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The Crazies Who Want To Rule Us And Why They’re Not Qualified
July 3, 2012

Here’s the transcript of an interview by conservative radio jock Laura Ingraham. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to write an essay explaining why Ingraham and the other Conservacrazies, including those already in government, are not fit to be involved in governance at any level, including washing toilets in the local State House. This post will self-destruct in five seconds.

LI: Welcome to our show.

RT: Thank you for inviting me.

LI: You are a minister so I take it you follow the teachings of Jesus.

RT: Yes, that’s true.

LI: If Jesus were here today do you think he would counsel a woman to have an abortion?

RT: Jesus always showed compassion to women. He acted with respect even to the ones who were accused of sexual impropriety. I’m sure Jesus would do the same thing today, and that’s my model.

LI: [Angrily] You didn’t answer my question. So you think Jesus would applaud the murder of millions of innocent children, in the first, second, and third trimester?

RT: We know that abortion existed during the time Jesus was on earth, and for thousands of years before that. If he were opposed to abortion he would have said something about it.

LI: [More angrily] Where do you get the idea that Jesus knew about abortion?

RT: We know that abortion has existed for thousands of years, so I’m confident that Jesus would have been aware. There were many plants used as medicinal abortifacients in that part of the world. And yet his concern was for the way women were being treated.

LI: [Nearly screaming] What part of “Thou shalt not kill” don’t you understand?

RT: The Bible actually says “Thou shalt not murder.” I’m sure you would agree that every ending of a life is not murder.

LI: [Frustrated] Well you have your 40 prayers. I’ll pray for you and this interview is over!

LI: [Hangs up.]

The full story at Religion Dispatches. The comments there are interesting too.

This is a sample of why the Founders insisted on separating religion from the state. And it is a sample of why none of the current crop of Republicans should be allowed anywhere near the White House.


Want An Abortion In Alaska? Then Get A Note From The Guy Who Raped You.
March 22, 2012

No, really, State Representative Alan Dick (who apparently is a Dick in the worst sense) is just terribly worried about… wait for it… his peace of mind, for which he feels he must subject women to insane regulation.

From The Mudflats:

And if you’re not fully convinced yet that Alaska is the next front in the GOP’s war on women, you just have to listen to State Rep. Alan Dick. He said in a House Health and Social Services Committee Hearing last week that he doesn’t believe that when a woman is pregnant, it’s really “her pregnancy.” As a matter of fact, he would advocate for criminalizing women who have an abortion without the permission via written signature from the man who impregnated her. He stated, “If I thought that the man’s signature was required… required, in order for a woman to have an abortion, I’d have a little more peace about it…”   He didn’t say whether a rapist would be able to send his signature by fax from prison, or not. But he’ll have “peace” and women will require a permission slip for their own bodies.

See  more links to legislation proposed by perverted Republican legislators who just cannot get women’s vaginas, uteruses, and all the other women’s sex parts their mommies never told them about, out of their sick heads… make that their sick big and little heads.

It would be a boon to the country if this November the adults go to the polls and shoot the Republican Party in the head so the rest of us can get on with the twenty-first century instead of heading back into the Dark Ages.


Why All Politicians Must Pass Psychological And Intelligence Tests To Qualify For Office
January 26, 2012

Without comment.

Okay, comment… someone please recall this idiot from office. Oh, wait a minute… he’s in Oklahoma, the great American Midwest, where the real Bible crazies live. Next thing you know the citizenry there will be encouraging him to run for the Presidency because he’s so damn smart.

It makes me wonder just how low into the swamp of human stupidity American politics and politicians can sink.


Oklahoma: Doctors Lying To Pregnant Women Is Now A Legal Sacrament
April 30, 2010

Oklahoma is not known for the high caliber of its political representatives. Witness the citizenry’s choice of James Inhofe to represent them in the United States Senate. Mr. Inhofe makes the proverbial box of rocks look like a Ph.D. candidate in advanced mathematics.

Apparently large majorities of the Oklahoma State Legislature are similarly inclined as well as morally bankrupt despite being in the so-called Bible Belt of the nation.

The Legislature, by large majorities, overrode the governor’s veto of a bill that encourages physicians to lie to pregnant women about the health of their fetus.

The relevant legislative summary of the law reads:

HB2656 creates a new law stating that in a wrongful life action or a wrongful birth action, no damages may be recovered for any condition that existed at the time of a child’s birth if the claim is that the defendant’s act or omission contributed to the mother’s not having obtained an abortion.

In sum, if your doctor thinks your baby may be born with a defect, any defect, and believes that if he tells you that the fetus is defective you will get an abortion, he can lie to you and say the fetus is healthy. When the baby is born, and it suffers, oh, say spina bifida, or some condition that will let it suffer in pain for a few hours before it dies, or face a lifetime of living as a mindless vegetable, you have no legal recourse against that doctor.

He can crow to his fundogelical friends and the doctor killers in the anti-abortion movement about his achievement in preventing you from killing a baby. And you, Mom, would have to take it.

Aside from the suffering, emotional and physical, that the doctor puts you through in such a case; aside from the suffering the doctor decided your infant should go through; aside from all that, there is the fact that now no doctor involved in women’s pregnancies can be trusted to tell his patient the truth about her condition. Your doctor has been given the legal right to lie to you.

The lies of doctors are now legal sacraments in Oklahoma.

No woman in Oklahoma can trust her doctor from this time on.

And she can thank the religious fundos for the legalization of this fundamental betrayal of her rights, of her health, of her family.

One author of the bill is Representative Daniel Sullivan, a Republican whose campaign site identifies him, in capital letters in large type, as a Conservative, and as Compassionate.

Representative Sullivan is on the board of directors of an organization known as the Tulsa Dream Center, whose site contains the following creed:

Our vision is to see thousands of people restored and empowered to achieve the dream that God has for them. The Tulsa Dream Center is about people – a place of unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness. As people experience the love and compassion of God, a new generation will arise to lift their families and neighborhoods from poverty to prosperity, from crime to caring, from brokenness to blessing, from sickness to soundness, from fear to freedom!

Apparently the dream of Mr. Sullivan and the TDC Christians is to inflict as much suffering as possible on women who dare to create a defective fetus.

Mr. Sullivan can be contacted via email at His phone number at the Legislature is (405) 557-7361.

Mr. Sullivan’s co-author is state Senator Brian A. Crain, also a Republican, and a Baptist, about whom The Lion could find little information. His email is, and his Legislative phone number is (405) 521-5620.

And one further note on the hypocrisy of the Oklahoma State Legislature. An earlier bill insisted that doctors provide ultrasound information to pregnant women. According to a Legislature news release quoting the bill’s sponsor, a Representative Lisa Billy:

"For women facing an unplanned pregnancy, there is often a sense of distress, panic and fear that can drive people to make hasty decisions without considering long-term consequences. This legislation will empower those expectant mothers by giving them as much information as possible – in advance – before they make an irrevocable, life-altering decision," said Billy, R-Purcell. "Women should have the choice to see that image, and to deny them that opportunity is baffling."

Research has shown that many women, after seeing an ultrasound, will opt to have a child.

"We simply should not deny women this important medical information," Billy said.

We should not deny women important medical information.

Except when it suits the religious preferences of an arrogant Legislature, the religious arrogance of the doctor, and the vast egos of both.

Then it’s the woman be damned, and so what if the infant suffers terribly.

Oklahoma’s ironic state motto is ‘Labor conquers all things’. How you Oklahoma pregnant women doing with that conquery thing now?


Thanks to Spanish Inquisitor for legalese aid.

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Perfect Example Of “Love The Fetus, Hate The Child”
June 12, 2009

Today’s letters section in the Globe is apparently a sop to the anti-abortion crowd since they got creamed in the letters section the other day. But the mentality of the sicko element comes through loud and clear in this paragraph from one letter:

I wonder whether the members of the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund (“Death of a doctor, life of a symbol”) explored any pro-life alternatives available in the state, such as A Women’s Concern or Pregnancy Help, before sending the 12-year-old rape victim to Kansas to benefit from Dr. Tiller’s services? Somehow, I doubt it.

Yes, that’s so thoughtful and humane and pro-life, isn’t it? Force a twelve-year-old girl who has been raped to carry the rapist’s baby to term. Twelve years old. Yup, let’s punish the little bitch for getting raped and knocked up. After all, she must have been asking for it, right? But it’s just so important that we save that fetus, no matter the price, as long as we don’t have to pay the price. (And in their heart of hearts they know that the second the baby comes into the world it will be drenched in “sin” and worthy of contempt until it is “saved” for the “Lord” – who, not incidentally, allowed the girl to be raped in the first place.)

Pro-lifers are mental. But they whine that their ‘beliefs’ are sincere. Of course they are. And so were the beliefs of the creep who murdered Tiller. Adolf Hitler’s beliefs were sincere. As were the beliefs of that old fart who murdered the guard in Washington a couple of days ago. So are the beliefs of people who believe the Earth is flat, and that AIDS is not caused by a virus. And also the beliefs of some twenty percent of Americans that the Sun revolves around the Earth.

Yup, that’s a good crowd the pro-blastocyst crazies run with. No wonder they think putting a young girl through one hell after another is a good thing.