libertarian party with 15% of the vote] in her corner, Merkel also could try to halt the planned phase-out of nuclear power, another highly emotional issue in Germany, where a strong Green Party and many ordinary people oppose such plants.

And crucially for the United States, a new center-right coalition will probably be steelier in its continued commitment of troops to the war in Afghanistan, a deeply unpopular undertaking in Germany.

Screw the workers.

Screw the environment.

Screw the Afghans as the Germans and the Americans practice war on them and their wedding parties.

What is it about so-called conservatives that they arrogate to themselves the right to ride roughshod over the stated desires and needs of the people they rule? Merkel’s party got only about 34% of the vote.

Bush did it. Reagan did it. The raging wingnuts in the Senate and House would do it in a heartbeat should they get power: listen to them fulminate about regime change in Iran this week. McCain would be hurling bombs. The idiot Senators Kyl and Bond, soon to be  joined by others of their ilk, are shouting ‘Regime change! Regime change!’ as loud as they can, succeeding most likely in uniting Iranians behind their murderous government, and demonstrating no concern at all for the potential cost in lives and money to the United States. Kyl and Bond are arrogant, narrow-minded, stupid men, good only at conning people to elect them to the Senate, where they contribute nothing to the country except discord and stupidity. And that holds true for pretty much most of the Republicans in Congress these days. 

But that’s the Republican way. When change threatens to improve the country, they claw their way backward to the previous century or the one before that. One might hope that the current group claws itself all the way back under the slimy rocks whence they crawled to desecrate and foul American democracy. And maybe they can take Angela Merkel and her crew with them.

How The Press Promotes Fear
September 10, 2009

Today’s Globe includes an excellent example of how the press promotes fear and hysteria.

The headline, on page A5, reads ‘US says Iran has enough uranium for a nuclear weapon’. In the current climate of hysteria over Iran, that’s enough to send more than a few people over the edge, especially if they’re of the Republican persuasion, and certainly if they’re of the Republican wingnut persuasion.

The first paragraph proceeds to deepen the fear inherent in the headline:

The United States warned yesterday that Iran is close to having the capabilities to produce a nuclear weapon, and joined major European powers in urging Tehran to “turn the page’’ and engage in dialogue to prove its atomic program is peaceful.

Scary, eh?

But then the story continues with this:

Glyn Davies, the chief US envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency, said the latest report by the nuclear watchdog shows that Tehran is either very near or already in possession of sufficient low-enriched uranium to produce one nuclear weapon if the decision were made to further enrich it to weapons-grade.

“This ongoing enrichment activity . . . moves Iran closer to a dangerous and destabilizing possible breakout capacity,’’ Davies told the agency’s 35-nation board of governors.

Oh. Well. That’s a bit different. All they have is low-enriched uranium. That’ll work for nuclear electrical generation, but not in a bomb.

And there’s no evidence they’ve made a decision to enrich it to weapons grade uranium.

So the story goes from “The Iranians could build a bomb right away” in the headline, to “The Iranians are quite a ways away from creating the material for a bomb”.

Was the Globe deliberately seeking to create fear? These days, given the press’s uncertain loyalties to ethics and honesty and its willingness to toe any Federal government line that includes a question of loyalty or patriotism, it’s not possible to say with certainty what their motive is, and it is, as always, best to question their motive and intent.

If we assume a charitable position, we can say they simply wrote a stupid headline. But the damage is done. And as professionals they should know better. That they didn’t suggests either an overworked editor, or a right-wing partisan editor, or an editor who simply doesn’t know his job and doesn’t really care. One would have to consider also that more than one person was responsible for the headline: someone had to look it over, perhaps.

From such small events, one piled on another, come the first steps to war, to the destruction of nations and slaughter of millions.

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Maybe It’s Time To Do Unto Iran…
June 28, 2009

Now that the mullah leadership of Iran has revealed its psychotic soul to the world and reveled in the blood of innocents, perhaps it’s time for the United States to rethink its options.

The Lion sees a couple of possibilities.

Given that the mullahship is now likely to feel even more paranoid about the Satans of the West, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that they might actually change their tune and go full-bore after nuclear weapons. And for the same reason they might well consider using them, albeit covertly through hidden channels.

So maybe it might not be a bad idea now to bomb their nuclear facilities. And maybe nail a few top mullahs at the same time.

That said, The Lion notes that it would be a bad idea to include Israel in any such action. They should be clearly kept out of it. Using one rabid dog to attack another rabid dog is not a good idea in any case. Pretty soon all the dogs in the neighborhood would be infected.

Another possibility for turning out the mullahs would be to covertly arm the populace. Smuggle in small arms. Put them in the hands of people who are willing to go into the streets and fight the Islamothug basij and police and military.

If they want freedom they’re going to have to fight for it. They say they’re willing. They’re also outgunned. The United States, of course, is in no position to make changes in Iran. Leading people to freedom at the point of a gun doesn’t work well: the costs are huge in lives and money, the results are wildly uncertain at best, and the wounds take generations to heal, if ever. The only liberty that lasts and that works is the liberty a people gain for themselves.

All that said, neither course of action suggested here is likely to be wise (The Lion is not noted for wisdom). The results of the first action would likely be another World Trade Center action in due time, followed by another act of revenge by the United States, followed by…

The second course, arming the dissidents, can have no foreseeable outcome. It might turn out well, it might simply lead to chaos and the birth of an even more psychotic theocracy. The quandary is elemental though. Removing the theological nutcases that run the country would be a plus, locally and globally, but the only people who can do it, absent popping a cruise missile into a meeting of the chief mullahs, are the Iranians, and it is ludicrous to think they can do it with their bare hands against the highly organized, armed, and vicious thugs employed by the government.

The Lion has come to think that talking to the current Iranian leadership is like talking to a Christian fundogelical about evolution: there is no point to it, they are not competent reasoners, no fact will sway them from ignorance. Perhaps the best thing to do is to do nothing. The leadership are neither rational nor sane and we might be best off simply waiting for the government to collapse under the weight of its own psychosis. Of course, it might not hurt to give a little nudge here and there.

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Quickies… Iran, Healthcare, Bipartisanship
June 21, 2009


Iran is simple.

The government is a collection of corrupt thugs foisting the worst, medieval parts of a religion on the people as a governing principle. The Supreme Leader is violent, brutal, corrupt. He does not respect intellect, he does not respect liberty, he does not even respect his own religion and laws.

If the Iranian people really want to be free, to live under a rational and respectful government, they have to hit the streets by the hundreds of thousands, by the millions.

They have to fight the militias, they have to fight the government troops, they have to die in as many numbers as it takes to rid themselves of the priests.

Putting a priest, of any religion, in charge of any governing system guarantees tyranny, brutality, and the triumph of oligarchic or dictatorial power over reason and liberty.

Iran is simple. Fight to the death or live on your knees for the rest of your life.


The Republicans in the United States have two things to say about health care run by the government.

They say it denies choice to consumers.

They say people don’t want a government bureaucrat between them and their doctors.

They are, as usual, badly misinformed and full of crap.

A single payer national system lets you go to any doctor in the country. The only choice people have now is to wade through a welter of confusing insurance plans which limit ‘consumers’ to doctors approved by an insurance company.

As for bureaucrats, as the current system stands, insurance bureaucrats whose primary mission is to generate profits for their company make the decisions about what care a ‘consumer’ gets. They say ‘No’ based on profit. The care you need to live is far less important to them than the money the company makes. Government bureaucrats don’t have that conflict.

And by calling people who need healthcare ‘consumers’ the Republicans give full voice to their pro-money, anti-people philosophy.


Bipartisanship is crap. The Republicans don’t want it, and they don’t have anything useful to offer anyway.

The sooner the Democrats and Obama realize the Republicans are as useful as an appendix and as smart as a garden slug (apologies to the slugs) the sooner they could get on with marginalizing the clowns more than the clowns have already marginalized themselves.

The Republicans are the ones who have declared war on the laws, on the Constitution, and on the people of the United States, not the Democrats. The Democrats should treat the Republicans like the scummy betrayers and criminals they are.

Obama may be a decent man and a smart man and a sincere man, but if he doesn’t kick the Republicans in the nuts hard and often, they’ll destroy any hope of bringing this country into a rational and decent place in this century.

He could make a good start by disavowing Bush policies of secrecy, and by opening government criminal investigations into the criminal behavior of Bush, Cheney and their cronies.

He could improve on that by slamming every Republican who opens his mouth to spit out a lie or distortion, and doing it immediately, openly, and loudly.

The Republicans are liars, backstabbers, and hypocrites. They are interested only in power for themselves. They are incompetent at governance. They are a blight on the country, on the people, on democracy itself. They should be treated accordingly.

American General In Iraq Not A Bright Boy
October 13, 2008

General Ray Odierno, in a story in the Washington Post, accuses Iran of interfering in the United States’ attempt to push an agreement on Iraq that would let U.S. military forces continue to occupy and rape Iraq after the United Nations agreement expires at the end of December.

He offers no proof of his charges.

And, utterly unaware of the irony, he remarks:

“I truly believe that Iraqis are nationalists,” he said. “They want to choose on their own what’s best for their country, and they don’t want somebody else to decide what’s in their best interest.”

So, Ray, what the hell are you doing there with the Bush Brigades? Teaching the Iraqis how to play Bingo?

And isn’t it interesting that the General starts making these charges three weeks before the Presidential election in the United States? Not trying to bail out the Republicans, are you, Ray? Not playing politics with American and Iraqi lives, with American taxpayers’ money, are you, Ray?

Another American general down the sleaze chute of Republican politics.

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John McCain Can’t Help It. He’s Senile And Sleazy.
July 26, 2008

Big news! Senator Barack Obama didn’t visit the soldiers at Landstuhl and Ramstein in Germany.

Why, he must be just the most thoughtless, coldest man on the face of the planet. Can’t have him as president.

Johnny Bomb-Bomb said ‘it’s never wrong to visit American troops’.

According to the Defense Department, it is wrong to visit their bases as part of a political campaign, and they informed Senator Obama of this the day before he was to visit – after his Congressional staff had already flown home. He couldn’t visit if he brought campaign workers, only Congressional staffers. How convenient, eh? Twenty-four hours notice. The Lion wonders which Bush White House staffer made that phone call.

But Jonny Bomb castigated Obama anyway.

Actually it was a win-win for The Mad Bomber. If Obama had visited, McCain would have crucified him for using the troops for political reasons and called it an insult to their ‘bravery and sacrifice’.

But if Jonny the Bomber is so smart and so knowledgeable about the military and about foreign affairs, how come he didn’t know about that Defense Department rule? It’s not like it was just made up yesterday.

McCain’s a liar and a sleazebag. He’ll say anything, anything at all, knowing that he’s lying, to demean Senator Obama. The only arrow he’s got in his ratty old quiver is the escalation, or surge, in Iraq, and he couldn’t get that right and spent two days trying to lie about his ignorance.

He doesn’t know Sunni from Shi’a. He doesn’t know Iraq doesn’t border Afghanistan. And you can bet your last dollar he hasn’t got a clue about the complex situation in Pakistan and its border territories with Afghanistan.

The Mad Bomber is a sad, pathetic old man. He’s not fit to serve in the White House. He’s hardly fit to serve in the Senate, given what he’s demonstrated on the campaign trail. He has, finally, no sense of decency, no sense of shame, and no integrity at all.

But we can rest assured that if he wins the November election, he will trample what’s left of the American Constitution and the rule of law into the dust, and the people of Southwest Asia are going to have their work cut out for them in getting rid of American invaders.

And Americans will have their work cut out for them trying to survive a catastrophic economy, constant attacks on their right to privacy and right to free speech and free thought, and the destruction of the rule of law. That sucking sound they hear will be two centuries of democracy and freedom going down the toilet under the weight of Republican and McCain shit.

News Cruising…
July 16, 2008

From today’s Globe

Iran ‘negotiations’…

Finally the United States is sending a high level dipsolomat to the Iran talks that the Europeans have been running for the past couple of years.

His name is William Burns and he is claimed by the press to be America’s third highest ranking diplomat.

His official role will be to attend one meeting, sit there, and do nothing. Can’t talk. Can’t negotiate. Can’t do shit.

That of course goes right along with the rest of the Bush Administrations idiot policy towards Iran. Briefly stated the policy says “Stop screwing around with uranium and then we’ll talk with you about you stopping screwing around with uranium. Alternatively we’ll just bomb the living crap out of your country and cut our own throat in the process.”

Such is what passes for intelligent thought in the Republican Bush Administration.

Government screws veterans… again…

The Republican Administration in Washington, the one that George Bush runs, trying to make itself look good by hiring a private contractor to sort out veterans’ financial claims, denied the rightful claims of over 28,000 vets.

According to a House of Representatives investigation, officials lowered their standards and suspended quality control systems in order to rush through the backlog of claims.

That’s how to get things done. Screw it up in the first place, and then screw it up again to fix it instead of doing it right in the first place. It makes one wonder which Republican party hacks and cronies were put in charge of this program.

Screw up government so you can claim government screws up. That’s the Republican way. Of course this time they were hoping they didn’t get caught.

China makes pretty for Olympics…

China, reputed to be a civilized country, has evicted one and a quarter million people from their homes in Beijing.

Kick ’em out, raze their homes, plant pretty flowers so the world won’t see the lie and the ugliness of China’s Communist tyranny.

To quote one district official involved in screwing over the people, “Before the Olympics, we must tear it down, plant grass and paint the wall to make the street look great. The time is very tight.” He was speaking of a small, long-time family business the government decided to destroy.

Which is a long winded way of saying that the Olympics in Beijing next month will be an illusion built on the ruins of a million lives.

Kind of like George Bush’s ‘democracy’ in Iraq.

The Bush ‘War On Terror’
July 8, 2008

George Bush, rumored to be the President of the United States of America, a once decent and moderately intelligent country, plunged the United States into what he calls, in his drug-influenced and alcohol-addled fantasy world, ‘The War on Terror’.

It has been about as successful as the American ‘War on Drugs’, which is as abject a failure as the Prohibition fantasists’ ‘War on Alcohol’ eighty years ago.

Never mind the bloody-minded details. Look at the forest.

First our precious Republican government attacked Afghanistan, the country that sheltered the gentlemen who effectively bombed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

But before that job was barely begun our precious President and his neocon cronies pulled the troops out of Afghanistan and unleashed a brutal and poorly considered attack on Iraq, a country that had no part in the Trade Center/Pentagon attacks – a fact that even Crazy George finally admitted on videotape, an admission that got all of two minutes, in total, in the American news media. Iraq not only had no part in the 2001 attacks, it had not attacked its former ally, the United States, in any way at all. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Iraq was, in fact, toothless, until George Bush, enabled by cheering Republicans and pathetically ignorant neocons, attacked.

Having mired the United States military and economy in the Iraq quag for over five years, fighting an imaginary terrorist outfit that didn’t exist in Iraq but had to be invented out of the less-than-whole cloth of George Bush’s mind and his toady military geniuses at the Pentagon to justify the horrendous loss of life and treasure and the treasure of life, George McBush now finds that Afghanistan has degenerated and is about to become what it was six years ago.

The so-called government of Afghanistan has almost as much as zero control over anything outside of its President’s house. The Taliban, Islamist fundamentalists as brutal and ignorant as religious and political fundamentalists everywhere, are back, in force, and might well be holding a party in Kabul honoring their savior, the man who brought them back from the dead, John McBush.

Meanwhile McBush and his cronies are begging the Europeans to send more troops to Afghanistan to take part in the murder of women and children in wedding parties by American fighter planes.

Simultaneously McBush is claiming success in Iraq.

Unfortunately if he pulls American troops out of Iraq to fight in Afghanistan, Iraq will most likely reveal its true condition – an uncivil war between religious/political factions, a war that, given the vast destruction rained on the country by those clever Americans and that brilliant American kiss-up military, is guaranteed to continue until another Saddam-like strongman emerges.

And while all this goes on, what does McBush do?

Threatens to go to war with yet another country, Iran, over a bogus issue. Stop enriching uranium, caws McBush, or I will slaughter hundreds of thousands of Iranians and rain missiles on your cities and your infrastructure and maybe even on your nuclear facilities if I can figure out where you put them.

That’s what passes for diplomacy in the American government these days. A brain-damaged President who belongs in a padded cell on Death Row yelling threats at a country that can retaliate by turning the Middle East into a blazing hellpit whose flames will consume the United States, the Middle East, and the world economy.

And yet there exists no substantial proof that Iran has committed any illegal act in the matter at hand. Iran has the same right to enrich uranium and build reactors as any other country. And they haven’t attacked anyone in decades. But McBush, a man whose paranoid delusions seemingly know no bounds, is determined to prove that he’s a man’s man, and the only way he knows how to do that is to swagger about and yell at people he thinks he needs to kill in order to prove what a man he is.

And then there’s the ultimate irony that he’s using American money and troops to support recognized terrorist groups inside Iran, aiding them in their attempts to destabilize the government and bring on the same sort of chaos that killed a million people in Iraq and turned over four million into refugees.

McBush’s war on terror is the political equivalent of the agricultural war on insects. You can pour insecticide on generations of boll weevils, and they will soon become immune and their numbers will grow. So you dose them with a stronger poison, and pretty soon they will again be immune. In the meantime you poison the land, you poison the water, you poison the crops, and you poison the people.

McBush is poisoning the world with his ignorance, with his paranoia, with his stupidity, with his arrogance, with his bombs and threats of bombs. He has poisoned his own country, greasing its slide into fascism and economic destruction.

And he wants to continue these policies for a hundred years, a hundred years of wasting treasure and lives, a hundred years of laying waste to societies, including his own;  a hundred years more of stupidity, of arrogance, of ignorance, of crimes against humanity.

After all, that’s the Republican way.