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A Clawdie Award To…
May 14, 2009

The Lion awards a Clawdie to Sharon resident Frank McGowan for his intelligence, wit, and brevity, not to mention his astoundingly accurate analysis in this letter in today’s Globe:

THE LIMBO was once a popular party game to see how low one could go as the bar sank downward.

Dick Cheney has brought it back as the Limbaugh.

Frank McGowan

Way to go, Frank!


Two Clawdie Awards Today For Auto Bailout Dissections
November 18, 2008

Today, for the first time ever, The Lion awards two simultaneous Clawdie awards to letter writers in today’s Boston Globe.

The first goes to the following letter:

GENERAL MOTORS needs a bailout. We need its constructive capacity to work for a better America. But the management and marketing segment that has been getting it wrong for decades should face the judgment of the market. We do not need the people who dismantled the Los Angeles light rail system merely to increase the market for their inefficient products. We do not need the people who decided to profit from adding lead to gasoline, thereby poisoning our air. We do not need the people who decided to put a military vehicle on public roads. We do not need the people who helped kill the electric car.

The stockholders have been largely wiped out, and the workers are being thrown overboard. What GM seeks to bail out intact is exactly the part that should be cut loose.

Public monies should serve the public purpose. We need energy-efficient transportation that the country and the planet can afford.

Bravo! Let’s expose the Ozian wizards and hang them out to dry.

And the second goes to:

THE DAY Barack Obama supports a bailout of Detroit, he loses all claim to being an agent of change and becomes just another Washington politician.

America needs automotive manufacturing jobs, but the auto industry has shown no signs that it can provide them. No industry has been so poorly managed, so resistant to change, and so unresponsive to its customers and employees. Let it fail in hopes that a reorganized entity or Honda and Toyota can get the job done.

Are you listening, Mr. Obama?

One of the points supporters of the auto industry bailout harp on is the loss of many jobs if the Big Three fail. But that ignores the fact the country will want to buy just as many cars no matter who makes them.

Foreign manufacturers are already building cars in factories in the United States, cars that are more fuel efficient than anything coming out of the Big Three.

Does anyone think they won’t step up and increase production to meet the demand caused by the failure of the American firms?

Yes, there will be economic dislocations. Yes, jobs will be lost. And in time those jobs will be recreated by manufacturers who are smarter and better than the management of the Big Three has been.

Continuing on the path the Big Three have laid out for the last hundred years is nothing more than a sure disaster. Giving them money to continue their ways would be foolish. Even if the government imposes so-called conditions on the loans, American management has shown itself adept at ignoring the public good and the laws, so we can be pretty sure they’ll wiggle out of whatever conditions legislators in hock to the industry decide to impose.

As for the unions, they’ll whine and bitch and moan, but they’re just another part of the problem. Their benefits are part of the reason the industry is sinking. When health benefits amount to around $1500 per car, there’s a problem. And an argument for national single-payer health insurance for everyone.

There will be jobs for autoworkers and workers in associated industries if the Big Three fail. Maybe not right away, maybe not where the workers want to be, maybe not with the all the same benefits and suchlike, but there will be a market, there will be manufacturing, and there will be jobs. Maybe the boys in Washington should be pointing the taxpayers’ money at supporting the workers during the interim and helping other auto manufacturers ramp up production instead of bailing out the failed and destructive management of GM, Chrysler, and Ford.

[Full disclosure: The Lion drives a Ford Focus and likes it.]

A Clawdie Award For Kelly
September 20, 2008

Today’s Clawdie Award goes to a letter in today’s Globe from a person in Lynn who has one of those unsexed names that make it hell to figure out pronouns, but who is spot on in hir prescription for the economic crisis.

RE “A plan to stop the bleeding” (Page A1, Sept. 19): I do understand that as part of the so-called big picture, the taxpayers must continue to bail out the failing financial institutions. But I think we should add a few stipulations to the bailout. When the federal government is asked to step in, the chief executive, chief financial officer, company president, and anyone making more than $5 million a year should see their compensation trimmed to, say, $60,000 a year. They should also surrender their mansions in the Hamptons and the 22-room apartment in Manhattan. The properties should be turned into shelters for families displaced as a result of the mortgage crisis.



Congratulations, Kelly, whatever you are! This award and a couple of bucks will get you your Clawdie Award Coffee at your local Starbucks.

(While The Lion agrees with Kelly’s idea, he’s not so kind. He would reduce the perpetrators and their families to complete destitution and impose a lifetime ban on any of them ever working in any aspect of the financial industry ever again. They should also have to wear silly hats whenever they go out in public.)